8 Client Questionnaire Templates (Plus Benefits of Using Them)

A New Client Questionnaire is a set of questions that is prepared so to understand the basic needs and wants of the first-time visitors. This type of questionnaire is similar to surveys that are conducted to understand the needs of the client. The questionnaire is framed to understand the needs that clients have and accordingly meet their expectations. Here are some questionnaire templates that can help you with further information.

Crafting a Client Questionnaire Template for Photo + Video

Benefits of client questionnaire templates

There are many benefits you can gain from using client questionnaire templates, including:

8 types of client questionnaire templates

Here are eight types of client questionnaire templates you can use:

1. Website design questionnaire template

A website design questionnaire template allows you to better understand what your client needs and wants for the design of their website, allowing you to create a more comprehensive and accurate website that aligns with their vision. This template helps you gain a comprehensive look at what services you can provide and which features are within your capabilities. Use the website design questionnaire to assess the clients budget so youre able to inform them of what aspects fit within their financial constraints. This type of questionnaire template might provide the following sections:

2. Online interview questionnaire template

If a person has to undergo an online interview process before you agree to take them on as a client for your services, then this kind of questionnaire template can provide you with the critical information necessary to help you make your decision. This type of template often provides information regarding clients personal information, skills, work experience, financial flexibility and other details. Ultimately, it allows you to better assess whether a client is worth the time and investment you put into providing them with your services. This type of questionnaire template might provide the following sections:

3. Favorite things questionnaire template

If youre creating a product for a client or offering a service, understanding their favorite things can help you provide them with a personalized experience, whether they be an adult or child. The exact questions for this type of questionnaire template may vary depending on the specific purpose and relationship between you and the client. The most important thing about this template is that the questions are relevant to the overall goal of what youre providing. This type of questionnaire template might provide the following questions:

4. Medical questionnaire template

If youre a medical professional or health provider, then this type of questionnaire template can help you gather critical information about your clients health condition and medical history. This type of template is essential because it allows you to make more informed decisions about how to address your clients current health or whether they qualify to participate in a specific activity. This template is especially useful for saving time, providing you with details before you talk with the client directly. This type of questionnaire template might provide the following sections:

5. Profile questionnaire template

This is the type of questionnaire template to use if you want to build a comprehensive client profile, allowing you to quickly gather crucial information about the client from one convenient source. The questions that the template asks may vary depending on the purpose of the profile. For example, you might ask questions to create a profile for a client testimonial or an employment profile highlighting the clients skills, qualifications and provided services. This type of questionnaire template might have the following sections:

6. Family questionnaire template

This type of questionnaire has diverse applications, allowing you to collect important information about a clients family and their relation to the overall objective or goal. Questions in this type of questionnaire vary significantly, as some may be serious and others may be more lighthearted. For example, if youre an event planner organizing a family reunion for your client, then you might ask questions about each family group so you can sit family units together at the same table.

7. Feedback questionnaire template

A feedback questionnaire template is essential if you provide a product or service to a client. This questionnaire template helps you gather crucial information about a clients perspective, aspects they did enjoy and areas where they think you can make improvements. Questions are most effective when they are direct, allowing you to gather clear answers and constructive criticisms from your clients. The feedback you receive helps you to make improvements to better meet your clients needs, wants and expectations. This type of questionnaire template might have the following questions:

8. Logo design questionnaire template

If your designing a logo for a client, then this type of questionnaire template can be useful to you. This template provides you with the means to gather critical information about the clients vision so you can accurately translate that vision into an actual logo. The objective of making a logo for a client is to design it in a way that matches their style, voice and brand. This type of questionnaire template might have the following sections:


How do you create a client questionnaire?

A client onboarding questionnaire is a survey sent to new customers to get more information about their needs and goals. Businesses use this form to ask about specific details and ensure their team is achieving exactly what the client wants.

What is a client questionnaire?

Questionnaire templates contain the questions that respondents answer when they complete a questionnaire assessment.

Is there a questionnaire template on Word?

1. Multiple-Choice Test or Survey. This questionnaire design template is free from Microsoft Office. It makes it easy to create your own three-question survey or questionnaire.

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