ca clarity ppm interview questions and answers

If you are looking to become a successful CA Clarity PPM professional, you need to be prepared to answer a range of questions during interviews. It is important to demonstrate your technical knowledge and show employers that you have the skills and experience needed to excel in this role. Interviews can be daunting, but with the right preparation, you can showcase your CA Clarity PPM expertise and get ahead of the competition. In this blog post, we will provide a range of CA Clarity PPM interview questions and answers that you can use to practice your interview technique. We will cover a selection of topics, from general questions about the role to more specific technical questions, so you can develop the confidence you need to ace your next interview.

Getting Started with Clarity PPM – Overview

Interviews for Top Jobs at Clarity Consultants

Contractual Special Education Teacher Interview


I applied online. I interviewed at Clarity Consultants in Jul 2013


I met with the man in charge of staffing MD. Schools. He asked about experience, education, and how we might handle a particular situation that may arise. He also asked where my strengths lie, and what grade levels I wanted to work with.

Interview Questions

  • I was asked to describe a situation in which a disruptive student refused to complete any assigned work.

Business Development Interview


I interviewed at Clarity Consultants


Phone interviews with representative, internal Recruiting team, Regional Business Development team & ultimately an in-person interview at HQ.

Interview Questions

  • Multiple interviewers, be prepared to answer various questions.

Business Analyst Interview


I applied through an employee referral. The process took 3 weeks. I interviewed at Clarity Consultants (Tehran, Tehran) in Mar 2015


I had different interviews with 3 managers. The difficulty was that one of them was via skyp which because of sound problems wasn‘t so successful and I started work there

Interview Questions

  • – Experience in UNIX- How much Flexible I am

We have collected your questions and answered them.

There are no industry-specific restrictions on the use of Clarity PPM. The software is used by customers in every industry. Additionally, there are no limitations in relation to the company’s departments. IT projects, as well as those in areas like R&D, sales, marketing, and all other business units, use Clarity PPM.

The ideal option for medium-sized and enterprise-class businesses is Clarity PPM. The specific situation will determine whether or not it makes sense. There is some general guidance provided by the estimated number of future software users and the projects that will be mapped in the system. Experience has shown that when there are more than 50 users and 50 projects, Clarity PPM makes sense. There is no upper limit. More than 100,000 people use the biggest system currently in use.

You receive all the features you require for operational and strategic project and portfolio management with Clarity PPM in a single software package. It can be tailored to your company’s requirements in the best possible way thanks to its customizable configuration options. The level of user acceptance is raised and the change process is facilitated by the contemporary user interface and interactive communication options. Clarity PPM is constantly being improved, and it has long been the industry leader. Independent analysts such as Gartner, IDC, Forrester, and LeBihan have also supported this.

You can buy or rent licenses for Clarity PPM. Price varies according to user count, required access types, and preferred operating model (SaaS or on-premise). Clarity PPM licenses are obtained through so-called named user licenses. There are three distinct user groups:

  • Full Function Users (access to all functions)
  • Restricted Users (restricted access)
  • View-Only Users (read access with some write privileges)
  • Select partners (Tier 1 partners) of the manufacturer Broadcom, like itdesign, are where you can purchase licenses. We are here to help with any additional licensing questions you may have as the biggest Tier 1 partner in Europe. You have the option of renting licenses in addition to buying them.

    We will provide you with a test version on request. We advise you to join us for a brief phone call in advance to ascertain whether Clarity PPM meets your needs. We would be delighted to accompany you during a live demo of the tool for your initial look.

    Clarity includes a number of different features. However, you only use the modules that you really need. The good news is that your license already includes all modules. As a result, you can start with the features that are the most important to you and later expand your system. This framework guarantees the software’s long-term success at your business because Clarity can modify to meet your needs as your business expands.

    The needs of your business will determine how much time is required for the implementation stage. Clarity can be implemented using the itd Quick Start software implementation method in just six weeks. You get to benefit from currently available best practice packages and common features.

    Using the itd SIM (Secure Implementation Method) implementation method, you can achieve a greater level of flexibility and meet your unique requirements. Implementation typically takes a few weeks, but the precise timing greatly depends on your needs. On the basis of a joint workshop where we discuss your requirements, we develop a realistic schedule.

    The objective is for you to effectively implement the software at your business and utilize it as effectively as possible. To ensure this, users, application managers, and administrators can receive the appropriate training. It is advised that you take a train-the-trainer training course so that you can instruct new users and employees on the software yourself. These training sessions can be held at your location, at our facility in Tübingen, online, or as a video, depending on your needs.

    We distinguish between three possible operating models:

  • itdesign Clarity SaaS
  • Broadcom Clarity SaaS
  • On-Premise
  • We can install Clarity directly on your server if you prefer an on-premise solution. You have the choice of using the application directly through itdesign (itdesign Clarity SaaS) or through the manufacturer (Broadcom Clarity SaaS) as a SaaS solution if you want to use the software in the cloud. You can combine the advantages of a SaaS and an on-premise solution with itdesign Clarity SaaS because we will also take care of your software’s technical support and optimization.

    We assume responsibility for hosting and application management of your system as part of the itdesign Clarity SaaS offer. As a result, you get the best overall carefree package and can rely on your system’s dependability and constant data security.

    When using Clarity as a SaaS solution, you have two choices. If you choose itdesign Clarity SaaS, we’ll install Clarity at a German data center of your choosing, like, for instance, at an Amazon Web Services (AWS) facility, and you’ll get support directly from itdesign. Your system is hosted by the manufacturer, Broadcom SaaS, on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in a data center in Germany.

    Itdesign takes on the hosting and application management for your system as an all-around Clarity partner. Advantage for you: We have decades of Clarity application and appropriate infrastructure experience. As a result, you receive a single trustworthy and knowledgeable partner for any issues relating to your Clarity system.

    We would be delighted to travel with you to the cloud. With our Clarity SaaS offer, you receive hosting and application management in one convenient, worry-free package from a single source.

    Our itdesign support team in Germany is a CA Premier Support Partner and can assist you with a variety of Clarity inquiries and issues in either English or German. This includes 2nd level as well as 3rd level support. Additionally, we’ll see to it that your software runs without a hitch and handle maintenance. If necessary, we can also handle the system’s application management.

    Broadcom, the product’s maker, releases a new version of the software with expanded features every three months. However, it is up to you to choose whether or not to use a new version and when. When a new version is available and what new features are included in that release, we will let you know on our news blog.

    Clarity PPM is highly scalable and can accommodate any number of users. The software maintains high performance even with 100,000 users in the system.

    The security of your information is particularly important to us. We have even put it in writing. Since August 2019, the itdesign SaaS solution for Clarity PPM has been accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2017.

    There is a very active Clarity PPM user group that is independent of any service provider in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. At routine meetings, users from various industries and businesses exchange best practices, stories, and advice.

    Additionally, the Clarity Community gathers for two days every year at the itdesign PPM Conference. Exchanges between the manufacturer, itdesign, partners, and customers are essential to the success of this event. In addition to the well-attended evening event, the schedule includes useful lectures, workshops, and the product roadmap.

    Work at Clarity Consultants? Share Your Experiences

    ca clarity ppm interview questions and answers

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    What does ppm clarity mean?

    Clarity is a platform for project and portfolio management (PPM) that offers a variety of features, such as task boards, score boards, financial analysis tools, and more, to assist medium to large businesses in effectively managing their services, personnel, products, and finances.

    Is clarity a PPM tool?

    According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for project portfolio management software, Clarity PPM is one of the PPM tool “Leaders.”

    What does CA ppm stand for?

    CA PPM (Project & Portfolio Management.

    Is CA a PPM?

    Clarity (previously known as CA PPM) is a financial reporting tool created for medium and large businesses to manage concepts, assets, cash flows, projects, and clients. A centralized dashboard can be used by administrators to manage strategic investments and build project portfolios.

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