What Is an Acknowledging Receipt? (And How To Write One)

When it comes to business, one of the most important parts of communication is acknowledging receipt of something. Whether it’s a letter, a package, or an email, confirming that the intended party has received the communication is essential to successful business operations. Acknowledging receipt is a formal process of verifying that the communication was received, allowing the sender to feel reassured that their message was received and allowing the recipient to feel like their time was respected. The importance of acknowledging receipt extends far beyond simply confirming that something was sent, as it can also be used as a tool to build relationships and trust with people and organizations. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of acknowledging receipt and the different methods for doing it in a professional manner.

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What to include in an acknowledging receipt

The following is a list of typical details to include in an acknowledging receipt:

What is an acknowledging receipt?

Managers and supervisors typically use an acknowledging receipt, also known as an acknowledgment receipt, to confirm that they have received a document, payment, or other item related to business. Typically, these documents need the recipient’s signature to prove that they were successful in obtaining the item.

Although acknowledging receipts are not legal documents, they do provide business owners and staff with complete transparency when registering the distribution and acknowledgment of a crucial company document or employee handbook. When managing important data or professional items, like a company laptop or necessary software, managers may use them to track and account for the item.

How to write an acknowledging receipt

Consider following these steps to create an acknowledging receipt:

1. Begin with a professional letterhead or logo

You can start by including your employer’s letterhead or logo. Use the company’s stationery if you’re mailing an acknowledgment receipt. Enter the name of the company at the top of the document if you don’t have a logo or letterhead to use. Include the business’s website address and phone number in a font size two or three smaller than the company name.

2. Include the acknowledgment statement

The acknowledgment statement, which is the next step, should be written and contain the name of the thing or document the recipient is accepting. Include the name and, if applicable, the version number in addition to the name. Afterward, confirm in writing that the recipient has received the package from the sender. A sentence that emphasizes that the recipient is aware of the information in the object or document they are receiving may also be included by the human resources department.

3. Sign the document

When you’re finished, put your signature and the date on the acknowledgment receipt. Include your printed name as well as your official signature. When the document is finished, it’s crucial to have both the sender’s and the recipient’s signatures on it.

4. Describe what to do next

Include the following steps in the acknowledging receipt if additional action from the recipient is required. Specify whether you need a third party’s signature, like that of a manager or another management expert. A legal review of the receipt may also be indicated by highlighting it.

5. Add your contact information

Include your contact information, including your phone number and email address. In case the recipient has any queries or concerns regarding the information contained in the receipt, this makes sure they know how to contact you. If they haven’t received the object or document in question, they might also get in touch with you.

6. Proofread and edit

To make sure all the details are accurate and concise, you might want to proofread the acknowledgment receipt. This can also assist you in locating and fixing any grammar or spelling errors. To get their feedback and to make sure you’re using the proper language and tone, consider reading it aloud to a colleague.

Tips for writing an acknowledging receipt

Consider following these tips when writing an acknowledging receipt:

Example of acknowledging receipt

For your review, the following is an illustration of an acknowledgment receipt:

I, Julia Edwards, have received a copy of the Next Step Marketing Agency employee handbook and hereby acknowledge receipt of this long form document. Date: April 1, 2021

I, Julia Edwards, am aware of and concur that the employee handbook’s current version supersedes all earlier iterations. I have read and understand the Next Step Marketing Agency employee handbook’s working conditions, policies, and benefits. I acknowledge that I must abide by the guidelines, policies, and procedures outlined in this document and that I can address any questions or issues with human resources staff members.

According to Colorado’s employment law, my relationship with Next Step Marketing Agency is one of at-will employment, and I am aware that either party may do so at any time and for any reason.

Note to all employees: Before signing this form, please read the listed policies to make sure you understand them.

Date: April 1, 2021Acknowledgement received by: Thomas Jones, Nest Step Marketing Agency, CMO Employee name: Julia Edwards Employee signature


How do you acknowledge receipt?

How to create an acknowledgment receipt
  1. Use a company letterhead. Use electronic or paper letterhead. …
  2. Write acknowledgment statement. Using the document’s name, any applicable version number, and a statement that the recipient has received the document
  3. Sign and date. …
  4. Explain the next step. …
  5. Provide contact information.

Is it correct to say I acknowledge receipt?

As a professional, it’s likely that you’ll get materials from superiors, coworkers, and colleagues. Once the item has arrived, you must send an email confirming its receipt, according to professional protocol.

How do I acknowledge receipt of email?

Most of the time, the sender just wants your simple acknowledgement that you have seen the email. Please acknowledge receipt of this message, “Kindly acknowledge receipt of this email,” or “Please acknowledge receipt of this email” may be the closing line of this type of email.

What does acknowledging receipt mean?

an acknowledgement of receipt: a statement that a package, item, or payment has been received idiom. acknowledgement is the act of confirming that a letter has been received. idiom.

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