Character Trait Examples: Best Traits for Work and Resume

Your personality, morals, ethics, and beliefs form the foundation of your character traits. Knowing your strongest character qualities can help you enhance them and use them to your advantage in your professional life, whether you’re writing a strong resume or cover letter or asking for a promotion. Here, we outline 13 personality traits that can advance your career.

character traits

15 examples of best work character traits

There are a variety of character traits that can support career success, but the following are some of the most important ones for professional advancement:

1. Ambitious

A person who is ambitious has a strong desire to succeed by achieving their goals. When you put forth the effort and dedication necessary to overcome a challenge or surpass company goals, you may have displayed ambition.

2. Creative

3. Compassionate

4. Conscientious

5. Courageous

A courageous employee is one who is unafraid of obstacles and challenges. They are more likely to take on tasks that others might avoid because they are difficult or time-consuming. They might also take more deliberate risks at work, which could benefit the company.

6. Flexible

7. Honest

8. Humble

9. Honorable (Integrity)

10. Loyal

A committed worker supports the goals of the company. Loyal people can be trusted with private information and are more likely to work for a company for a long time.

11. Patient

12. Persistent

13. Resilient

14. Disciplined

15. Curious

Curiosity is a crucial personality quality that can motivate someone to seek out or learn new knowledge, information, or abilities without being explicitly asked to do so. Employees who are curious are valued for their capacity to independently inspire themselves to learn and advance in their positions and lines of work For many different types of jobs, especially those that could be described as open-ended, flexible, and strategic, curiosity is a crucial quality.

What are character traits?

Character traits are particular aspects of your behavior and personality that define you as a person. These personality traits can demonstrate to a hiring manager how you interact with people and complete tasks. Putting your best and most pertinent character traits forward in both your resume and interview can help you land a job.

Why are character traits important in the workplace?

Knowing your strongest character traits will help you work to develop them. This can benefit you in a variety of ways, including career advancement, achieving goals, building relationships, and expanding your professional network.

Additionally, character traits can assist you in reaching moral decisions. For instance, if you think of yourself as courageous, you might be more likely to stand up for what you believe in or make a difficult decision at work.

Leveraging character traits in your job search

Review the characteristics listed below and decide which ones you exhibit or can relate to. When you are aware of your best qualities, make sure to mention them in your interviews, cover letter, and resume.

Character traits in your resume

“Experience developing innovative solutions for an enterprise sales team for 4+ years” ” .

“I implemented successful work from home processes in a short amount of time while maintaining flexibility during the company’s overall restructure caused by COVID-19.” ”.

Character traits in your cover letter

Character traits in your interview

Highlighting character traits for career advancement

Additionally, your employer will have a better understanding of your strengths when they can see your character traits. Your personality traits can give you insight into how you might carry out new tasks, interact with coworkers, cope with stress, and handle demanding situations. For instance, if you are interested in the opportunity and your employer is looking to promote someone to a management position, you could mention to them that you are observant, sympathetic, inspirational, and strategic. These particular qualities are indicative of someone who can recognize the needs of their team, comprehend their pain points, motivate them to achieve goals, and decide the best course of action to meet business objectives.


What is a character trait definition & Examples?

Character traits are defined as a personality trait or an innate value that a person possesses, is unlikely to change, and contributes to the type of person that person is. Kindness and friendliness are examples of character traits.

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