9 Jobs for Former Business Owners

Are you re-launching your job search after being an entrepreneur? You’re not alone. By September 2020, nearly 100,000 small businesses permanently closed their doors due to COVID-19 hardships. We know that little fact doesn’t make it any easier. But your job search doesn’t need to be a struggle as well. Your transition from self-employment to working for someone else can be a positive one. It’s all in your attitude, how you present yourself, what you’re willing to let go (so that your other skills can shine), and the network and resources you have in your corner.

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What jobs are there for former business owners?

As former business owners typically have expertise in business and the industry their company operates in, there can be several opportunities for them to find work outside of their own business. A job thats ideal for a former business owner might require strong leadership skills, knowledge of business or technical skills that pertain to a specific market or industry. For example, a former business owner might thrive in a role as a manager or supervisor, as they can use their experience in leading teams and overseeing a companys operations.

Jobs for former business owners

Here are nine jobs that can be ideal for former business owners:

Primary duties: An administrative assistant is a clerical professional who helps other professionals in an office by performing administrative tasks. Their responsibilities can include organizing and managing schedules for multiple employees, answering phone calls and transferring callers to the appropriate extensions and facilitating communication through emails, memos and mail. Administrative assistants can also prepare reports and industry documents for professionals to use at meetings and events.

Primary duties: A customer service representative offers help to customers who have questions about a company or their experience with a business. Customer service representatives can answer customer questions over the phone, online or in-person, provide information about the products and services a company offers and respond to concerns from customers by attempting to correct any errors that they might experience during a transaction. A customer service representative who works in retail can also process orders and returns for customers who need assistance or reimbursement.

Primary duties: A supervisor is a leader in a company who oversees the daily operations employees take part in. Supervisors can set goals and objectives for teams to encourage productivity, monitor the performance of their team to determine how to best reach production goals and offer constructive feedback to employees to help them improve their performance. A supervisor can also support their employees by remaining available for questions about workflow, specific job duties and how they might be able to enhance their productivity.

Primary duties: An office manager oversees the operations and staff in an office. This can involve completing tasks like payroll and scheduling, training and supervising new administrative employees and creating systems for storing and accessing employee documents. Office managers can also plan meetings and events for their teams to share information and establish a positive, collaborative working environment.

Primary duties: A manager is a leader at an organization who oversees a team or department. Managers can host meetings to share information with the teams they lead, offer support to employees by answering their questions at work and monitoring the performance of their team to ensure they remain productive. Many managers also work closely with their organizations executives to develop management strategies and to set goals for productivity.

Primary duties: A sales representative is a business professional who sells products or services for a particular company. Sales representatives can reach out to potential customers to inform them about the products a company offers, negotiate with customers to close sales contracts and complete transactions for customers who decide to make a purchase. A sales representative can also maintain detailed sales reports that detail their performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Primary duties: An operations manager is a human resources professional who oversees human resources activities at the top level. Operations managers can interview and hire new staff members, develop strategies for improving current policies and procedures and maintain communication with team members across departments to keep track of performance. An operations manager can also meet with professionals at other companies to establish business relationships that can benefit all parties involved.

Primary duties: An employee relations manager is a human resources professional who supports employees and responds to unforeseen situations in the workplace that involve employee relations. Employee relations managers can organize programs that promote positive relationships among employees in a workplace, address any concerns that employees bring to their attention and offer advice to management about how to improve employee relations. An employee relations manager can also lead contract negotiations to help employees and managers come to agreements about salaries, benefits and more.

Primary duties: A project manager takes charge of a specific project and oversees its completion through all stages of production. Their job can involve organizing a plan with a budget and timeline to outline the different stages of a project, maintaining communication with team members to track progress and meeting with clients and stakeholders to discuss a projects progression. Project managers can work in almost any industry, which can make the position ideal for former business owners who have expertise in a specific field.


How do you get a job after owning a business?

How to Find a Job After Running Your Own Business
  1. Transition From Self-Employed to Full-Time Employee.
  2. Give Yourself Time to Grieve.
  3. Turn Your Disappointment Into Positive Action.
  4. Think About the Positive Aspects of Going Back to Work for Someone Else.
  5. List the Skills That Are Relevant to Employers.
  6. Emphasize Metrics.

What jobs are related to a business owner?

7 Careers to Help You Become a Business Owner
  • Writer / Journalist. …
  • Industrial or Process Engineer. …
  • Management. …
  • Digital Marketing. …
  • Consultant. …
  • Usability or User Experience Specialist. …
  • Sales or Marketing Manager.

Is it hard to get a job after being self-employed?

A difficult part of seeking work after being self-employed is the fact that you likely have few people who can vouch for your successes or strengths. However, there may be some people that you can use to provide excellent references or otherwise confirm that you are indeed a great fit for your new position.

Can business owner get a job?

Former business owners can absolutely position themselves as attractive job candidates, and I have created many effective resumes from former entrepreneurs and business owners that landed them great new positions.

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