60 Salesperson Questions To Ask Your Client

Making an error during the hiring process could cost your company anywhere from 30-50% of the salesperson’s annual salary. And that is for an entry-level job. If the job was a mid-level sales position, a salesperson’s exit from the company could rack up a bill of 1.5 times their annual salary.

Before a company starts the interviewing process, a sales assessment can be a powerful and effective tool to implement. The job market today is full of candidates who are willing to do or say anything to get hired for a job, regardless of whether it is the right fit for the company.

Examples and tips for sales representative interview questions
  • Where do you see your career heading in five to 10 years? …
  • What motivates you when you’re at work? …
  • What makes you a good sales representative? …
  • Why did you apply for this position? …
  • How do you think our company can improve?

SALES INTERVIEW Questions And Answers (How To PASS Your Sales interview!)

Salesperson questions for identifying client needs

Understanding what your client wants and what their ideal situation looks like is an important step in explaining how your product can help them. Here are some sales questions you can use to learn about your clients needs:

What are your must-have features?

When speaking to your client, you want to assure them that your product fits their needs. This question allows you to pinpoint what your client values most in the product or service youre offering them. Emphasize the features theyre seeking that your product can provide.

How are you using your goals to strategize?

This question allows you to understand both what your client is working toward and how they plan to reach that objective. If they explain their strategy, you can persuade them to believe that your product can help them achieve their goals while saving time and effort. If they answer that they dont have a specific strategy, you can craft an example strategy in which your product plays a vital role.

Id like to share a few ideas for success with you. Is there anything else youd like to talk about?

This statement and question combination gives you the opportunity to show them how your product can influence a businesss success. It also allows the client to mention any concerns they have about your product. Its important to let the client lead the conversation because it shows them that you care about their businesss well-being and want to help them succeed, and then it makes it possible to explain how you can do so.

Additional questions about client needs

Here are some other examples of sales questions you can ask to identify your clients needs:

What are salesperson questions?

A salesperson question is an open or closed question that a salesperson might ask their client to learn more about their needs, opinions and personality. A closed question might lead the client to answer yes or no, while an open-ended question typically leads the client to elaborate and provide more information. Both types of sales questions are useful because they can help you learn more about your clients and discover how to meet their needs.

The purpose behind asking well-crafted sales questions is to make the sale through a comprehensive understanding of the client. By knowing what they want and need, how they feel about the product youre trying to sell them and their specific situation, you have more information that you can use to close deals successfully.

Salesperson questions for understanding product opinion

When speaking with a client, they may be brand new to your product, trying it out or a long-time customer. If they have used your product before, its important to ask what they think about it so that you can emphasize the aspects they enjoy and address any concerns or issues they have. Here are some questions you can ask to better understand your clients product opinion:

Are you happy with the product?

This is a simple question that can lead the client to reflect on how they feel about the product. If they havent thought about it but realize after you ask that they are pleased with it, theyre more likely to make another purchase. Comparatively, if theyre unhappy with the product, this is an opportunity for feedback and improvement. You may also be able to help them use the product more effectively or explain features they may not have fully understood.

What does our competitors product do better than ours?

This question only applies if youre talking to a customer who has used a different product in the past or is currently a competitors client. By asking them what they value about the competitors product, you show them that youre open to improving your product according to their needs. This allows you to grow as a salesperson and helps you improve your product for your clients.

How would you rate our customer service?

The product youre selling isnt the only important aspect of your client-salesperson relationship. Your client needs to feel like they are important and heard when they report issues about the product theyve purchased or are going to purchase. Asking them to rate your customer service shows them that assisting customers is important to you and allows you to receive honest feedback about how to improve your sales tactics.

Additional questions about product opinion

Here are some other examples of sales questions that can help you understand product opinion:

Salesperson questions for getting to know your client

Great selling is about more than just understanding the product and asking significant questions—its also about knowing your client and their unique personality. Asking smart questions about how they choose to spend their free time and how they feel about their business can make it easier to build rapport and establish a strong relationship, which can help you make more sales. Here are some questions to consider:

Are you attending any events or conferences this year?

Rather than asking what your client cares about, ask them what theyre prioritizing by inquiring about events and conferences. The answer to this question can give your client space to talk about themselves and reveal to you what they truly care about. For example, if they mention that theyre going to two different marketing conferences in the first few months of the year, it may indicate that they want to improve their marketing and are actively working to do so.

What are your plans for the weekend?

This question is simple and easy to answer. It allows your client to relax and build a relationship with you outside of the business youre conducting. Other than just putting the client at ease, asking this question can help you learn more about what they might look for in a product. If, for example, they say that theyre planning to spend the whole weekend relaxing at home, this might indicate that theyre overworked during the week, which may inspire you to show them how your product can help them get more done and feel less stressed at work.

What does success look like to you?

Asking this question allows you to better understand the individual youre talking to and their goals outside of their current job. Youre not just selling to a company—youre selling to the person sitting across from you. Understanding their needs separately from those of their workplace can help you position yourself to explain how your product fulfills both.

Additional questions for getting to know your client

Here are some more examples of sales questions that can help you get to know your client:


What are five questions we should ask salespeople candidates?

Typical Questions Asked in a Sales Interview
  • Are you comfortable making cold calls? …
  • Have you consistently met your sales goals? …
  • What motivates you? …
  • How did you land your most successful sale? …
  • How would your colleagues describe you? …
  • Sell me this pen. …
  • What are your long-term career goals?

What are good questions to ask a sales manager in an interview?

Fit and Motivation Sales Interview Questions
  • What’s worse: Not making quota every single month or not having happy customers? …
  • What’s your least favorite part of the sales process? …
  • What motivates you? …
  • What is your ultimate career aspiration? …
  • What made you want to get into sales?

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