8 Tips To Help You Handle Workplace Jealousy

Jealousy is a raw human emotion created when a person feels insecure or anxious about his importance or value to other people. When jealousy occurs in the office, it puts a strain on relationships and causes problems. Workers could side with one employee over another, which leads to office gossip, sabotage and even bullying. As an employer, recognizing what causes jealousy in the workplace is the first step to eliminating it.

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Workplace jealousy can occur when one coworker feels anxious or insecure about the talents of another employee. It’s important to remain positive, kind and professional in the workplace to prevent and lessen workplace jealousy between team members.
  1. Be polite and civil. Don’t stoop to their level – it could make the situation worse (and could lead to you getting into trouble at work).
  2. Offer help and support (if they’ll let you). …
  3. Try not to take it personally. …
  4. Ignore the jealous behavior.

How to Deal with Toxic, Jealous, Insecure Coworkers

What causes workplace jealousy?

There are many reasons why an employee may start to build jealousy and resentment toward another team member. Common causes for employees acting jealous in the workplace include:

What is workplace jealousy?

Workplace jealousy can occur when one coworker feels anxious or insecure about the talents of another employee. Its important to remain positive, kind and professional in the workplace to prevent and lessen workplace jealousy between team members. Before you can properly resolve workplace jealousy, you must first understand the source its coming from and what is causing it.

Tips for handling workplace jealously

Sometimes workplace jealously can be unavoidable, especially if one employee regularly receives promotions, raises or more desirable assignments than the other. Fortunately, there are many ways to identify and resolve it to maintain a positive, collaborative and professional work environment. Use these tips to help you properly handle workplace jealousy:

Remain humble and modest

If one employee receives promotions or raises over another, encourage them to remain humble and modest. Share encouraging words to help motivate them to improve their work performance, so they can receive the same positive benefits the other employee earned. Tell employees to remain professional at all times and encourage them to celebrate victories with friends or family outside the office, rather than sharing it with other employees still working toward a promotion or raise.

Teach new skills to others

Find ways to help employees improve their performances and support them as they reach their own achievements. This allows them to feel supported and motivated. It can also motivate other employees to assist and support team members regularly, which decreases any feelings of jealousy or resentment. Offer to help them learn any skills they may lack and provide your advice and guidance. Your positive attitude may help them learn and grow and remain positive about their own work performance and supportive of others success.

Be willing to learn and try new things

While its important to teach skills, you should also demonstrate your willingness to gain new abilities. Ask employees what you can do to be a better leader and to help them improve. Suggest coworkers ask for and share advice and tips on how to complete certain projects. This helps everyone feel like theyre treated equally and that they each have beneficial qualities to offer one another. It can also make employees feel like theyre part of a team, rather than competing with others.

Remind employees of their abilities

If jealous coworkers are causing others to question their skill sets, meet with them privately to reflect on their strengths and abilities. Remind them of their talents and assess the capabilities they have. If they seem discouraged, encourage them to clear their mind by going on a walk, meditating or exercising. This can create a more positive mindset and better prepare them for any negative comments coworkers may direct at them.

Set professional goals

It can be easier for employees to ignore the negative actions of jealous coworkers if you help them set and focus on their own professional goals. Set career objectives for employees to hit and establish a plan for how to reach them. You can extend this planning to your entire team by encouraging other members to map out their future at the company or in their fields together. This builds awareness of each others goals and allows you all to use your training and expertise to help others reach certain objectives.

Support and respect others

Remain positive at all times, even around jealous coworkers. Try to find ways to turn situations into positive ones when they seem upset, discouraged or confused. For example, if their presentation received less positive feedback than another employees, tell them what you enjoyed about it. You can also offer to help them with upcoming projects to ensure they perform effectively next time.

Work to find different ways throughout the workday to be supportive. Congratulate them when they complete a challenging task or offer help with larger time-consuming projects. Offering support and mutual respect allows them to build and value a work relationship with you and others, which can eliminate any feelings of spite or jealousy.

Listen to others

Some coworkers may feel jealous of others because they feel theyre underachieving or not receiving enough appreciation from management or team members. If you notice an employee acting jealous or negative around you, take time to ask them if they need to talk. This shows them youre there to listen, help and support them. It can also give you the opportunity to better understand why theyre acting out. You can offer emotional support to lift their emotions or help them locate the resources they need to succeed.

Be vocal about their accomplishments

If you notice an employee hitting milestones and accomplishing impressive goals, mention it to them in front of others. Acknowledge them for their impressive work performance via group emails, the teams business communication platform or meetings. This makes them feel proud and appreciated for their accomplishments.


How can you tell if a coworker is jealous?

21 Jealous Female Coworkers Signs: How to Spot Them and What to…
  1. Exhibiting Negative Body Language. …
  2. Avoiding You and Areas You Frequent. …
  3. Avoiding Eye Contact Whenever Possible. …
  4. Mocking Any Honors or Recognition You Receive. …
  5. Offering Only Backhanded Compliments. …
  6. Never Inviting You to Join Them. …
  7. Openly Criticizing You.

How does jealousy affect the workplace?

Envy damages relationships, disrupts teams, and undermines organizational performance. Most of all, it harms the one who feels it. When you’re obsessed with someone else’s success, your self-respect suffers, and you may neglect or even sabotage your own performance and possibly your career.

What does jealousy look like at work?

Avoidance and isolation: It’s tough to be around someone if you feel jealous of them, because it can feel like a constant reminder of your own shortcomings. So, somebody who’s experiencing envy might fail to include someone in on emails, meetings, and social events.

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