Brand Monitoring: Tips, Tools and Examples

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Why is brand monitoring important?

Companies can learn how consumers feel about their brands by conducting brand monitoring. Several factors make brand monitoring crucial for businesses, including the following:

What is brand monitoring?

Brand monitoring involves keeping track of all references to your business on social media in an effort to better understand how customers feel about it. Businesses can keep an eye on a number of platforms, such as websites, magazines, television channels, and social media.

In order to understand how consumers react to marketing campaigns and to use different marketing techniques based on the results of their brand monitoring, a company’s marketing team typically conducts brand monitoring.

Brand monitoring tools

To track mentions across platforms, businesses frequently use brand monitoring tools like software and internet extensions. The following are a few helpful tasks that brand monitoring tools can help businesses with:

Channels to monitor

To keep track of brand perception, it’s best to keep an eye on as many platforms as you can. The main platform categories that companies should think about monitoring are listed below:

News outlets

Because they draw a large audience, news outlets are an important platform for businesses to monitor. Any mention of a brand in the media could have an immediate positive or negative impact on the business. To ensure that the information provided to consumers is accurate and positive, businesses will want to keep an eye on this channel. Businesses keep an eye on news sources by tuning in to newscasts, browsing news websites, and using brand software that keeps an eye on sources.

Social media platforms

Because social media is a well-liked platform for users to express their opinions and share their experiences, it’s a great place for businesses to use brand monitoring. For instance, if a client has a positive interaction with a sales representative from a company, they might be moved to share their story with their followers on social media.

Online forums

Businesses consult online discussion boards to learn what customers are saying about their brand. Many consumers share their experiences with other customers who might have similar sentiments in online forums like chat rooms and message boards.

Printed media

Businesses can check printed media like magazines, newspapers, and brochures using brand monitoring techniques. Since a lot of people read newspapers and magazines, it’s crucial for brands to stay on top of any print media mentions.

Review websites

It’s crucial to keep an eye on what is being shared on these platforms as many consumers use online review forums to form opinions about businesses and their brands. Businesses can check review sites to learn more about how customers feel about particular aspects of their operations, like product quality and customer service. If a business notices a pattern of unfavorable comments on these discussion boards, they can look for solutions to address the issues and enhance public perception of their brand.

What can you track through brand monitoring?

There are several thingsa business can track through brand monitoring. The most typical items you can track across channels are listed below:

Brand name

In order to accurately assess the reputation of their brand across platforms, businesses typically track all variations of their brand name, including nicknames, abbreviations, and common misspellings. Companies can track particular marketing strategies, like product launches or new sales campaigns, to determine how consumers will respond.

Industry innovations

Companies may opt to follow market innovations to keep their brand current. For instance, a software company’s marketing team might keep an eye on advancements made by rivals to determine whether they need to offer comparable goods and services.


Brand monitoring can assist a business in evaluating its own advantages and disadvantages in comparison to its rivals. Competitor analysis can also show you how other businesses respond to customer feedback and build their brand reputation.

Incoming links

Tracking how customers arrived at a company’s website can be useful. This aids in locating other companies that are making references to your brand. For instance, if a treadmill manufacturer is mentioned in an article about exercise equipment, that article is enhancing the company’s reputation.


What is social brand monitoring?

The process of tracking various channels to find out where your brand is mentioned is known as brand monitoring. Knowing where and how your brand is being discussed will help you better understand how consumers feel about it and enable you to gather insightful feedback from your audience.

What are the places where you can monitor your brand?

Finding brand mentions on social media networks, news websites, blogs, forums, and other websites is a process known as “brand monitoring.” Brand monitoring enables you to respond to conversations about the brand by showing you what is being said about it.

How do you monitor brand reputation?

Online brand monitoring tools
  • Google Alerts. Monitoring Google search engine results for your brand is done using the free Google Alerts tool.
  • Brand24. …
  • Sprout Social. …
  • Sotrender. …
  • Mention. …
  • BuzzSumo.

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