client interview questions for automation testing

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Automation Testing Interview Questions For Experienced
  • Is automated testing making manual testing obsolete? …
  • Who should be responsible for test automation? …
  • What is Selenium? …
  • What are the different components of Selenium? …
  • What is UI testing? …
  • What is Protractor? …
  • What is a test automation platform?

Genpact Client round Interview Question for Automation Test engineer (2 to 5 year Experience )

Do you have any questions for me?

This is a general interview question that can be used for any position, so take advantage of the chance to enquire about the details of the position and the hiring company. For instance, you might choose to enquire about the team’s preferred frameworks, the types of tests you might automate, and the kinds of duties you might have if hired. Here’s an example: .

For instance, “What types of automation testing frameworks does the team prefer to use, and what resources or tools do you provide them to complete their work?”

Prepare for other common interview questions

While getting ready for automation testing-specific interview questions is crucial, you should also be prepared for some general inquiries from the hiring manager. Research some of the most common interview questions to prepare. This can assist you in identifying crucial talking points and examples to use in your interview. Frequently asked interview questions ask about your background, employment history, and academic achievements.

Research your desired position

Knowing more about the requirements of the position you’re applying for will help you better prepare to respond to any additional questions about the position that may come up. Review, for instance, any abilities you might require to succeed in the field, such as coding and programming, as well as any tools you might use if hired.

What is Automation testing?

Automation Testing uses an automation tool to execute test cases. Automation Testing’s primary objective is to decrease the number of test cases that must be run manually, not to completely replace manual testing.

This is for you if you have extensive experience with automation testing. If you would like help preparing for a job interview, let us know if you are interested in changing jobs. Consult the Wisdomjobs interview questions and answers page if you’re getting ready for an interview for an Automation Testing position. Testing involves certain cycle of tests to be performed. Using an application, the entire process is quickly tested by software, providing us with results that are both efficient and effective. This is accomplished by creating a program that can manage the testing. Testing can be automated once the application is ready, eliminating the need for manual labor. The following automation testing interview questions and answers will help you feel more at ease during the interviews:

What are the limitations of Selenium testing?Â

  • Unavailability of reliable tech support: Since Selenium is an open-source tool, it does not have dedicated tech support to resolve the user queries.Â
  • Tests web applications only: Selenium needs to be integrated with third-party tools like Appium and TestNG to test desktop and mobile applications.
  • Limited support for testing.
  • No built-in reporting and test management facility: Selenium has to be integrated with tools like TestNG, or JUnit among others to facilitate test reporting and management.
  • May require the knowledge of programming languages: Selenium WebDriver expects the user to have some basic knowledge about programming.Â
  • client interview questions for automation testing


    How do you prepare for an automation test interview?

    How to prepare for your next test automation interview
    1. Know how language versions differ.
    2. Understand the basics of programming.
    3. Eliminate uncertainty.

    What are the interview questions for automation testing in selenium?

    Beginner Level Selenium Interview Questions
    • What are the Selenium suite components? …
    • What are the limitations of Selenium testing? …
    • What are the testing types supported by Selenium? …
    • What is the difference between Selenium 2. 0 and Selenium 3. 0? .
    • What is the same-origin policy and how is it handled? .
    • What is Selenese?

    What are best candidates for automation testing?

    Regularly executed test cases that demand a lot of data to complete the same task are good candidates for automation. The following repetitive tests that run for multiple builds can be automated to maximize the benefits of your automated testing efforts: Tests that tend to cause human error.

    How do I interview a test automation engineer?

    Interview Questions for Test Automation Engineers:
    1. How would you describe the process of automation testing? …
    2. What automation testing tools are you familiar with? …
    3. How would you identify test cases that qualify for automation? .
    4. What are the characteristics of a good software testing framework?

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