18 Top Business Double Majors

One of the most important decisions you’ll make while in college is what major to pursue. Just remember: there is no right or wrong answer. Make sure to balance the advantages of pursuing two degrees at once with the time and cost commitments required, and consider why you want to do it. If the answer is that you are really passionate about the fields of study, then go for it! If you are just curious about a second field of study, taking electives and participating in club activities in that field may pique your interest.


Benefits of double majoring for business

Prior to pursuing a career in business, you can specialize more quickly by double majoring. Contrary to most professionals who specialize through work experience, double majors can start their job search with a variety of skills. Candidates with a variety of skills are valued by employers because they can better handle difficult technical problems.

Studying multiple fields in-depth also motivates you to use a variety of skill sets and approaches to problem-solving in your work. Sometimes, having a second major helps you come up with ideas for new products or innovations that are only possible when you combine knowledge from different fields.

What does double majoring mean?

When you double major, you finish all the requirements for two majors during your undergraduate career. A single degree, such as a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, with two specializations listed on it is what double majors typically receive upon graduation. In contrast, a dual degree program allows you to earn two distinct degrees. The specializations of a double major frequently overlap to some extent in terms of the number of required courses. This makes double majoring a more manageable academic plan.

18 business double majors

The related fields of economics, accounting, management, and finance are also popular choices for students interested in business, even though many schools directly offer business management or administration majors. A business double major can comprise any two business-related fields.

Here are 18 business-focused double majors you might consider:

1. Computer information systems and marketing

You can assist technology companies in understanding the target consumer for their products and creating marketing campaigns by combining computer information systems and marketing majors. Businesses value marketers with the technical training to comprehend their products and who can communicate that understanding to customers. A major in computer information systems would introduce you to the specialized skills that are increasingly needed in marketing.

2. Computer information systems and economics

Specialized software and computer expertise have become increasingly important for economic research and analysis. You can get ready to assist businesses with conducting market research, analyzing market trends, and developing economic models by studying information systems. You could also work for a tech company and apply your economics education to assist a business in formulating its business plan.

3. Computer information systems and human resources management

Many businesses see the management of human resources and computer information systems as being interdependent. Specialized human resources technologies are frequently used by employers to manage their workforce and assess employee performance. As an illustration, businesses may use fingerprint or virtual time clocks, web applications for receiving and providing feedback, and onboarding procedures. You are well-qualified to implement and manage these systems for businesses of all sizes if you major in both fields.

4. Business administration and accounting

A double major in accounting and business administration will position you well to work as a Certified Public Accountant or as a financial manager for an organization. All businesses need full-time or freelance accountants, so this double major has a reliable source of employment. Whatever your position, a background in accounting will help you become a more capable business leader and administrator.

5. Business administration and marketing

A marketing major focuses on developing your skills to assist businesses in promoting and selling their products to specific market segments, while a business administration major prepares you for the business world more generally. By combining the two, you can create marketing campaigns that more effectively take into account a company’s needs as a whole and more precisely target important demographics. These two extremely adaptable majors are useful in almost every industry.

6. Business administration and finance

All business administration majors must complete a core course in finance, but not every business student graduates with a thorough understanding of the challenging subject. You may feel much more at ease applying to and working in a position that primarily involves investments if you declare it as your second major. You may decide to pursue a career in finance, such as working as a financial analyst or investment banker, or you may choose this double major to feel more comfortable managing the financial operations within the organizations you work for.

7. Business administration and computer science

Computer science is among the most popular majors that universities offer. All types of employers need assistance with programming, database management, and cyber security With a double major in business administration and computer science, you can aid businesses in expanding while ensuring that their computer systems are reliable, secure, and effective. Additionally, you could use your technological expertise to develop products and contribute to the production of goods and services that you can create, market, and sell using your business acumen.

8. International business management and economics

Business professionals who are familiar with the rules and requirements of international trade offer businesses great value as the economy becomes more global. A second major in economics could help a company not only reach new markets but also ensure that the company makes wise decisions and investments.

9. International business management and political science

Political science and international business management complement each other well because it offers additional understanding of the global business environment. Politics on a national and international level have a direct impact on how businesses operate, what they can sell, and who they can sell it to. You can assist businesses in making ethical decisions when doing business abroad thanks to your double major.

10. International business management and marketing

Companies frequently pay close attention to the cultural variations between markets when reaching out to international audiences to ensure they maximize the appeal of their products and avoid tarnishing the reputations of their brands. You can provide the crucial insights businesses seek to include in their international marketing strategies by double majoring in these specializations.

11. International business management and supply chain management

Supply chain management is a business specialty required for businesses to produce goods consistently at a set cost. Many businesses, even those that only conduct business domestically, still rely on global supply chains to find more affordable materials and labor. As a double major in supply chain management and international business management, you can assist businesses in determining the quickest and most efficient ways to produce, ship, and sell their goods.

12. Marketing and communications

Majors in public relations, advertising, and multimedia engagement strengthen each other’s overlapping skills, which is how marketing and communications majors complement one another. When working, your improved interpersonal, writing, and research skills from studying communications can help you design more clever and successful campaigns that reach a wider audience.

13. Marketing and psychology

Marketers investigate consumer spending patterns to assist brands in building favorable public perceptions. You can more accurately predict consumer behavior and be more creative when creating marketing campaigns by doubling up on psychology and marketing. Learning analytical and research-based skills as a psychology major can also improve your ability to analyze market data and analyze consumer behavior.

14. Marketing and business entrepreneurship

If starting a business is your main focus, creating a solution for consumers is the first challenge; the next is getting enough people to know about your product so that they will buy it. A double major in marketing and business entrepreneurship can give you the tools you need to launch your company and attract customers. Understanding marketing also enables you to develop your brand image in a way that is consistent with your product and the target market.

15. Economics and statistics

You can prepare for analytical, data-driven jobs in business using both economics and statistics. Statistics are frequently used in economics research, making this double major very specialized and useful. In order for economists to design, investigate, and communicate the findings of statistical models that guide business decisions and growth strategies, banks, hedge funds, and many large companies hire them.

16. Economics and business analytics

Business analysts and economists both thoroughly examine data to produce recommendations for businesses. However, economists might not have the managerial experience necessary to turn research into workable business plans. This double major can add exceptional value to employers who want to make significant changes based on what economic data reveals by applying the practical, organized mindset of a business analyst to economics research.

17. Accounting and education

When it comes to business specializations that call for technical communication skills, education can make a great second major. Accountants frequently meet with management to discuss the financial health of the company, but they may not be aware of the best way to communicate their findings. Accountants who have received training in educational techniques are better equipped to work together within their organizations and make sure that their coworkers comprehend the company’s finances.

18. Accounting and economics

Students who major in both accounting and economics are better able to understand the causes of shifting cash flows, the effects of changing interest rates, and the company’s financial outlook. Businesses value experts who can balance the company’s finances with the economy. You could prepare for a career in personal finance by double majoring in these areas and advising clients on how to manage their finances in light of the current and projected economic climates.


Is a double major in business worth it?

It could lead to more job opportunities and higher earnings. According to a Cambridge University Press study, students who double major in a STEM field and in business make more money than those who only pursue one major. You’ll acquire a more diverse education and a set of special skills that you can apply to your career.

What is the best double major?

Best Double Major Combinations
  • Criminal Justice and Psychology Double Major.
  • Business Administration and Accounting Double Major.
  • Marketing and Communications Double Major.
  • Accounting and Computer Information Systems Double Major.
  • Economics and Supply Chain Management Double Major.
  • University of Maryland.

What is a good double major with business administration?

A core MBA subject like finance, marketing, strategy, or economics can be highlighted in some of the best double majors in business administration. A completely different field, such as information technology (IT), entrepreneurship, or healthcare, could be the focus of an MBA double major.

Why do businesses double major?

Benefits of a double major in business Because they are better able to handle complex and technical problems, employers value candidates with a variety of skills. Studying multiple fields in-depth also motivates you to use a variety of skill sets and approaches to problem-solving in your work.

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