Advantages and Disadvantages of Part-Time Jobs for Law Students

Well, I have both good and bad news for you. On the bright side, there are plenty of job opportunities for law students. However, attending law school requires strict dedication and full-time law students might find it challenging to balance work and school.

But don’t worry, we have gathered part-time jobs that suit the busy schedule of law students. Note that some jobs on this list require a bigger workload, but these entry-level jobs are a great way to gain professional experience and start your legal career!

How To Earn Money During Law School

Advantages of working part-time during law school

Working a part-time job while in law school can provide you with some benefits, including:

A part-time job can help supplement your educational costs

Attendance in law school is much more than the cost of tuition. You also have to factor in books, which on their own, can be expensive. Youll also need a place to live, transportation to and from campus, and money for food and clothing. You might need spending money to go out with friends in your program. Working a part-time job while attending school can help you cover these other costs.

A job can help you earn hands-on experience

Depending on the part-time position you choose, you may be able to use it to earn hands-on experience in your field. While employment as a lawyer may not yet be possible until you have completed all law school requirements, you may be able to tutor students applying to law school.

You might also find employment in a courtroom, transcribing court reports, or working as a law clerk. These positions allow you to immerse yourself in the same environment in which you will work as a lawyer. This can help you build a stronger resume before you even apply for lawyer positions.

It can limit the number of student loans you need

Many law school students rely on student loans to fund their education. Because law school follows an undergraduate degree, you could be left with over six years of student loans by the time you graduate. This can leave you with a financial burden as you begin your professional career. Working a part-time job while attending law school can help you reduce the number of student loans you need.

A part-time job can teach you important skills

Few things can teach you problem-solving or project management skills better than a busy schedule. Both of these skills will be important when you enter the workforce as a lawyer. You can use your ability to balance school and work responsibilities to help develop these skills further.

This can also help you develop other important skills, like organizational ones, as you will have to stay organized to meet the duties of both roles. Communication skills will also become important as you communicate your needs and expectations to your professors, coworkers and employers.

Why work part-time jobs for law students?

There are many things to consider when deciding if you should work a part-time job while attending law school. Some suggest that you wait until at least your second year of law school to work a job. The first year can be one of the most challenging as you adjust to a new schedule and learn the workload of each class you take.

It is also important to consider the types of jobs you might take as a law student. Some jobs may provide you with a nice break from the responsibilities of law school, whereas others may make you feel more tired and overwhelmed. Law school prepares students to work in many different part-time positions. You may work as a nonprofit associate, a tutor, online researcher or a social media representative. You might also work in your schools library. Some gig jobs, like a rideshare driver or food delivery representative, allow you to work when you have free time, but dont come with a set schedule so you can cut down on hours when needed.

If youre considering working while in law school, consider talking with your advisor about any work-study programs that may be available. Work-study programs can provide you with extra income while helping you cover the costs of law school.

Disadvantages of working part-time during law school

It is important to also consider the potential disadvantages of working while in law school:

You may feel overwhelmed with school and work responsibilities

Law school on its own can be time-consuming. When you add in a part-time job with its own responsibilities, it is possible to feel overwhelmed.

However, a part-time job may be a welcome break from school and studying responsibilities for some students. Sometimes, waiting tables or tutoring others can provide you with stress relief and the opportunity to clear your mind.

You may not have the opportunity to attend networking events

If you plan your work schedule around your classes, you may not have the opportunity to do the same with networking events. This could cause you to miss out on the chance to meet professionals in the field in which you want to work. A part-time job can also limit your ability to get to know your co-peers.

However, depending on where you work, you may be able to use this position to meet coworkers. If you choose a part-time position in the legal industry, you may still be able to network.

You will have less time to study

Law school is filled with quizzes and tests and your grades are very important to your success in school. A part-time job can make it difficult to find time to study. If you need more time to grasp a certain subject, you may find it difficult to fit in extra study time, and working with a tutor may not be an option. Additionally, in the meantime, you will also need to begin preparing for your Bar exam.

Some people tend to work better under pressure, however, and may find that they prefer having to study at certain times. You will be forced to learn how to be efficient with your studies when working a part-time job.

It could limit your internship opportunities

Many law school students continue their studies during summer months or on holiday breaks in the form of an internship. If you have a job, this could interfere with your ability to intern. Consider ahead of time how you will handle any paid or unpaid internship opportunities that might arise. Sometimes, talking with your employer ahead of time and letting them know that your availability could change from semester to semester can be helpful.


How can law students make extra money?

7 Ways to Earn Money in Law School
  1. Research or teaching assistant. …
  2. Student representative for companies. …
  3. Other on-campus jobs. …
  4. Part-time jobs. …
  5. Summer job. …
  6. Scholarships. …
  7. Your own small business.

How can I work while going to law school?

What jobs are best for law students who want to work during law school?
  1. Library assistant.
  2. Dorm receptionist/security monitor.
  3. Campus tour guide.
  4. Research assistant.

How many hours should you work while in law school?

The ABA used to restrict full-time law students to working no more than 20 hours a week. The limitation has been dropped, but your law school might still honor this restriction. Either way, most people recommend not working during your 1L year. 1L grades are critical, and studying for exams is a full-time job.

What job in the law field pays the most?

The Highest Paying Legal Jobs
  • Trial Lawyers. Trial lawyers are among the highest paid legal professionals in the world. …
  • Intellectual Property Lawyers. …
  • Tax Attorneys. …
  • Real Estate Attorneys. …
  • Judges. …
  • Members of Congress. …
  • Law School Professor. …
  • Litigation Support Director.

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