Writing the perfect call to action often makes or breaks your marketing campaign. It’s one of those elements that will directly impact your conversion rates. And what better way to improve your writing than by reading a bunch of call to action examples from the pros?

According to eMarketer, US social network ad spending is expected to approach $49 billion in 2021. Marketers spend on ads, and they spend a lot.

With that much at stake, you’re not the only one who sometimes gets stuck for ideas for the winning CTA for your ads. If you’re looking for inspiration, then the below list is for you. In this blog post, you’ll get 15 call to action examples that you can copy and customize for your campaigns.

By the end, you will also know how to generate CTAs like a pro for any scenario!

What is a CTA? Advertising and Marketing CTAs Explained For Beginners

How to write a CTA

Here are some steps you can follow to create an effective call to action:

1. Identify an action

Before you begin writing, it’s important to establish the purpose of your call to action. This means picking a desired action for users to take, such as signing up for an email newsletter or purchasing an item from a website. Try to choose an action that only involves a few steps and is simple for readers to follow. This may improve the chances of them completing the action.

2. Determine the location

Identify where to add your call to action, such as in a social media post, on a website or in an email. The platform can determine the type of language you use in your statement. For example, on social media, you might use words like “share” or “follow” to encourage users to engage with and promote your content. On an online retailer’s website, you might focus on using words like “shop” or “buy” to entice consumers to purchase goods or services.

3. Use action words

When writing a call to action, begin with action words, such as “subscribe” and “download.” This can help inform readers of what action to take. On a webpage or email, you can create hyperlinks or bold buttons with action words to prompt users to take the desired steps. Using actionable words like “call” or “order” can better encourage consumers to perform a specific action, such as filling out a form or contacting a representative of a company.

4. Offer incentives

After providing an action for readers to take, explain why they should follow through with the action. Try to get them excited or interested by offering an incentive, such as a reward, trial or gift. You can also highlight any sales deadlines to encourage users to act quickly so they can take advantage of the discounts offered.

What is a call to action?

A call to action can increase the chances that a consumer performs a specific task. Using an effective call to action can help motivate and guide consumers. Here are some other reasons a call to action is important for a business:

17 call-to-action examples

Here are several examples of calls to action:

1. Learn more

This call-to-action technique entices readers to take an action to find out more about a product or service. This action may be clicking on a link, visiting a blog page or calling a business.

Example: Learn more about our organic dog food by clicking here.

2. Subscribe

Companies may write this type of call to action to encourage viewers to subscribe to their newsletter or streaming service. You could also use this CTA to entice readers to subscribe to a magazine or sign up for a company’s subscription box.

Example: Subscribe today to save on your one-year subscription to the Boston Beacon.

3. Try it for free

Free trial offers give people a chance to test a product or service to decide if they like it and if its worth the cost. You can use this type of CTA to encourage readers to sample a product, which may lead to them purchasing it.

Example: Come see what the buzz is about with our eco-friendly shampoo made with real, natural honey. Try it for free today.

4. Donate

A donate button usually follows a company explanation of a cause they’re supporting or a financial need. This call to action encourages viewers to give money to a charity or organization.

Example: Help hungry kids in our community. Donate today!

5. Get started

This call to action prompts consumers to begin using a company’s service immediately. For instance, you might have a “get started” button that directs readers to a page with further instructions.

Example: We pride ourselves on being the easiest, most family-friendly food service box. Get started now!

6. Share

The share button on social media pages persuades visitors to share a post, usually for a chance to win a giveaway prize or some other reward. Prompting users to share your posts may allow your content to reach a wider audience.

Example: Share this post today for a chance to win our professional pan set.

7. Sign up

Companies may encourage consumers to sign up for their newsletter, publication or subscription by requesting an email address to which they can send information. This CTA invites consumers to have regular contact with a company, which might help them become more familiar with its products or services.

Example: Sign up today to start your free trial of Replay Streaming and enjoy our incredible shows.

8. Shop now

This call-to-action method encourages customers to click on a button that directs them to the companys website to make an online purchase. You can use this CTA to make users aware of a limited-time sale or new products they can purchase.

Example: Shop now for T-shirts and athletic shorts for the entire family, all under $20.

9. Get tips

Another way to interact with customers is by offering free content on a topic the company is knowledgeable about. This provides engagement with customers and can create a positive view of the company since it shows the business is credible and helpful.

Example: Learn about ways to prepare a flawless resume. Get tips here!

10. Contact us

After explaining all the services or types of products a business provides on its website, it may place a “contact us” or “lets talk” button at the bottom. This can encourage customers to interact with employees to learn more about the business or request a service.

Example: Contact us now to hear how you can lower your renters insurance.

11. Get results

Some organizations may offer a quiz to suggest a personalized product or service to the reader. At the end of the quiz, there’s usually an option for readers to enter their contact information so they can receive their results.

Example: Email [email protected] to get results on what type of work personality you have.

12. View offers

In this CTA, a business promotes an offer it’s providing and creates a method for viewing the deals. Consumers may either click a button or enter their email to have the offers emailed to them.

Example: View offers on the latest swimwear at affordable prices.

13. Book a stay

This call to action tells visitors to schedule a visit at a hotel, vacation resort or similar business. It can sometimes convey urgency, such as offering a deal if the customer books their stay by a specific date.

Example: Book a stay with Moonlight Manor to experience our resort-style rooms and food service.

14. Get a quote

Companies, such as those providing insurance, can offer a free quote to show consumers what their rates might be. The company converts an estimate to send to the individual after they complete a form with relevant information, like their car or house type.

Example: Get a free quote today for how much you could pay with Sunrise auto insurance.

15. See what theyre saying

Some companies include a section for website visitors to learn about what other users or customers are saying about their company. This helps a business provide validity to its claims and showcases its reviews.

Example:See what customers are saying about our all-natural cooking oil and how its changed the way they cook.

16. Refer a friend

Another tactic for engaging with consumers is recommending that they refer a friend in exchange for a discount or raffle submission for a large prize. This allows the company to reach new consumers and generate more revenue.

Example: Refer a friend to our monthly beauty bag and earn $5 off your next bag.

17. Follow us on social media

This call to action encourages users to interact with a company on social media platforms. This may increase the company’s number of followers, improve online engagement with the brand and get more people to see its digital ads.

Example: Follow us on social media to see our daily rotating ice-cream flavors and specials.

Tips for creating a CTA

Here are some tips for creating an effective call to action for an organization:


What does a call to action means?

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt on a website that tells the user to take some specified action. A call to action is typically written as a command or action phrase, such as ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Buy Now’ and generally takes the form of a button or hyperlink.

What is a call to action example?

In marketing, your call to action is the part of your advertisement that tells your target audience what they should be doing once they click on your PPC ad and hit your website or landing page. The simplest example of a call to action is “Buy now!

What is a call to action statement?

A call to action is a statement designed to get an immediate response from the person reading or hearing it. Calls to action use action verbs. CTAs help improve user experience and move them through the sales funnel. They are essential in turning prospects into clients and customers.

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