70 Creative Advertisement Ideas To Help Increase Sales

Celebrities promoted the consumption of milk by sporting thick mustaches, sharing a quick anecdote, and posing in eye-catching locations. Customers were captivated by the series’ constant evolution and were eager to learn who would be featured next. In just one year, milk sales in California rose 7%. These ads became a cultural phenomenon. They even got their own book.

23 Advertising Techniques Used to Create Powerful and Persuasive Ads

Why are advertisement ideas important?

When compared to competing businesses in your market, having an original advertising concept can increase consumer appeal for your business. When faced with a purchasing decision, people’s memory can be helped by memorable advertising. Building friendships and trust with your clients may be facilitated by the use of moving or humorous language or scenes.

What are advertisement ideas?

Advertisement strategies are business strategies that entice potential clients to become aware of your brand, interact with it, and buy your goods or services. You can apply advertising strategies in a number of marketing contexts, such as:

38 advertisement ideas

Consider the following advertisement ideas for your next marketing campaign:

1. Sponsored quizzes

To reach more customers, creating a personality test or sponsoring one with a well-known lifestyle website or app can be entertaining and engaging. For instance, a candy company might develop a quiz called “Which flavor jelly bean are you?” to advertise their new flavor line and promote social media sharing.

2. Sponsored city maps

The majority of popular tourist destinations and busy areas produce free city maps that visitors can use for sightseeing and navigation. You might increase your customer base or turn your business into a popular tourist destination by sponsoring one of these maps or having it listed there.

3. Coupon books

Including coupons in a local or city coupon book can encourage customers to stop by your establishment because of the savings. You might be able to reach a sizable audience by using coupon books, which are popular fundraising items for neighborhood organizations.

4. Environmental ads

Environmental ads are like billboards but are more interactive. They can be seen on floors and walls, and their appearance may change depending on the viewer’s distance from them. Making an environmental advertisement might inspire people to take pictures and post them on social media, resulting in cost-free advertising.

5. Pop culture references

Use characters, phrases, or situations from popular culture in your advertisements. This can assist you in making your merchandise seem more timely and relatable to your target market.

6. Humor

Including humor in your advertising, whether verbally or visually, could help your target audience feel something. This can help them connect your brand with enjoyment or fun, which will make them feel good about doing business with you.

7. Puns

Using puns and other wordplay can help customers associate your brand with fun or laughter, much like humor can. Those who can understand your message or joke thanks to your clever wordplay may feel like they belong to a group.

8. Animals

Creatively using animals in your advertisements may encourage people to pause and take a closer look, especially if the goods or services are not for wildlife or pet care.

9. Visual tricks

Consider converting your ads from two dimensions to three dimensions, whether you’re using a billboard, page, or screen. Use pop-up mechanisms or surrounding elements like streetlights to give your advertisements a unique appearance and draw viewers’ attention.

10. Promotional merchandise

Print the name or logo of your business on items like lanyards, pens, water bottles, and drawstring bags. You could distribute these things without charge at volunteer or promotional events. As recipients use and wear your products in their daily lives, this strategy may eventually result in free advertising.

11. Social media filters

Design a sponsored social media filter for photo and video-taking applications. Along with your company name or logo, use a catchy slogan and decorative images. This might promote user-generated content and give their followers unrestricted access to advertising.

12. Murals

Create a mural on one of your exterior walls if you have a physical location for your business that might inspire customers to take pictures. Include your company’s name and logo so you can get free advertising when people share the pictures online.

13. Instagram grids

Instagram grids are collections of individual photos that, when combined on a business’s account page, create a bigger, more complete picture. This could make your profile more visually appealing so that users will visit and talk about it, possibly increasing the number of followers you have.

14. Creative business cards

Be creative with the design of your business cards. Consider the goods and services you provide before selecting a shape or design for your business cards that best captures what makes it distinct from the competition.

15. Jingles

If your tagline is set to music, people might remember it more easily. Create a jingle with a unique melody and language tailored to your brand to go with your television, video, and radio advertisements.

16. Image play

Using image play may help customers better remember your advertisements. Using exaggerations, idioms, or other figurative language to illustrate a point can be amusing and useful.

17. Retro inspiration

Your target audience may associate your brand with positive feelings and emotions if you use a nostalgic tone in your advertising. Utilizing pop culture references or artistic movements from the 1950s, 1970s, or 1990s can draw customers who consider vintage items to be in fashion.

18. Videos

Expand the reach of your advertisements beyond print by adding animations, moving images, and text. Video ads are appropriate for advertising campaigns on television, social media, and the internet that let viewers passively take in the information being presented.

19. Misdirection

Consider incorporating misdirection into your advertising campaigns. For instance, in a print advertisement, you might open with a provocative statement about an unrelated, contentious issue but tie it back to your business or brand in the second half of the piece. If people believe you are being outrageous, they may engage with your content more.

20. Live broadcasts

There are many social media platforms that allow you to collaborate with other accounts in real-time and broadcast live content on your own accounts. You might interact with your audience more directly by using these features.

21. Social media journeys

Your social media followers can travel across a platform with you by using a variety of linked or joined accounts. When sharing specialized content, think about setting up dummy accounts with links back to your main account.

22. Social media challenges

Participating in popular social media challenges can assist you in connecting with your audience and utilizing pop culture or other important references. Challenges may range from games to dances or stunts.

23. Transparent billboards

You can make the most of positive and negative space, as well as the surrounding environment, by using transparent or cut-out billboards. Your advertisement may appear differently to different viewers depending on the weather that day or the position of the sun or moon in the sky. You could even decide to have it show various messages depending on the lighting.

24. Busses

To reach the largest audience, advertise on buses and other forms of public transportation. Busses are longer and taller than billboards or other city and highway advertising, so you can use the entire vehicle as a marketing statement rather than just a small area within a framed area.

25. Bus stops

For those who use public transportation, turning bus stops or shelters into large billboards may be amusing. It may also encourage people to interact with your advertisement, take pictures of it, and post them to social media. For instance, you could alter a bus shelter to make it appear as though the person waiting for a ride is watching a sporting event in order to sell tickets to the event.

26. Technology

Think about providing interactive services like free Wi-Fi or a mobile charging station in addition to your location-based advertisements, like those on street-level signs and billboards or at bus shelters. This could help people remember your advertisement because they will link it to the product or service you offered.

27. Pop-up stores

Create a temporary pop-up store venue in an out-of-the-way place, like a park or a place where you don’t have a storefront permanently. This might encourage those in more distant places to learn about your goods or services and visit your stores or conduct online business.

28. Creative packaging

Consider how you could use your packaging for additional advertising in addition to branding. Think about the creative ways you can use design elements like handles, holes, different types of materials, edges, and clasps.

29. Escalators

Escalators in shopping centers, offices, or transit hubs could be unanticipated locations for advertisements. Think about using stickers on the handrails and stairwells that can convey a narrative through the machine’s repetitive motion.

30. Direct competition

You can demonstrate how your product or service is superior to your competitors’ in a clever or humorous way by using legally sound strategies to parody their merchandise, logos, or taglines. For instance, you could play off the slogan of a rival company to emphasize the distinctive features of your own goods.

31. Creative social media handles

Handles are the usernames you use for social media accounts. Customers may find your accounts more easily and be more likely to share them with friends if you choose a unique but simple-to-remember social media handle and stick with it across all channels.

32. Hashtags

Using popular or relevant hashtags on social media may help your post appear in a variety of suggestion feeds. This will enable you to reach a larger audience and take advantage of popular culture and current events.

33. Sidewalks

Making use of the sidewalks outside of your store or office can draw attention from onlookers. Use sidewalk paint or chalk in inventive ways to share details about sales, your social media accounts, or anything else you want people to know about your business.

34. Natural surroundings

Besides sidewalks and billboards, take advantage of the environment around you. Put coupons on nearby trees, change a parking meter, or reconsider a telephone pole. Utilize unique elements that people might ordinarily overlook to draw attention to your business.

35. Alternative transportation sponsorships

For easier and more athletic navigation, many large cities provide people with the option to rent bicycles, scooters, or other forms of alternative transportation. Think about sponsoring a rental station or the equipment itself to promote your business throughout the city.

36. Photo contest

You can gain from user-generated content by starting a photo contest on social media with related hashtags. Simply establish the contest’s guidelines, interact with participants, and select a winner. Prizes can range from merchandise to social media features.

37. Guest posting

Partnering with celebrities, influencers, or other well-known people to write guest posts on their websites or social media channels is a quick way to increase traffic to your website or social media channels. Give someone permission to take over your social media accounts for a predetermined period of time by posting relevant content.

38. Claimed listings

Apply for verified status and claim all of your company’s listings on search engines and social media. This guarantees that clients get information about your company from a reliable source and have control over how they perceive your brand.

32 additional advertisement ideas

For more inventive ways to interact with your target audience, look through these marketing ideas and advertisement suggestions:

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How do I get advertising ideas?

23 Creative Advertising Ideas That Actually Work
  • Capitalize on Ego with a Sponsored Quiz. …
  • Sponsor City Maps. …
  • Create Coupon Books. …
  • Use the Environment to Your Advantage. …
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Innuendo. …
  • Reference Pop-Culture. …
  • Be Funny. …
  • Be Pun-ny.

How do I create a creative ad?

40 free advertising ideas that are sneaky but brilliant
  1. Claim any existing profiles or listings. …
  2. Find other opportunities to get listed. …
  3. Make a free advertising video with Biteable. …
  4. Google your business. …
  5. Join the conversation. …
  6. Comment on blogs and articles. …
  7. Start blogging. …
  8. Host and/or participate in Twitter chats.

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