Many of us start the day with a ringing alarm clock, a big cup of coffee and a quick check of our email. But if you analyze the morning habits of very successful people, thats exactly what they dont do. As Arianna Huffington says, “A big part of my morning ritual is about what I dont do: when I wake up, I dont start the day by looking at my smartphone. Instead, once Im awake, I take a minute to breathe deeply, be grateful, and set my intention for the day.”

9 habits of highly successful people, from a man who spent 5 years studying them
  1. Organization. One of the most frequently mentioned habits of those who are successful in life is organization. …
  2. Relaxation. …
  3. Taking Action. …
  4. Personal Care. …
  5. Positive Attitude. …
  6. Networking. …
  7. Frugality. …
  8. Rising Early.

10 Habits Of All Successful People!

Habits that promote success

Since a habit is a regularly repeated action, you can purposefully develop any habit by choosing an action and implementing a strategy to perform it regularly. Consider trying these common habits of highly successful people:

1. Read books

Reading is an excellent habit to form that can have a beneficial influence on your creativity, analytical skills, knowledge and stress levels. The act of reading for more than a few minutes a day can lower your heart rate, relieve stress and help you to sleep better. Reading fiction can stimulate creative thought processes, and any reading can sharpen analytical skills if you consider the information as you read.

Highly successful business people often make a daily habit of reading histories, biographies, industry research or other non-fiction books to learn from the past and stay updated while also taking time to relax and unwind. To develop a habit of reading regularly, try these tips:

2. Connect with others

3. Set and pursue goals

Regularly creating and working toward both small and large goals helps you identify your purpose and use it to guide you through your career. Consider these tips to begin making a habit of using goals:

4. Develop a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle involves eating well, getting enough rest at night and exercising regularly. All of these habits can give you energy and stamina to return to work refreshed and ready to focus on accomplishing your tasks. They can also improve your general morale and stimulate creative thought processes. Try these techniques to begin developing a healthy lifestyle:

5. Challenge yourself

6. Stay updated

Very successful people are usually up-to-date in their field or industry. Staying aware of news, technology, current trends or cutting research can help you to perform well in your role, identify market opportunities and know how best to manage any situation. Try these tips to make a habit of staying updated:

7. Organize your finances

One key to success is controlling your finances at all times. Highly successful people frequently live within their means, invest well or develop multiple streams of income. Organization can be helpful in every area of career success, but organizing your finances well can help you identify and target your desired job and have money available to train in the skills you need to obtain it. Try these tips to manage your finances well:

8. Make use of feedback

Habitually obtaining feedback can lead to career success by helping you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Implement the feedback by creating plans to use your strengths more or improve your weaknesses. Regular feedback can also help you track your progress, create new goals, stay motivated and learn from your mistakes. Try these tips to make a habit of seeking out and implementing feedback:

9. Maintain a routine

The most common habit of highly successful people is to have a daily routine. Creating and maintaining a routine for each part of your day can help you to constantly work toward your goals, engage in positive actions and ensure your productivity. Consider these ways to develop a helpful routine:

Tips for creating habits

Here are some helpful tips to begin forming positive habits:

Start small

Begin creating habits by choosing one. Once it becomes a regular action that you perform without reminders, move on to building your next habit.


Since a habit has to be repeated often, consider using a calendar, alarm or other scheduling apps or techniques to help you. Make your habit goals particular to a day or time of day, such as performing industry research on Thursdays or reading the news while you eat breakfast.

Use visual reminders

Try placing reminders of your desired habit where you will see them frequently. You could write the first action you want to perform every day in dry erase marker on your bathroom mirror, leave a note for yourself on your desk, hang relevant items on your wall or change your computer background or screensaver to pictures of your schedule or goals.

Be consistent

The key to creating a habit is to always perform it the same way. This can include doing it at the same time every day, going to the same place, starting the same way or doing tasks in a certain order.

Ask for help

Tell a close friend, family member or coworker about the habit you want to create, and ask if they will help. They could check in on your progress, let you know if you’re falling behind or give you reminders. Knowing that you have to report your progress to someone can motivate you to keep working.

Reward yourself

It is easier to build habits when the actions you want to perform are attractive to you. If you know you will receive a reward or enjoy the profits of the habit, you should be more likely to keep doing it.


What are the 4 habits of success?

The 4 Habits You Need to Be Successful
  • Focus your energy. Learning how to direct your energy towards your most rewarding tasks is crucial for achieving high levels of success. …
  • Ability to prioritize. Think of what is your most important goal right this moment. …
  • Can project and complete tasks. …
  • Having a PMA.

What are the 5 habits of success?

6 Habits of Successful People
  • Plan Ahead for the Day/ Week. When your life has no direction, you get random results. …
  • Read to Expand Your Knowledge. Your mind is a sponge for information. …
  • Exercise Daily. …
  • Write Down Your Ideas. …
  • Make Execution a Priority. …
  • Recharge Your Mind. …
  • Are You Ready to be Successful?

What are the top 10 good habits?

5 Habits You Should Adopt For A Successful Life
  • Wake Up Early. Waking up early might not be at the top of the list of things that make you happy. …
  • Be a Self-Motivator. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, being self-motivated is a beneficial trait. …
  • Set Daily Goals. …
  • Be a Lifelong Learner. …
  • Minimize Distractions.

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