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Where should you install Azure AD Connect?

It does not have to be on a primary DC, or any DC – it merely has to be able to get to a DC, and out to Azure AD, of course. In my demo, I only have one DC, and that is where I put AAD Connect.

Some of those attending the webinar spotted that I did nothing to ensure uniqueness of account names. And that’s OK for a demo where we don’t want to go into confusing detail. The issue of uniqueness is present in any identity management system, and by that I mean that somewhere, either manually or programmatically, at least one real world unique attribute will be required. I stress real world because just about every system will have a GUID or reference number of some kind – but we need to generate user-friendly email addresses, account names, logons and so on. It would be impossible to cover all the approaches to this problem here so here are two tips:

  • Always solve the problem at the source if you can. For example, if you enter users in an HR system first, and this is the authority on which provisioning decision are based, then this is a great place to establish one unique attribute (an “alias”) that can be used to generate all your email addresses, account names and logons. The alternative is a lot of work repeated as you try to solve the problem in each system.
  • Ask yourself how you do it now, or perhaps how you would like it to be done. Are you prepared to use an impersonal employee ID (easy, but ugly)? Can it be automated – in other words, is it acceptable to have an algorithm that would produce something like “JaneDoe, JaneWDoe, JaneHDoe, JaneDoe1, JaneWDoe1, JaneDoe2 and so on (fairly easy, but still a bit ugly)? Does it really require human intervention (check a default for uniqueness, then if necessary ask the operator to make a decision (harder but prettier)? Are you prepared to involve the user – “Well, John, I am sorry to say that JohnSmith has gone, but you can have JohnASmith, JSmith, JohnSm or JoSmit” (more effort, but makes happy users).
  • So when you know the answers to these, you can come up with a technical solution (or we can help you do so!)

    What about Azure AD Connect MIM sync?

    Let’s be quite clear that these are not connected. You can have MIM sync doing all your on-premises stuff, and it can be extended to connect to cloud services, including Azure AD. However, many organizations with MIM will still have AAD Connect doing the AD to AAD sync, this is the architecture that MS support, and that we recommend. Of course you can install AAD Connect with MIM nowhere in sight; and there are a few use cases where AAD Connect presents an alternative to MIM.

    What is Azure Active Directory?Azure Active Directory is a cloud based identity and access management solution. It is the backbone of the office 365 system and also can sync with on premises Active AD and by providing authentication for other cloud based systems via OAuth. Azure AD also helps in business streamline processing and improving productivity and security while the SSO gives employees and business partners access for thousands of cloud application like Salesforce, DropBox and Office 36

  • Single sign-on for multiple applications – Helps in making easier and fast to onboard new employees, terminate access for the leavers and implement access for the new cloud services.SSO helps in encouraging compliance with identity with the security protocols.
  • Integration with an existing Windows Server Active Directory – Helps in leveraging an on premises identity provision for managing access to cloud features, also apply the on premises Active AD by creating a seamless working environment for the users.
  • Pre-integration with favourite cloud services – Helps in corporating social media, salesforce, Office 365.
  • Multiple platform functionality – Helps in working multiple platforms and devices and for productivity and real time communication.
  • Global availability – Helps in running 28 data centers around the world and is available wherever you are.
  • Comprehensive reporting – Helps in enabling business monitor application usage and enhance security by protecting from additional threats.
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    What is Azure AD interview questions?

    Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Connect Health provides robust monitoring of your on-premises identity infrastructure. It enables you to maintain a reliable connection to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Online Services. This reliability is achieved by providing monitoring capabilities for your key identity components.

    What are the interview questions in Active Directory?

    Azure Interview Questions For Freshers
    • What do you understand about cloud computing? …
    • Can you tell something about Azure Cloud Service? …
    • What are the various models available for cloud deployment? …
    • Define role instance in Azure. …
    • How many cloud service roles are provided by Azure? …
    • Why is Azure Diagnostics API needed?

    How do you implement ad connect?

    Most Asked Active Directory Interview Questions
    • 1) What do you understand by the term Active Directory? …
    • 2) What is a domain? …
    • 3) What is the default protocol used in directory services? …
    • 4) What is the difference between domain local, global and universal groups? …
    • 5) What is the Sysvol folder?

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