FAQ: What Are Some Ideas for Social Media Content Calendars?

Creating a content calendar is an essential part of any successful content marketing strategy. Not only does it help you plan out the topics of your content and determine the best dates to publish it, but it also serves as a reference point when analyzing your content performance over time. Whether you’re just getting started with content marketing or are looking to get organized and optimize your current strategy, having a content calendar is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best content calendar ideas to help you stay organized, plan ahead, and ensure that your content is seen by the right people. We’ll discuss the benefits of having a content calendar and the different types of content calendars you can use. We’ll also look at some of the most popular content calendar ideas so you can find a plan that works for you. Through this blog post, you’ll gain valuable insight into the power of content calendars and how you can use them to ensure success in

PLANNING AN INSTAGRAM CONTENT CALENDAR | Ideas, Creation, Strategy, & Scheduling

What are some ideas for a social media content calendar?

By varying the content on social media pages, you can keep followers interested and identify the posts that get the most interaction. Here is a list of content suggestions you might want to add to your calendar:


Customers can be drawn in by a high-resolution image while they are scrolling through social media. Instead of telling a story about a brand, use photography to illustrate it. For instance, posting pictures of people dancing and mingling with one another can be used to advertise an upcoming event and may have a greater impact on potential attendees than distributing flyers with the event information. Utilize innovative lighting, camera perspectives, and filters to improve the image and persuade viewers to read the caption.


A testimonial recalls a happy customer’s interaction with a product or service. It can increase conversion rates because potential customers may feel more at ease making a purchase if they know another customer has had success with it. You can publish recommendations on social media to guarantee favorable reactions. Designing graphics to show written quotes from the client may be useful. If the client made a video of their adoration, you can upload it right to the brand’s social media page.

Motivational quote

Social media users might enjoy seeing positive content on their feeds. Think about publishing a motivational saying as a graphic or a quick video. If the quote resonates with your audience, they might share it on their profiles or give the post likes and comments. Mark a date on the calendar that pertains to the quote’s author the most. For instance, on a politician’s birthday or the anniversary of their most well-known speech, you could highlight some of their motivational quotes.

Product giveaway

Hosting a giveaway of your products is another way to vary your usual content. For followers to be eligible to win the prizes, you can set rules requiring them to like the page, comment on a post, and tag friends’ handles. Customers may be inspired to enter the contest by viewing images or videos of the prizes they could win in the post itself. Mark the day you intend to announce the winner when you enter the giveaway on the content calendar.


A brand’s information can be presented in an infographic with text and appealing graphics. Use the content calendar to decide when it’s appropriate to inform your followers about a topic in detail. For instance, if a business is releasing a product at the end of the month, you might plan to publish the infographic one week beforehand to generate buzz and let customers know what to expect.

Video tutorial

An alternative strategy is to create a video tutorial to instruct your audience on relevant subjects. As they watch the video, customers might be more likely to stay on the brand’s social media page. Plan the release of the video tutorial using the content calendar. To isolate the engagement and see how well it performs right away, you might decide to post it on a day when you have no other content scheduled.


Your social media content calendar can be filled with updates about the company you work for. For instance, you could publish a copy of a press release to entice journalists to cover your business and spread the word about it. Schedule a time on your calendar when you’ll be ready to handle the reaction of your followers to the news. You can save certain content types for particular days if you notice trends in the number of engagement announcements that are sent out.


Customers may value humorous graphics or animated images in addition to inspirational content. Make a meme that expresses your brand and connects with your followers. To set memes apart from the other content you want to post, schedule them throughout the calendar.

What is a social media content calendar?

A schedule of the text, images, or videos you intend to post on social media is called a content calendar. Its objective is to organize content so that you can continue to be active on social media. It contains the dates and times you want the content to be published, which can help you increase engagement on platforms your target audiences are likely to frequent. The content related to the brand you’re representing is outlined in the calendar. You can get ready to interact with followers days and weeks in advance by making a schedule. Additionally, you can simultaneously manage activities on various social media profiles.

What are some tools and apps you can use to create a social media content calendar?

Find templates for social media content calendars using websites or software. The schedule can be altered to include content, and the outline can be used for future calendars. Heres a list of programs to consider using:

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What should be on a social media calendar?

A content calendar, also referred to as an “editorial calendar,” is a written schedule of the dates and locations of upcoming content publication. A content calendar usually lists upcoming articles, status updates, planned promotions, partnerships, and updates to already published articles.

Does Google have a content calendar?

A social media calendar usually includes some combination of these elements for each post:
  1. The date and time it will go live.
  2. The social network and account where it will be published.
  3. Copy and creative assets (i.e., photos or videos) required.
  4. Links and tags to be included.

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