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Latest Tough Catia v5 Interview Questions and Answers for…
  • What is recommended inside bending radius in sheet metal fabrication? …
  • What is minimum required Flange Length in Sheetmetal Bending? …
  • What is minimum recommended Hole/Slot distance from Edge?

This article covers commonly asked sheetmetal design interview questions and answers. Interviewers can ask questions on the following topics For a design engineer position.

Read this article on sheet metal design guidelines before reading these questions and answers. This article will help you to answer below interview questions in a better way.

Show mode empowers us to see the accessible components opened whereas, in Hide mode, we can hide the required components from the view on a provisional premise which boosts screen space. With the assistance of F3 button on the keyboard, it is conceivable to hide specification tree, but it must be ensured that options in Tool command must be enabled to allow this.

Interview either for your first job or for the job you are trying to switch will always make you feel tense. If you have an interview on CATIA and you are looking out for interview questions and answers related to this then you must go through these the list given below, as it can help you a lot. CATIA has a vast scope in every field but to get selected in any MNC you must clear the interview.

This is an extraordinary tool when you are working on an asymmetrical sketch. The mirror highlight can be utilized inside sketches, parts (adding sheet metal, elements, and surface bodies), and assemblies. Mirror command in design makes a copy of the sketch about a reference plane. If we need to evacuate the connection amongst unique and mirror elements, we have to detonate, and the connection between the original and mirror components will be evacuated.

As an apparatus or ability, sketching has its part in the design procedure. That part will fluctuate contingent upon the final result being made, the size and scope of the project, the individual originator’s style, experience, and work process, and the customer’s desires. The main purpose of sketching in advanced arts varies if you’re making Websites, characters, representations, product concepts, or different plans.

NURBS (non-uniform rational B-splines) are mathematical portrayals of 2-or 3-dimensional objects, which can be standard shapes, (for example, a cone) or freestyle shapes, (like cars). NURBS are utilized as a part of PC graphics and the CAD/CAM industry and have come to be viewed as a standard method to make and represent to complex articles.

10. What is ‘Freeze elements’ in healing? If this option is checked, the healing operation will not affect the selected elements under ‘freeze elements’.

9. What are distance objectives (in healing)? It is the maximum gap allowed b/w 2 healed elements.

16. What is ‘Ignore erroneous elements’ in join? Checking this button lets the system to ignore the surface & edges that otherwise would not allow the join to be created.

13. What is ‘topology simplification’ in smoothing curves command? If this option is checked then it automatically deletes the vertices, thus reducing its numbers of segments.

8. What is healing of geometry? This task shows how to heal surfaces, that is how to fill any (slight) gap that may be appealing b/w 2 surfaces.

Q2: What is the save extension of the sketcher file in CATIA?

Ans: The save extension of the sketcher file in CATIA is CATPart.


What are some common reinforcement techniques used to improve the strength of the sheet metal parts?

What are the reinforcement techniques used to improve sheet metal part’s strength?
  • Bending: Bending in direction 90 degrees to load applied, hem bend.
  • Forming tools: sheet-metal rib, louver, lance & Tab.

What is the minimum flange length sheet metal?

Flange length must be at least 4 times the material thickness. It is recommended to use the same radii across all bends, and flange length must be at least 4 times the material thickness.

What is the File Save extension of surface in CATIA?

Ans: The save extension of the sketcher file in CATIA is CATPart.

Can we transform a plane in CATIA?

Yes, with help of F3 button, but the option in Tools command must be checked to allow this.

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