How To Write a Boilerplate in a Press Release in 4 Steps

What is a boilerplate statement?

When it comes to crafting a press release, the boilerplate is a key component that must not be overlooked. Boilerplate is a brief summary of a company or organization that goes at the end of a press release. It is important because it provides the reader with essential information about an organization and its services. It also serves as a way to demonstrate the expertise and credibility of the organization. Boilerplate helps to establish a connection between the organization and its audience, as well as to become more familiar with the organization’s mission. When writing a press release, the boilerplate should be written in a professional tone so that it accurately represents the organization. In this blog post, we will explore how to craft a professional boilerplate for a press release and the importance of including this crucial piece of information.

How to Write a Press Release (Free Template)

What are the components of a boilerplate in a press release?

A boilerplate can be enhanced with a variety of elements to your advantage. The details you provide will depend on your overall goals and what you want the boilerplate to achieve. For instance, you might develop a boilerplate that emphasizes your company’s forward-thinking culture and customer-centric business mindset, or you might concentrate on a recent honor or accomplishment to help your company’s standing in the market. Some common features of a boilerplate include:

What is a boilerplate in a press release?

A boilerplate is a sentence or two at the end of a press release that summarizes a business and its key facts. Every press release typically ends with the same paragraph because it is standardized copy, unless the company goes through a significant change that necessitates a new boilerplate. Because boilerplates are so brief, the author must use creativity to determine how to best describe the business. This is an essential component of appropriate public relations materials. The boilerplate highlights the legitimacy of an organization and may persuade a reader to respond to a call to action (CTA).

Why is a boilerplate important?

Boilerplates should be used in press releases for a number of reasons, including:

How to write a boilerplate in a press release

You can write a boilerplate for your press release by following these four steps:

1. Align the boilerplate with your brand

Since most boilerplates are 100 words or less, it’s crucial to present your brand succinctly. You might want to draw attention to certain details that are most consistent with your brand image. For instance, you could highlight the company’s longevity to demonstrate consistency and dependability. You could also emphasize current successes and honors to demonstrate the company’s position as a market leader.

2. Craft a strong business paragraph

Write a paragraph that explains your brand’s identity and the benefits it offers to customers. It’s crucial to include the most crucial information for readers to know because the boilerplate’s goal is to pique their interest in the company. Consider highlighting aspects like financial growth and market relevance. Make sure the items you include are in line with the corporate objectives. For instance, if increasing website sign-ups is your goal, you might highlight the advantages of website membership for your current customers.

3. Encourage viewers to interact with the brand

Encourage readers to complete a particular task as the boilerplate is finished. The purpose of this CTA is to engage the audience, whether you ask them to donate to a charity or follow your social media pages. This is crucial because making physical gestures might help readers recall your business and brand more clearly. Think about the kind of CTA you want to include during this step and write it clearly so readers can understand it.

4. Offer business-to-consumer communication

Consider including the company contact information in your boilerplate to increase your audience’s capacity to engage with it. You can provide information like the company’s phone number, email address, or website link. You could even give the reader a physical address where they can send a letter or document. This enables potential customers to get in touch with you if they need more details about the business.


Do all press releases have a boilerplate?

Boilerplates provide a concise, standby summary of a brand’s compelling story that can be easily incorporated into corporate communications. The boilerplate copy should highlight a brand’s mission, history, and present outlook. It should fall somewhere between an elevator pitch and a shortened version of an “About Us” page.

What is a boilerplate response?

Conclusion All press releases adhere to the same fundamental press release structure. They contain a catchy headline, a newsworthy story with quotes and links, multimedia, a call to action (CTA), boilerplate, and contact details.

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