18 Consulting Titles With Job Descriptions and Average Salaries

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HOW TO WRITE ACTION TITLES – Action Titles for PowerPoint management presentations (consulting)

Types of consulting titles based on industry

The following are a few consulting titles that are frequently used in particular industries:


Due to the fact that businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their overall financial health, consultants who specialize in finance frequently work with a wide range of industries and organizations. The following are common consulting jobs related to finance:

Primary responsibilities: Financial consultants advise businesses and individuals on financial issues and develop financial strategies to boost their bottom line. They provide direction and insight on a range of financial issues, such as investments, taxes, and insurance options. Some financial consultants also offer financial planning based on the particular requirements and objectives of a business or person.


The environmental industry is another typical sector for consultants. Most of their clients are businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact and enhance their working environments. Here are a few consulting jobs in this industry:

Primary responsibilities: Environmental consultants provide businesses with knowledge and guidance on a range of environmental issues, such as sustainability programs, renewable energy, environmentally friendly manufacturing, and the disposal of green waste. They work in both the public and private sectors and devote a lot of their time to researching, identifying problems, and creating eco-friendly solutions to solve them.

Environmental project managers’ main responsibilities are to supervise various environmental projects for organizations. Writing up work plans and reports, inspecting job sites to ensure they are environmentally safe, collecting and analyzing data, and other routine tasks include these. Additionally, they oversee the project from start to finish to make sure it stays within budget and meets the needs of the company and its stakeholders.

Information technology

Some of the most sought-after consulting positions today are in the field of technology. These information technology consultants assist businesses in streamlining their software and IT operations. Common consulting positions in this industry include:

A technology consultant’s main responsibilities include assisting businesses in selecting the best technologies to use in order to achieve their objectives in a practical and affordable way. Common responsibilities include determining a company’s IT capabilities, identifying potential risks and issues related to information technology, and offering advice and direction on the kind of technology to implement.

The main responsibilities of cybersecurity consultants are to protect their clients’ data from cyberattacks and security breaches. They are information technology specialists who routinely assess potential risks and problems in an organization’s IT systems and create solutions to control these risks.

Human resources

Experts in staffing and hiring are human resources industry consultants. They aid businesses in creating employee programs, implementing benefit plans, and dealing with other issues pertaining to human resources. Common jobs in human resources consulting include:

Primary responsibilities: Staffing consultants assist businesses in finding, vetting, and hiring new hires for a range of positions. They work to match top talent with positions open within a company and cultivate and uphold connections with both candidates and business executives.

Creating and implementing compensation plans for employees is one of compensation consultants’ main responsibilities. These consultants’ regular responsibilities include coming up with effective salary structures, performance management programs, incentive plans, and working with human resources staff to address common HR issues that the company faces.

Primary responsibilities: Healthcare consultants typically collaborate with businesses in the sector to enhance the infrastructure and operation of those businesses. Common tasks include investigating and analyzing current issues, identifying organizational weaknesses, and creating solutions to increase work efficiency.


Organizations often hire consultants to help improve their overall operations. The following are typical consulting job titles with a direct connection to business operations:

Primary responsibilities: Businesses engage marketing consultants to develop and carry out marketing strategies based on the particular requirements and objectives of the company. Creating marketing plans, identifying buyer personas that are specific to the company’s objectives, assisting a business in developing its marketing message, and putting various marketing strategies into practice are common tasks.

Primary responsibilities: Sales consultants assist businesses in selling their products and services by developing persuasive sales presentations and putting customer acquisition strategies into action. Researching a company’s competitors, cultivating client relationships, and creating persuasive sales pitches for the sales team to use are just a few of the responsibilities.

To address workplace hazards, develop workplace safety plans, and ensure that businesses are in compliance with state and federal occupational workplace regulations, businesses hire safety consultants. Typical responsibilities include assessing the current state of workplace safety, checking various equipment to ensure it is functioning properly, giving employees safety training, and developing safety manuals.


Some consultants opt to focus on management and have experience assisting businesses to grow or transition into a new industry or sector. Management consultant jobs can be both part-time and full-time. Common consultant titles in management include:

Business consultants’ main responsibilities are to assist businesses in streamlining their organizational procedures to improve output and efficiency. Analyzing current business procedures, determining business requirements, and developing project plans that will result in improvement are typical tasks.

Principal responsibilities: A principal consultant is a senior consultant who finds opportunities and needs for a company and creates business plans to support the company in achieving its objectives. Managing teams within an organization, ensuring projects are carried out effectively across departments, and providing advice to the company’s C-level executives on organizational development and business strategies are common duties.

What is a consultant?

Consultants are experts who provide recommendations, advice, and opinions to businesses and people in order to help them become more successful and profitable. Consultants are essentially viewed as “fixers,” offering an unbiased assessment of what a company or individual needs to do to address problems and enhance performance. Depending on the business they are working with and the industry they specialize in, a consultant’s specific responsibilities will change. However, general duties that most consultants take part in include:

Common industries that consultants work in include:

General consulting jobs

Some of the most typical general consulting positions that are present in most industries include the following:

Primary responsibilities: Junior consultants are entry-level consulting professionals who work under a senior consultant or director to oversee projects based on a company’s needs. Junior consultants are also referred to as “associates” or “associate consultants.” They collaborate closely with upper management to create business plans that support raising workplace productivity and effectiveness.

Primary responsibilities: Business analysts collaborate with companies to determine their needs and create business plans that will help them achieve their objectives. Among the responsibilities are choosing the best information technology resources for a business, assisting businesses with installing and utilizing those resources, and monitoring information technology-related processes to increase overall efficiency.

The main responsibilities of project managers are to plan and carry out various projects that will aid a company in achieving its objectives. They work in a range of fields, including marketing, construction, and technology. Among the responsibilities are creating project plans, creating budgets and schedules, selecting and managing project teams, and updating stakeholders on the status of the project.

Principal responsibilities: Consulting managers assist businesses in achieving a range of objectives pertaining to hiring, revenue, safety, and organizational infrastructure. Common responsibilities include conducting performance evaluations, managing projects, collecting and analyzing data, and creating solutions to complex problems that arise within an organization.

Principal responsibilities: Senior consultants help businesses meet their data management and security objectives and needs by focusing on information technology. Among the responsibilities are managing junior consultants and consulting teams, conducting various analyses of an organization’s IT performance, and choosing and implementing IT solutions inside a business.


What are titles for consultants?

Consulting Career Ladder – Positions in Office
  • Intern – The majority of consulting interns assist other consultants by gathering data or conducting analyses.
  • Level 1: Junior Consultant or Analyst- Entry-level employees are undergraduates.
  • Senior Consultant/Associate: At this level, recent MBA graduates join the company.

What are the levels at McKinsey?

Common consulting job titles include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Practice Management Consultant.
  • Staff Utilization Consultant.
  • Productivity Consultant.
  • Project Manager.
  • Technical Consultant.
  • Solutions Consultant.
  • Resource Planning Manager.
  • Business Consultant.

What are the different titles at McKinsey?

Levels at McKinsey
  • Business Analyst.
  • Senior Business Analyst.
  • Associate.
  • Senior Associate.
  • Engagement Manager.
  • Associate Principal.
  • Principal.
  • Director.

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