7 Entry-Level Jobs That Allow You To Travel Around the World (With Tips)

If staying in one place isn’t your style or if you’d like to help others to plan their dream vacations, then entry-level jobs in travel industries might just provide the adventure and opportunity you’ve been seeking. Jobs in travel industries are wide and varied, but a large chunk of professionals working in the industry are employed as travel agents. In fact, there are 82,800 travel agents nationwide! These professionals are responsible for helping individuals, groups, and families to plan their vacations. They take care of anything and everything from finding and booking affordable flights to arranging vacation activities and finding special deals and packages for travelers. While this particular job might not give you the opportunity to travel a lot yourself, it will give you an average salary of around $31,870 per year. Travel entry-level jobs also encompass in-the-air travel. If you can secure the training and expertise it takes to become an airline pilot or a flight engineer, you can expect to make a whopping $141,090 per year on average! Of course, the constant on-the-go lifestyle isn’t for everyone, though many pilots find it exciting. You can enjoy a lot more on-the-ground time and still make a nice salary by choosing to become an air traffic controller; these professionals earn around $117,240 per year on average. If the thought of constant travel doesn’t bother you but the thought of years of schooling does, why not consider a travel job as a flight attendant? See to the needs of flight patrons and perform basic safety demonstrations at the start and end of each flight, and you could earn an average yearly salary of $53,780. As an added bonus, this job and many others in the travel industry give you the opportunity to see the world.

Top 10 Jobs With Lots Of Travel! (Calling All Adventurers)

7 entry-level jobs in travel

If youre interested in traveling as part of your work or living abroad for a job, explore these different opportunities:

Teach English

There are plenty of opportunities to teach English as a second language to students from around the world. Although you may find opportunities to work remotely in this type of position, you can also apply to schools in different countries. Consider the countries you most want to visit and contact some schools to see if theyre hiring English teachers. Youll be able to connect with children or adults who want to learn the English language, then move elsewhere once the school year or semester is over.

To qualify for these positions, you usually only need to have a bachelors degree or equivalent, although some experience in teaching may be necessary as well depending on the school youre applying with.

Perform music

Music is an international language, with an appreciation of the art spanning over multiple countries. If you play an instrument, sing professionally, compose recordings or otherwise work in music already, you may find ways to sign up for international opportunities and individual gigs all around the world. This can satisfy your wanderlust while allowing you to work in an industry you already appreciate. Not only may you be able to find positions where you can perform your craft, but there are also teaching and training positions in music so you can share your knowledge and expertise with others.

Join the Peace Corps

No matter your personal interests, there is a high probability that you can find a position in the Peace Corps that matches. The Peace Corps program provides aid to countries all around the world, ensuring that underserved communities are supported. While there are a number of volunteer positions in the Peace Corps, you may also find paid positions with benefits, paid time off and other perks, like free housing. One of the few requirements you must meet before working or volunteering in the Peace Corps is committing to two years of service.

Work in hospitality

Especially if you have a background in sales or customer service, you may find success working in hospitality or tourism for hotels, resorts or restaurants in other parts of the world. Think about working as a member of a restaurants wait staff, receptionist, hotel manager, pool cleaner or golf cart attendant. Consider the different seasons around the world, too. For example, you can work at a ski resort during the winter in Switzerland or sign up to work at a hotel as a bartender during a summer in Mexico.

Provide child care services

Just as agencies in the U.S. hire individuals from other countries to care for children in their clients homes, additional countries do the same. If you sign up as an au pair in another part of the world, youll usually receive free housing and a living stipend in exchange for your child care services. The family you work for may ask that you teach the child English, take them to after-school activities, complete homework with them or perform light housekeeping duties. Families benefit from your work and your ability to introduce them to a different culture.

Many employers only require a certain number of hours of child care experience before theyll consider candidates for hire, and most have a maximum age too. If this is a career opportunity thats interesting to you, its important that you find out the unique requirements that the employer may have.

Become a camp counselor

Think about traditional camp activities and if theyre something you usually enjoy, consider a job as a camp counselor in another country. You can find summer camps, as well as camps open for kids during winter break, and sign up to teach English, develop camp schedules, clean common areas or provide other training, like horseback riding or swimming, based on your background.

Explore the opportunities available to work as a camp counselor in a country youve always wanted to visit. Usually the only requirement to earn a position as a camp counselor is to have experience working with children in the same age group as the campers. As an added perk, its common for camps to offer free housing to counselors because of the varied hours they work, typically from sunrise to sunset or beyond.

Work on a cruise ship

Cruise ships operate globally, with ports in various cities and providences all around the world. Not only do you get the opportunity to explore the different ports of call, but cruise companies also provide free lodging and meals to crew members, as well as a fair wage for the time you spend onboard. While the hours can be lengthy, working on a cruise ship also provides you with the chance to get to know other people who come from all around the world, which strengthens your network and contributes to your overall job satisfaction.

Tips for securing a job with travel opportunities

To increase your chances of working in a position that supports your desire to travel, consider these tips:


What job will allow me to travel?

Travel Industry Careers

Positions like travel agents, local tourism boards, and travel marketing. Examples: Travel agent, tour guide, tourism marketing, etc.

What jobs allow you to travel without a degree?

13 traveling jobs you can get without a degree or experience
  • Tour guide. National average salary: $29,373 per year. …
  • Flight attendant. National average salary: $33,394 per year. …
  • Blogger. National average salary: $34,950 per year. …
  • Commercial fisherman. …
  • Event planner. …
  • Bartender. …
  • Musician. …
  • Casino dealer.

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