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Being a dental office manager is challenging because you are typically in charge of resolving almost all issues that arise throughout the day.

Due to this, dental practice owners choose the ideal office manager carefully. They want to be certain that whoever they choose to work for them will be capable of handling the plethora of duties that come with managing a busy practice.

Congratulations! You’ve just completed the first stage of the hiring process if you were able to land an interview. The clinic believes that your credentials and experience are a good match for what they want in a manager. In order to determine whether you would work well with your team and get to know you as a person, it is important to conduct an interview. Making a genuine connection with the hiring team will go a long way in assisting you in standing out as an outstanding candidate for the dental office manager job, so it’s important to be yourself.

With interview advice and examples of typical queries, this guide will help you succeed in any dental office manager experience.

My experience working for Aspen Dental! THE TRUTH!!

Interviews for Top Jobs at Aspen Dental

Lab Technician Interview


I applied online. I interviewed at Aspen Dental (Gurnee, IL) in Oct 2022


its been about 2 months since I applied and while it was straight forward informative 2 phone calls one bench test which tests your hands on skilks. regional manager reached out to me. mow awaiting on esign documents and Proposal letter.

Interview Questions

  • experience and past employment goal and reason for career change

Customer Service Representative Interview


I interviewed at Aspen Dental


Easy and to the point. I found it to be beyond easy to get this job. I was asked many very predictable questions. It would differ office to office though.

Interview Questions

  • Why a customer service position rather than a management position piqued my interest

Registered Dental Hygienist, RDH Interview


I interviewed at Aspen Dental


Pretty standard. Applied, was called in and spoke to the Office Manager and DDS about the position. They gave me a tour and asked me about my background. Offered me a position during my interview.

Interview Questions

  • How comfortable are you in treating periodontal disease?

How candidates received their first interview at Aspen Dental

  • Shared on May 13, 2021 – Dental Assistant – Pennsylvania – Online application
  • the interview went well but I wasn’t hired for the position I applied for Patient Service Representative – Ohio – shared on May 11, 2021
  • By knowing someone else who worked for them. Posted on February 5, 2021 – Full-Time Dental Hygienist – Traverse City, Michigan

What advice do candidates give for interviewing at Aspen Dental

  • Make sure you have everything in writing. At the interview, they’ll say one thing, but they won’t do it. shared on November 21, 2021 – Murray, Kentucky, Assistant Office Manager
  • Don’t do it unless you are entry-level Shared on March 9, 2020 – PSR – Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Don’t do it. On February 28, 2020, a dental assistant from Des Moines, Iowa, shared a post.

What candidates say about the interview process at Aspen Dental

  • Due to the distance between myself and my direct supervisor, my interview process was conducted virtually; however, within weeks of my hiring, we were able to meet in person. On November 29, 2021, Academic & Industry Relations Manager – Remote shared a link. I was able to connect with coworkers through it.
  • A few scenario-based questions were asked during the interview, and the majority of the time was spent discussing the business and your future duties. Always show them that yo…Shared on August 15, 2020.
  • Very unprofessional. Other workers kept coming in and going out, appearing to be very irritated that I would respond to them even if they liked the answer. My recommendation is to apply and see why you want to work for them if you want to. Shared on November 2, 2019

Sterilization is an important part of the dental industry. Interviewers might ask you this question to confirm that you understand how to effectively sterilize equipment because it’s crucial to keep patients secure and free from infection. Explain in your response how you are aware of the significance of sterilization and have experience performing it correctly.

Example: “I believe it’s crucial to welcome patients when they arrive at the office. When someone enters my workspace, I make an effort to be warm and welcoming. I’ll offer to help them find what they’re looking for or point them in the right direction if I see them before they reach the front desk. This sets the tone for their visit and increases their comfort level. ”.

Example: “I once dealt with a patient who was upset about their inability to make an appointment. I heard their worries, expressed my regret for any inconvenience, and offered to assist them in finding a different time that would work better for them. They appreciated my offer to assist, and together we determined a time that worked for them. ”.

Employers can learn a lot about your background and experience from this question. If you have prior experience working in the dental industry, please describe your type of work and how it prepared you for this position. Explain why you are interested in working at Aspen Dental if you haven’t previously worked in the dental industry.

Example: “I love helping people feel better about themselves. When I am able to boost someone’s confidence who has been experiencing dental health issues, I find it exciting. Seeing patients who have put off visiting the dentist for a while finally receive the care they require is also very rewarding. ”.

Research the practice before the interview

As noted by the Department of Labor, doing research on the employer ahead of time shows that you are serious about the job and not making assumptions based on prior knowledge. Even if you’ve worked as a dental office manager before, familiarizing yourself with this office will demonstrate your commitment to the job process and your ability to plan ahead, which is an important part of the role.

Example: “Endodontics is the study of root canals. Understanding this procedure is crucial for dentists because they might have to perform root canals on patients who are in pain or discomfort. When a tooth has internal decay, root canal therapy is required. The decayed portion of the tooth will be removed by the dentist, who will then clean out the space left behind. They’ll then fill the cleaned area with a filling material. ”.

You can anticipate being questioned about your prior experience working with patients, your capacity to upsell dental services, and your familiarity with dental software if you’re interviewing with Aspen Dental. We’ll offer sample responses to some of the most typical Aspen Dental interview questions in this article.

Example: “In my previous position as a dental assistant, I was in charge of setting up patient appointments.” On one occasion, I discovered that a patient had two appointments scheduled at the same time. I called them right away to inform them of the error. They rescheduled their appointment for later that week in a very understanding manner. It’s critical to maintain flexibility in circumstances like this so you can find quick solutions to any problems. ”.

Example: “At my previous position, I managed a small dental practice where patient care was our top priority. To ensure that each patient was at ease and knowledgeable about what was happening throughout their appointment, we always made sure to take our time with them. The business also provided patients with flexible scheduling choices and discounts for cash payments or friend referrals. ”.

Since Aspen Dental is an affordable dental office, it’s likely that you’ll run into clients who are dissatisfied with their care. Employers use this question to determine whether or not you possess the interpersonal abilities necessary to calm tense situations and prevent them from getting out of hand. Explain in your response how you would pay attention to the patient’s concerns and work to find a quick solution.


What questions do they ask in a dentist interview?

General dental questions for interviews
  • Can you tell me about yourself?
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  • What would you consider your weaknesses?
  • What are your most unique qualities?
  • Why are you applying for this position?
  • What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
  • Can you describe what motivates you?

What questions do they ask in a dental receptionist interview?

General interview questions for dental receptionists
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What’s your educational background?
  • What intrigued you about this opening?
  • Do you have a specific salary in mind that you want to be paid?
  • Do you enjoy interacting with patients?
  • How would you describe your work ethic?

How do you pass an oral interview?

Our tips will help you with that.
  1. STEP 1: Start by researching the company and your interviewers.
  2. STEP 2: Practice your answers to common interview questions. …
  3. STEP 3: Reread the job description. …
  4. STEP 4: Be prepared with examples of your work. …
  5. STEP 5: Plan your route. …
  6. STEP 6: Dress for interview success.

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