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How to write an interview paper in APA format
  1. Set up your document. …
  2. Create the title page. …
  3. Begin the main body. …
  4. Explain the purpose of the interview. …
  5. Introduce your sources and the topic of your questioning. …
  6. Present the question and the quotation. …
  7. Cite each quotation. …
  8. Write your conclusion.

Interviews in your Paper

How to cite a personal interview in APA format

If you would like to cite a personal interview in APA format, use the following steps to create an appropriate in-text citation:

  • Introduce the interview.
  • Identify your source.
  • Present the context.
  • Include the quote.
  • Cite your source.
  • Begin by introducing the interview. Provide details about when and where the interview took place.

    Example: There are many statisticians interested in the economy of sports betting worldwide. I interviewed one by phone last week to answer a few questions about soccer betting.

    Name the interviewee and explain why you chose to interview them. Provide their area of expertise as it relates to your paper.

    Example: Gary Hoffman is an expert in the field of statistics and a soccer mega-fan. He has spent the last several years tracking the increasing market of soccer betting.

    This may be the specific question you asked the interviewee or the context of your overall conversation.

    Example: I wanted to know if the increase in popularity of soccer betting has led to increased corruption in the sport with things like fixing or throwing games.

    Put the interviewees direct quote into your paper. If it is less than 40 words, leave it within the paragraph in quotation marks. If it is more than 40 words, create a new, indented paragraph for the quote.

    Example: On an international level, we are not seeing a large correlation between consistently winning bets and the outcome of games. However, tracking this info can be a challenge as so many bets happen outside of the public view.

    Include the appropriate APA in-text citation after the quote.

    Example: (G. Hoffman, phone interview, December 29, 2019).

    There are two types of APA interviews: personal interviews and published interviews. They require different citation formatting.

    In-text APA citations follow a specific format. Personal interview in-text citations are enclosed in parentheses and include the author/interviewees first initial, last name, type of communication and the date of the interview. Whether the quotation is in the paragraph or its own indented paragraph, the in-text citation should be included before the final period.

    Example: (A. Jackson, personal interview, February 8, 2019).

    While APA citation dictates that personal interviews should not be included in reference lists, some people still choose to do so. If a personal interview is included in a reference list, it should be formatted with the interviewees last name and first initial, the date of the interview in parentheses and the type of interview. Types of interviews include phone, email or personal.

    Example: Westcott, M. (2016, March 7). Personal interview.

    If citing a published interview, the format of the in-text and reference list citations will follow the formatting rules for the type of document in which the interview was found. For example, if the published interview was part of a magazine article, it should be cited as a magazine article. If the published interview was part of a textbook, it should be cited as a textbook.

    The APA format for interviews expects you to explain the clear purpose of your interview. You should not use an interview for information that can be obtained elsewhere, such as publications or online sources. Before your interview, you should be familiar with the background literature and have clear, concise questions prepared.

    Leslie Bloom is a Los Angeles native who has worked everywhere from new start-ups to established corporate settings. In addition to years of business and management experience, she has more than 20 years of experience writing for a variety of online and print publications. She holds degrees in both journalism and law.

    When writing an in-depth article, paper or other written work, it may be necessary to interview others to get more information. How to include the contents of the interview varies depending on the style guide you follow for your writing. When using American Psychological Association (APA) style, your interview should either be cited as personal communication or recorded in detail in your text. The APA interview writing format has specific rules for how to write an interview paper.

    Incorporate Exact Quote

    Use cites, as opposed to summarizing while referring to explicit data and realities given by the interviewee. A statement longer than 40 words should be put to the side as a block statement, as per APA style.


    Dr. Jones replied, “My essential strategy for amending reporting bias is a carefully built poll in lieu of a freestyle patient meeting.”


    How do I answer an interview question in APA?

    In-text APA citations follow a specific format. Personal interview in-text citations are enclosed in parentheses and include the author/interviewee’s first initial, last name, type of communication and the date of the interview.

    How do you cite interview questions?

    The MLA citation for a personal interview should follow this format:
    1. Last name of person interviewed, First name. Interview. Conducted by Interviewer Name. Date of interview.
    2. Example: Mars, Bruno. Interview. Conducted by Julie Chapman. 10 May 2020.

    Do interviews need to be cited APA?

    A personal interview is considered personal communication and does not require a formal citation in your reference list.

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