Beware Hiring managers: 51 illegal interview questions to avoid

16 Illegal Job Interview Questions You Don’t Have to Answer
  • Are you a native English speaker? …
  • Where are you from originally? …
  • Are you planning to get married? …
  • Are you going to have kids? …
  • What holidays do you celebrate? …
  • Do you go to church? …
  • When did you graduate from high school? …
  • Have you ever been arrested?

ILLEGAL Interview Questions AND How to Answer Them!

5. What country are you from?

In the same vein, it is illegal for companies to ask where you are from or if you are a U.S. citizen. They are, however, allowed to confirm that you are legally authorized to work in the U.S. (or in whichever country the job is located), but your citizenship status is none of their business.

If faced with any of these illegal ancestry-relative questions, remember that you do not have to answer; try steering the interview back on track with a reassurance that you are legally authorized to work in the country and can skillfully speak the languages required for the position.

How do you answer illegal interview questions?

Candidates have three basic options when faced with an illegal question:

  • Go ahead and answer the question directly. If you are comfortable with providing the answer, just respond and move on to the next question. Remember though that you are giving information that is not related to the job and may be giving details that impact negatively on you.
  • Refuse to answer the question. This is potentially a confrontational response and should be saved for questions that are truly offensive and invasive. If the question makes you very uncomfortable you could respond with: “That is a strange question, I havent been asked that before in an interview. Why have you asked me that?” However if you are asked a number of inappropriate questions you may need to consider the suitability of the job and company.
  • The most effective response is to not answer the inappropriate question directly but to determine the reason or intent behind the question. Try to find out what the interviewer is really asking by rephrasing, clarifying or questioning.
  • Can you be asked if you are married in an interview?

    Questions about your marital status are illegal. You also cannot be asked any questions about your spouse in an interview.

    If you are asked about your marital status it is important to figure out the intent behind the question before you respond. If you think it is merely a friendly, get-to-know you type question there is no harm in responding honestly and politely.

    If you think the motive is more complicated you can respond along the lines of:

    “I make sure to keep my personal life separate from my work so this has no impact on my ability to do the job.”


    What is an illegal question for a job interview?

    Disability. Gender, sex or sexual orientation. Marital status, family, or pregnancy. Race, color, or ethnicity.

    What you can ask and what you can’t Legal Illegal interview questions?

    5 Illegal Interview Questions You Should Never Answer (and What to Do When Facing Them)
    • “Where are you from originally?” …
    • “Do you go to church?” …
    • “When did you graduate from high school (or college)?” …
    • “Are you married?” …
    • “How would you handle managing a team of all men?”

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