9 Tips for Leading by Example

Si vous avez déjà joué à Jacques a dit, vous vous êtes exercé à montrer l’exemple, sans même le savoir.

Pour être un bon leader, il est également essentiel d’inspirer et de motiver votre équipe. En développant vos compétences en matière de leadership et en apprenant à montrer activement l’exemple, vous pourrez enseigner à votre équipe des méthodes efficaces pour qu’elle ait la plus grande valeur ajoutée possible. Tout ce que vous faites en tant que leader peut potentiellement servir d’exemple à votre équipe, alors en quoi consiste réellement ce style de leadership ? Dans cet article, nous aborderons les avantages de cette pratique et présenterons la façon dont une dirigeante d’Asana l’applique au quotidien.

What is leading by example?

Leading by Example

What does leading by example mean?

Leading by example is when an authority figure, such as an employer or a manager, acts as a role model to influence change. If you are in a leadership role and hope to see changes happen in your workplace, this change starts with your own behavior or habits. When your team sees that you are making meaningful changes, they may be more apt to make these changes themselves. Likewise, as many employees want to make a good impression on their managers, they may follow your behavior to ensure they are meeting your expectations.

Tips for leading by example

Follow these tips when leading by example:

Admit your own mistakes

Even if youre in an important leadership position, you are still human too. This means that just like everyone else, you a susceptible to making mistakes. Rather than hiding such mistakes, admitting them to your team sets a good example. Try to show your team members that when you make an honest mistake, you try your best to make good out of the situation. Show them that you can use your problem-solving skills to remediate the situation. Modeling this behavior can influence your team to admit their own mistakes and become more proactive about finding solutions.

Volunteer for challenging tasks

If you find that your team needs to take a bit more initiative when it comes to helping out each other, set a good example by volunteering to do some of the more tedious tasks when they arise. By showing that you are willing to do such tasks, they may be more apt to try more challenging work themselves. Doing this also shows employees that they can volunteer to do tasks outside of their job description when it is helpful to their team.

Facilitate open communication

Creating an open company culture starts with leadership. Show your team members that they can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions by establishing open communication. When your team members speak during a meeting, make a conscious effort to listen to their ideas. By giving everyone a chance to speak, even your more quiet team members may feel more comfortable speaking up.

Live a balanced life

When employees are around a manager who is constantly stressed and busy, they may feel like they need to be the same way. By showing your team that even leaders can live a healthy and balanced life, they may feel more comfortable living similarly. One way to do this is by taking care of yourself. Explain to your team that its important to take lunch breaks, eat healthily and move around throughout the day. Turning off your work notifications during your personal time also sets a precedence for finding a work-life balance.

Regularly set goals for yourself

Making an effort to set goals for yourself can influence your team to do the same. When measuring the progress of your goals, find a way to make your progress visible. You could do this by giving your team weekly updates or by hanging up a progress chart or graph by your desk. When meeting with your team members for performance reviews, try to help them create their own goals. They may feel more inspired to work toward these aspirations when they know you are doing the same.

Strive for success

If you want your team to be successful, then you need to start working toward success too. By working hard and being dedicated to your job, you can show your team how they should be acting too. If you have high expectations for your team, then you also need to have high expectations for yourself. Successful leaders can inspire their team members to also become their best selves.

Maintain a positive attitude

Creating an uplifting and inspiring work environment starts with your attitude. Being a positive figure at work may influence others to have a better attitude too. You can do this by being a supportive and caring manager. Make an effort to give your team members praise and positive feedback when they do something good. Likewise, when you encounter a problem, see it as an opportunity to find a solution rather than a challenge to overcome. Coming into work feeling happy and motivated can help your employees feel more satisfied with their own jobs.

Meet your own expectations

If you have any rules in place for your department, then you need to make sure you are also following them. For instance, if you expect employees to get to work on time, you need to do the same. By following the rules you set, youre showing your team that you are an honest and ethical leader. When the person who makes the rules follows them, others may follow them too.

Get to know your team

Getting to know your team members shows them that you care about them. While other leaders may be completely focused on their work, you can show your employees how to be more present and available for others. By truly getting to know each person on your team, you are setting an example of how to make meaningful professional connections. One way to do this is by engaging in team-building activities or simply checking in with each member of your team.


How do you demonstrate leading by example?

The benefits of leading by example
  • Inspire the people around you.
  • Build trust between you and your team.
  • Create an inclusive, collaborative work environment.
  • Build a culture of accountability.
  • Increase productivity through teamwork.
  • Set the standards of success on your team.
  • Increase team loyalty, engagement, and retention.

Why do leaders lead by example?

Here are seven ways to lead by example and inspire your team.
  • Get your hands dirty. Do the work and know your trade. …
  • Watch what you say. …
  • Respect the chain of command. …
  • Listen to the team. …
  • Take responsibility. …
  • Let the team do their thing. …
  • Take care of yourself.

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