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If you are going for an AWS interview, then this expert-prepared list of AWS interview questions and answers is all you need to get through. AWS Course will help you gain expertise in cloud architecture, starting, stopping, and terminating an AWS instance, auto-scaling, vertical scalability, AWS security, and more. This exclusive set of AWS interview questions is designed for professionals who are interested to learn about Cloud Computing.

AWS Interview Questions and Answers

AWS is one of the most popular cloud platforms. Also, AWS a signature product of Amazon. There are lots of more reasons which leads developers to learn AWS with excellent career opportunities.

Amazon Web Service – AWS is known as a cloud computing platform. It is also a collection of remote computing services. The new infrastructure of cloud computing is also known as IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service.

What is S3 in AWS?

S3 is a simple storage device used to store and retrieve the bulk amount of data at any time on the web. The Payment model for S3 is “pay as you go.”

Amazon Machine – is a template that contains information regarding the application, an operating system, and application server which is required to launch an instance. We can launch an instance of different AMI as per our requirements.

Define and explain the three basic types of cloud services and the AWS products that are built based on them?

The three basic types of cloud services are:

Here are some of the AWS products that are built based on the three cloud service types:

Computing – These include EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, Auto-Scaling, and Lightsat.

Storage – These include S3, Glacier, Elastic Block Storage, Elastic File System.

Networking – These include VPC, Amazon CloudFront, Route53

Top Answers to AWS Interview Questions


Amazon AWS comes under the top 15 certifications that individuals enroll in. It is also among the most popular and high-paying IT jobs in the world. Most professionals are also looking to upskill themselves in this field since major companies have either already transferred their data to the cloud or they are on the verge of doing so. In this blog on Amazon AWS Interview Questions and answers, our aim is to cover all the significant interview questions that are generally asked in the field of the cloud, Amazon AWS, and other related technologies:

We have categorized the Top Amazon AWS cloud interview questions into the following three parts: 1. Basic


How do you explain AWS in interview?

Basic AWS Interview Questions
  • Define and explain the three basic types of cloud services and the AWS products that are built based on them? …
  • What is the relation between the Availability Zone and Region? …
  • What is auto-scaling? …
  • What is geo-targeting in CloudFront? …
  • What are the steps involved in a CloudFormation Solution?

What is EC2 in AWS interview questions?

An AWS Availability Zone is a physical location where an Amazon data center is located. On the other hand, an AWS Region is a collection or group of Availability Zones or Data Centers. This setup helps your services to be more available as you can place your VMs in different data centers within an AWS Region.

What is AMI in AWS interview questions?

How to Prepare for AWS Interview Questions
  1. Research the Company. …
  2. Prepare to Talk about Specific Accomplishments. …
  3. Train yourself to Handle Adversity. …
  4. Keep in mind that Interviewers are Writing Everything Down. …
  5. Don’t Skip Fundamental Questions. …
  6. Be Honest and Tell them if you don’t Know. …
  7. Get as Detailed as you can.

Can a AMI be shared to components Mcq?

What is EC2? Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is a web service interface that provides resizable compute capacity in the AWS cloud. It is designed for developers to have complete control over web-scaling and computing resources.

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