Barista Skills: Definition and Examples

Barista Skills

Examples of barista skills

Good barista skills center on several facets of the work performed in coffee shops, including preparing drinks and food, cleaning, taking orders, and working with a team. The following are some of the most crucial abilities a barista should possess:

Customer service

One of the most crucial aspects of being a barista is having excellent customer service abilities. To be courteous and helpful to customers is the bare minimum use of this skill. Achieving excellence in customer service entails recognizing returning clients, working diligently to address problems as soon as they arise, and remaining upbeat and amiable even under trying circumstances. Excellent customer service can result in increased sales for the business and higher tips for the barista. The barista benefits everyone by exerting effort to make customers happy.

Coffee knowledge

Some fundamental understanding of coffee can be helpful in obtaining an entry-level position at a coffee shop. Lattes, Americanos, flat whites, cold brews, and cappuccinos are examples of coffee and espresso drinks that a barista should be familiar with. As a barista gains experience, knowing things like roasting and grinding procedures, where coffee beans come from, and the differences between various coffees’ flavors can be very beneficial to both their employer and the clients they serve.

Attention to detail

A barista’s ability to pay attention to detail helps them make fewer mistakes and enhance customer satisfaction. For instance, remembering a regular customer’s daily orders can increase that person’s sense of value and likelihood that they will return to that coffee shop. A barista who pays attention to detail can differentiate themselves in the many facets of their job, whether it’s knowing how to correctly clean every component of an espresso machine or understanding a challenging custom order.


Teamwork is essential to keep customers satisfied during peak hours when a coffee shop may have many employees filling orders. Collaboration is essential, especially given that many coffee shops operate on an assembly line system to keep drinks moving. One person may handle the cash register and transfer orders, another may prepare the majority of the drinks, a third may take drive-thru orders, and a fourth may complete the drinks and distribute them to customers. All of this requires excellent communication and cooperation.


A barista who can multitask can manage multiple tasks at once, which is frequently required in a coffee shop. The list of listed abilities can help the barista become more adept at multitasking, such as teamwork and paying attention to detail. A barista may be required to take orders, run the cash register, relay orders to coworkers, fill orders, take phone calls, and deliver orders to customers all at once. When the coffee shop is particularly busy, multitasking keeps orders moving quickly, which pleases customers.

Cash management

Cash management is crucial to the job of a barista because most of them must be able to operate a cash register or point-of-sale (POS) system. Smaller coffee shops might use a handwritten order form and a basic register system, but larger chains use complex systems with a wide range of options to enable customized drinks. Either method will need some instruction so the barista can use it effectively and avoid errors.

What are barista skills?

The skills and abilities required to work in a coffee shop are known as barista skills. Technical expertise in coffee and other coffee shop products, as well as customer service and communication abilities for interacting with a group of coworkers and the general public, are requirements for working as a barista. Most baristas often have additional duties in addition to serving customers and making coffee, so some flexibility is necessary for these positions.

The majority of people must acquire advanced knowledge of the various drinks and foods that customers order at coffee shops in order to compete with other applicants, even though entry-level work as a barista is available. Even though working as a barista can be a fast-paced job with high expectations, by honing these skills, the work can be both manageable and enjoyable.

A career as a barista can go in a lot of different directions, whether you want to develop your skills for a completely different path or you want to eventually run or own your own coffee shop. Knowing how to become a better barista can make you more appealing to many employers because many of these skills are relevant for a variety of careers.

How to improve barista skills

Whether you’re already working as a barista or looking for work in the industry, there are ways to advance your barista skills. Here are some ways to improve your barista skills:

1. Educate yourself on coffee drinks

There are a variety of ways to learn more about various types of coffee and techniques, including reading up on them, trying them out in person, or watching educational videos. By improving this ability, you can become a more effective barista and give your customers a better experience by talking to them about their orders.

2. Take a customer service class

These courses are offered by numerous organizations, including professional development centers, both in-person and online. To enhance employee performance, some employers may even provide courses like this one. Given that providing excellent customer service is a crucial component of the job, this can be an accessible and effective way to improve as a barista.

3. Practice taking food and drink orders

Effective baristas must pay close attention to detail, and taking practice orders from friends and family is a good way to develop this skill. Be the point person for ordering, whether at home or outside in cafes and restaurants. Initially, you might need to take notes, but honing this ability will help you memorize orders and quickly enter them into a POS.

4. Work as a team

High school and college students who need flexible work schedules frequently find barista jobs appealing, and students have access to team sports and activities that can hone this skill. Developing your team-communication skills can help you become a better barista. There are numerous casual sports teams and other team activities available for people who are not students. Look for volunteer opportunities or pickup sports on neighborhood message boards.

Barista skills in the workplace

Your work will probably noticeably improve as you hone your barista skills. Heres how that might look:

Execute efficient order fulfillment

It’s crucial to make an effort to complete all customer orders promptly and accurately. You can give every customer that experience by using the barista skills listed above.

Be a helpful coworker

Every employee within a coffee shop must contribute and work as a team in order to complete all tasks. Customers, coworkers, and your boss will all be happy if you use your team-building skills to help out when needed.

Exhibit your coffee knowledge

Many customers ask baristas for drink recommendations. Knowing the variety of options at your coffee shop will help you respond to inquiries from customers in an informed and considerate manner.

Put on a customer service attitude

Be courteous and upbeat when interacting with clients and coworkers to foster a welcoming environment. When customers enter, greet them with a smile and make an effort to quickly take their orders and deliver them.

How to highlight barista skills

It is helpful to demonstrate any relevant barista skills to potential employers during the application, interview, and hiring process. Here are some ways to show off the relevant skills:

Highlighting barista skills on your resume

When applying for jobs as a barista, it’s important to highlight how you’ve used and developed these skills in the past, regardless of how many previous jobs are on your resume. Depending on your prior experiences, you can combine hard skills, like knowledge of coffee, and soft skills, like customer service. Check your resume to see if you can include some of the essential barista skills.

Highlighting barista skills on your cover letter

Use your cover letter to elaborate on key accomplishments and qualifications listed on your resume. Give a specific example of how you assisted a customer in your cover letter, for instance, if you added customer service to your list of skills. That way, employers can clearly understand your customer service abilities.

Highlighting barista skills in the interview

The interview is the best opportunity for you to demonstrate the abilities you listed in your application materials. As a different form of customer service, conversing with an interviewer necessitates close attention to detail in order to understand what is being said and what is expected of you. Be courteous and cordial throughout the conversation to demonstrate your skills to the interviewer.


What skills do u need to be a barista?

The barista job skills you need are:
  • Handling Cash.
  • Mental Arithmetic.
  • Building Customer Relations.
  • Fancy Coffee Designs.
  • Good Memory & Product Knowledge.
  • Cleanliness & Hygiene.
  • Health & Safety In The Workplace.

What is a barista job description?

25+ Necessary Skills for a Barista Resume
  • Customer Service Skills.
  • Latte Art & Milk Steaming.
  • Food Safety and Hygiene.
  • Coffee Bean Grinding.
  • Espresso Machine & Tamping.
  • Knowledge of Coffee Brews & Roasts.
  • Brewing Coffee Manually & Automatically.
  • Speed and Efficiency.

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