13 Bring-Your-Child-To-Work Day Activities

Here are some tips to help you prepare for bringing your child to work:
  • Determine how long they’ll stay. Whereas some children stay for the entire workday, others may only visit for a short period of time. …
  • Talk to their school. …
  • Talk to your child. …
  • Coloring. …
  • Taking a company tour. …
  • Food tasting. …
  • Resume making. …
  • Building exercise.

In 1993, the “Take Our Daughters to Work Program” was established in response to research revealing that many girls lacked confidence and were leaving school by the eighth grade. Since then, it has gained a new name that includes sons and daughters: Bring Your Children to Work Day or Take Our Kids to Work Day.

TeamBonding has you covered for Bring Your Kids to Work Day activities that will make the day exciting, entertaining, and educational. Taking your children to work is a fantastic way to introduce them to the workplace through practical experiences. However, there are some things that both parents and employers should be wary of

How to Make the Most of Take Your Child to Work Day

How should you prepare for taking your child to work?

It’s crucial to have a strategy in place before your child visits your workplace for a more productive day. Having some structure can make the day run more smoothly and guarantee that your child will enjoy themselves while visiting your place of business. The following advice will assist you in getting ready to bring your child to work:

Determine how long theyll stay

While some kids stay the entire day, others might only stop by for a short while. Based on their desire and temperament, determine how long your child will stay before you bring them to work. Finding transportation will be easier if you know how long they’ll be staying, and you can plan your day accordingly.

Talk to their school

Inform their school in advance of your child’s visit about their upcoming absence. Find out if they have any make-up or homework that needs to be finished. If they have free time while they are here, have them spend it quietly by doing their homework. Remember that you and your child will have more time to prepare if you notify their school as soon as possible.

Talk to your child

Talk about your role and ask your child what they would like to do or see when they visit to help make the workday more enjoyable. You can make a more strategic and enjoyable plan for the day when you solicit their input.

Activities to do when you bring your child to work

Have a plan in place that includes potential activities for your child before bringing them to work. You may include quiet activities or ones that encourage them to get up from their chair and interact with others, depending on their preferences or temperament. When your kid comes to your workplace, they can engage in some of the kid-friendly activities listed below:


Most kids find enjoyment using crayons and markers. Create coloring sheets with your company’s logo for them to use to add some fun to their customary coloring activities. Then, allow your kid to color the logo to encourage creativity. Additionally, you could ask them to create a new logo for your business or a drawing of how they would appear at work.

Taking a company tour

Keep your child active throughout the day if they have a short attention span. Walk them around to the various workstations or areas in your office to give them a tour. To keep them interested, you can also introduce them to your coworkers.

Food tasting

Allow your child to test your company’s products if you are in the food industry or if your business sells food or beverages. Allow them to sample various flavors and product iterations to gauge their reaction. They can also come up with fresh tastes or concepts for your business to use in the future.

Resume making

Have your child create their own resume highlighting their special abilities and talents. Since they lack work experience, you can ask them to list their top academic interests. Additionally, to make their resume appear more professional, you can use an online resume template.

Building exercise

Some children prefer hands-on activities. Encourage them to create their own designs using building blocks or another type of building set if you work in the construction or engineering industries. You can talk to them as they construct about your position within the company and the construction process in general. You can ask them to explain how they came up with their latest creation.

Holding a scavenger hunt

After giving your child a tour of your office, send them on a scavenger hunt to look for specific items. You could instruct them to look for a fax machine, a water fountain, or even a coworker. If you choose to do the latter, you can instruct them by saying something like, “Find the person who welcomes everyone as they enter the office.” “.

Delivering an after-work presentation

Have your kid give a presentation about what they discovered while touring your workplace at the end of the day. This enables you to discover their opinions of both your and your coworkers’ jobs.

Giving a sales pitch

Have your kid create a sales pitch for one of your goods or services if you work in sales. Check to see if they were successful in closing the sale by having them practice on a customer.

Delivering coffee

Have your kid distribute coffee cups with lids to your coworkers. In addition to being a nice gesture, you can introduce them to the people you work with on a daily basis. Get them their own cup of juice or hot cocoa so they can “work” alongside you and feel like a team member.

Preparing alternate sources of entertainment

Prepare alternative activities in case your child needs a break during the day. You could, for instance, provide them with picture books to read when they need some downtime.

Conducting department interviews

Have your child interview with someone in each department. Ask them to prepare their questions in advance of the interview. Make sure they understand the requirements for each position, including the responsibilities and expectations for each one.

Playing bingo

If there are several children visiting the workplace and you need an icebreaker, have them play a game of bingo to get to know one another. For the rest of the day, this can make them feel more at ease and relaxed.

Taking photographs

If your child enjoys using cameras, let them carry a disposable camera around to capture the fun of the day. If many of the kids from your coworkers are also coming, think about spending money on a photo booth with entertaining props so that everyone can have fun.


How do I entertain my child in the office?

Virtual Activities and Games for National Fun at Work Day
  • Scavenger Hunt. Scavenger Hunts are great ways to get employees moving.
  • Fun at Work Day Bingo. …
  • Online Office Games (Facilitated) …
  • Virtual Team Trivia (Fully Hosted) …
  • Superhero Academy. …
  • International Monster Hunter. …
  • Murder Mysteries. …
  • Standup Comedy Workshop.

Is Bring Your Kid to Work day a thing?

Six Ways to Keep Your Kid Busy at the Office When Your Childcare Falls Through
  1. 1 | Create a coloring book. …
  2. 2 | Practice the basics. …
  3. 3 | Turn them into your mini-intern. …
  4. 4 | Create an under-the-desk fort. …
  5. 5 | Make paperclip jewelry. …
  6. 6 | Break something out of the busy drawer.

How can I bring my kids to work?

On the fourth Thursday in April each year, Bring a Kid to Work Day takes place.

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