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Applying to an internship as a Cisco software engineer is an exciting opportunity that can open up doors to a successful career in technology. As the competition for these internships is often fierce, it is important to be prepared to demonstrate your technical knowledge and skills to potential employers. Interviews can be daunting, but with the right preparation and some thoughtful considerations, you can craft answers that will make you stand out. To help you get a head-start on your interview preparation, we have compiled a list of essential Cisco software engineer intern interview questions. From questions about your technical skills to questions about your career goals, these questions can help you review a wide range of topics and prepare for your upcoming interview.

CISCO Internship Interview Experience |Software Engineer| Written Exam| Preparation Strategy

Interviews for Top Jobs at Cisco Systems

Software Engineer(Internship) Interview


The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Cisco Systems (San Francisco, CA)


Received Online Hackerrank Assessmentdid not make it past this round. Questions are quite difficult and time is very limited maybe 45 min for 2 questions. However perhaps I’m just bad at these interviews under pressure.

Interview Questions

  • Determine the least amount of characters that must be changed in a search string to produce a given result string. Ex. “cisoc” -> “cisco” 1 character change.

Software Engineer(Internship) Interview


I interviewed at Cisco Systems


Online Assesment on SHL Platform90 mins 3 questions1. Word Search II2. Maximum Difference between increasing elements3. Take input integers from command line and determine the number of integers

Interview Questions

  • Please refer questions tagged with cisco on Leetcode

Only 44 students were chosen after this round to advance to the HR round, and I was one of them.

After 15 days, the result was out. Those who’re selected got a Letter of intend mail. But I never received a letter of intent or a rejection.

I was able to answer 12 correct MCQ and one programming question. After 5 days I got an interview mail. 154 students in total were selected for the interview process, which was conducted using the Cisco Team App.

Round 1 (online assessment) consists of two programming questions and 15 multiple-choice questions based on aptitude, CN, DBMS, OS, and pseudocode.

I largely responded to all of the questions, and my interviewer was pleased with my responses overall.

Before you go! Take this “Cisco Interview Questions” interview guide with you

The leading supplier of computer networking-related goods, systems, and services worldwide is Cisco Systems. Two Stanford University scientists founded the business in 1984 in an effort to connect prestigious multiple computer systems more easily. Cisco Systems’ first product was sold in 1986, and the company now employs thousands of people across more than 115 countries. Today, Cisco provides networking solutions to a wide range of service providers, small- to medium-sized businesses, and enterprise clients, including businesses in the public sector, large corporations, utilities, and educational institutions.

The ability to connect people, computer networks, and computing devices with Cisco networking solutions enables people to access and transfer data regardless of time, location, or type of computer system. Cisco offers comprehensive networking solutions that customers can use to connect to another network or create their own unified data infrastructure. The most comprehensive selection of hardware products in the market is provided by Cisco, which also sells Cisco IOS® software, which enables networked applications and offers network services.

Cisco caters to the customers in 3 target markets:

  • Enterprises – Large businesses with complex networking needs, generally spanning multiple locations & types of computer systems.
  • Service Providers – Companies that give information services, including telecommunication carriers, Internet Service Providers, cable companies, and wireless communication providers.
  • Small-scale/Medium-scale Businesses – Companies with a need for data networks of their own, as well as connection to the Internet and/or to business partners.
  • Contrary to other IT firms, Cisco does not adopt a rigid strategy that favors one technology over the others and forces it upon clients as the only option. Cisco’s philosophy is to pay attention to client requests, keep track of all technological developments, and give clients a variety of options from which to choose. Cisco bases the development of its products and solutions on generally recognized industry standards.

    No More Events to show!

    No More Events to show!

    No More Events to show!

    No More Events to show!

    Every year, hundreds of candidates face the Cisco interview process. Candidates who are more knowledgeable about networking concepts and have excellent analytical skills and computer intelligence will have no trouble passing the Cisco interview.

    Typically, there are three rounds to the interview process at Cisco:

  • Online Assessment Test
  • Technical Interview Rounds
  • HR Interview
  • Additionally, the Cisco interview rounds will typically not change for experienced candidates. However, for a few key positions, you might be required to attend two or more rounds of technical interviews that are followed by an HR interview.

    1. Online Assessment Test: This online assessment test has no negative marking and has the following sections:

  • Aptitude Test: Questions around Probability, Permutations and Combinations, Algebra, Simple & Compound Interest, Number Series, Profit and Loss, etc.
  • Technical Test: Questions around Computer Networking, C, Algorithms, Data Structures as well as digital electronics, CMOS and Microprocessor, etc.
  • 2. Technical Interview Rounds: The interviewer may inquire about a variety of computer basics during the technical interview rounds, such as data structures and algorithms, operating systems, algorithms, database management, networking, etc. Candidates will undergo testing to determine their level of expertise in all areas related to computer science and networking. Other technical inquiries are typically made regarding the assignments or internships listed on the CV. The employer places a lot of emphasis on how a candidate would approach a particular issue.

    3. HR Interview: During this phase, HR will typically ask you questions regarding the job role, your motivation for joining Cisco, your most difficult project to date, etc. Here the questions will be majorly asked from your CV. Overall, you must be well-prepared for this interview round and have a basic understanding of Cisco and the field from which you graduated or gained experience.

    Cisco Interview Questions for Freshers

    Check out a few of the interview questions from Cisco that a fresher might encounter:

  • Explain the conditions for deadlock.
  • Define a firewall.
  • What is a Gateway?
  • What is routing?
  • Define OSI layers and tell us their functions.
  • Explain the differences between Switch, Routers, and Hub.
  • Explain the differences between half-duplex and full-duplex.
  • What will happen if you compile a C program?Â
  • What are the different routing protocols, and how do they work?
  • What is an IP address?
  • FAQ

    What should a software engineer intern interviewer know?

    7 Technical Interview Tips for Software Engineering Internship
    • Make a Good First Impression. …
    • Be Ready for Over the Phone Interview. …
    • Prepare for Questions on Algorithms and Data Structures. …
    • Get Ready for System Design Questions. …
    • Emphasize Your Accomplishments and Skills. …
    • Follow the Interviewers Cue.

    How hard is it to get an internship at Cisco?

    You need to have a strong GPA and be able to convey your enthusiasm for the company and the technology in order to be accepted into Cisco Systems’ internship program. Every year, they receive a large number of applications, in part because they are a well-known business that is practically a household name for anyone working in office IT.

    How much do interns make at Cisco?

    The typical Cisco Systems Intern hourly wage in the US is around $29 00, which is 106% above the national average.

    Is Cisco interview hard?

    Cisco interviews could be a little difficult because there are so many highly competitive applications from so many different candidates. As a popular employer that values its employees, Cisco regularly receives a large number of job applications.

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