Blogger vs. Vlogger: What’s the Difference? (With Tips)

Vlogger- A vlogger is a person who creates a video blog. A blogger is someone who creates a video for a blog, while a vlogger is someone who creates a video for a blog. Anyone who can make a video and post it to a video on demand (VOD) service is referred to as a vlogger.

It can be difficult to decide whether you want to become a blogger or vlogger. You can compare the skills required for blogging with those required for vlogging to determine which you are more interested in developing. You must develop the skills required for either to succeed, as well as enjoy the process because you will need to do it for a very long time.

The ability to fall in love with the process of creating online content or video content is what distinguishes a great blogger or vlogger. You should choose an activity that you enjoy the process of and that you enjoy continuously learning about. Determine your areas of strength and weakness and whether you want to learn how to write or produce videos.

Blogging vs. Vlogging (YouTube) in 2022 – Which is Better & Why?

What is a vlogger?

A professional who records, edits, and publishes original video online is known as a vlogger. A vlogger frequently creates videos on specialized subjects in order to increase the number of viewers on their channel. For illustration, an entertainment vlogger might produce videos that offer commentary on the most recent motion pictures and television shows. Vloggers may speak on camera or adopt unique styles that their followers anticipate They can also alter their video sharing profile pictures and keep track of how many interactions each post gets. The number of followers a vlogger has can influence how successful they are seen by viewers.

What is a blogger?

A blogger is a writer who works professionally and creates blog posts, or written content for websites. The blogger frequently imparts knowledge on a particular subject, like fashion, sports, or food, in order to draw readers and grow their subscriber base. For instance, a travel blogger might write articles on how to book cheap flights and make the most of your time while traveling. Bloggers adopt distinctive tones and formatting that are consistent with their brands, which helps readers distinguish their content from that of rivals. They also regularly release articles to keep readers interested.

Blogger vs. vlogger

The following are the main distinctions between a blogger and a vlogger:


Bloggers and vloggers use different platforms to publish their content. Frequently, a blogger will have a personal website just for their blog. The website itself provides access to all of the articles the author has ever posted, and the domain name can be either their name or the title of their blog. Bloggers may also use tags to organize their posts. For instance, a food blogger might run the website com, which is how her readers recognize her. There may be a section on the website where readers can post comments or links to the article on social media platforms.

A vlogger publishes content on a website where videos are shared, and all of their videos are arranged in profiles or individual channels on that website. Viewers can interact with the vloggers’ content by liking, sharing, and commenting on it using their personal accounts to watch it. The vlogger may share excerpts from a finished video on social media to entice viewers from other platforms to visit their channel.

Visual appeal

The visual components that bloggers and vloggers use in their content is another distinction between them. To help readers visualize their content, bloggers frequently include still photos and animated images in their articles. For instance, images of the new smartphone release might be included in a post about it.

A vlogger uses camera angles, lighting, and audio in a video to draw viewers in. To draw viewers in, they might also use inventive transitions between video clips. For instance, a makeup tutorial might describe the application procedure before skipping right to the finished product.


Being a blogger or a vlogger may require different technology. As a blogger, you might use a computer to write and upload your posts as well as software to monitor website metrics and create content calendars. You can use a camera and photo editing software if you want to include pictures in your posts.

As a vlogger, you might require a camera and lighting equipment to record the content. You can use a microphone to record a voiceover, which is common in tutorial and commentary videos. Utilizing video editing software, you create the final product that can be broadcast on your channel after uploading the videos to your computer. Vlogging often requires a lot more technology than blogging.

Editing process

The editing procedure to prepare the content for publication varies between blogging and vlogging as well. After finishing an article, a blogger may take some time to check it for grammatical and spelling errors. They could verify that the website’s internal and external links are functional and that the included photos are the appropriate size to draw readers. From there, the article may be ready to post.

A vlogger may combine multiple videos they’ve already recorded into one long one afterward. For example, they might watch the moments they recorded again to figure out which snippets come first and last before modifying the audio and adding transitions to the video to make it more interesting. The length of the video and the number of edits required will determine how long it will take to edit a vlog.

Tips for deciding which career to pursue

Consider the following advice as you get ready for a career as a content creator:


What is the difference blogger and vlogger?

A blog is very similar to a website in that it offers written/text content on any topic, along with images, gifs, and other media. On the other hand, a vlog consists of videos that are published on any subject. There are numerous platforms for blogging and vlogging that accept both paid and free domains.

Which is better blog or vlog?

You should start a vlog immediately if you want to gain popularity. But you should start a blog if you want to earn money online passively, develop your writing abilities, and attract highly qualified visitors. Consider starting a YouTube channel if you already have a blog to reach a wider audience.

Is it called blog or vlog?

A blog is a type of informal diary with regular updates and posts that are presented in reverse chronological order, with the most recent posts appearing first. The term “vlog,” also known as “video blog” or “video log,” refers to a blog format in which the content is presented in a video rather than just as written text.

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