41 of google’s toughest interview questions

  • What is your favorite Google product, and how would you improve it? — …
  • If ads were removed from YouTube, how would you monetize it? — …
  • Design an evacuation plan for the building. — …
  • A coin was flipped 1000 times and there were 560 heads. …
  • Name a prank you would pull on x manager if you were hired. —

The technology giant has a reputation for giving brainteasers to job candidates.

41 of googles toughest interview questions

Google has a reputation for asking difficult, brainteaser interview questions that challenge how you act under pressure.

Most of them require you to think quantitatively and broadly, and test the way you tackle problems on the spot.

Google probably switches up its questions over time, but career website Glassdoor provides a glimpse of the types of brain-stumping puzzles Google has asked in the past.

Not all of Googles tricky questions are necessarily meant to be brainteasers–some of them sound simple but turn out to be difficult to answer in a concise way.

What is your favorite Google product, and how would you improve it?–Associate product manager, January 2016

31. If I gave you $10 million right now, what would you do?–Associate account strategist, May 2014

You need to confirm that your friend Bob has your correct phone number…

However, you cannot ask Bob directly. You have to write down the question on a piece of paper and give it to Eve, who will pass the paper to Bob and then pass back Bob’s answer to you. What should you write on the paper to ensure that Bob gets your message while making it impossible for Eve to find out your phone number?

This question is meant to test your creativity and your ability to think outside the box. A simple answer would be to ask Bob to give you a call.

If he makes the call, you will be certain that he has your correct number. If he doesn’t, then that means that he doesn’t have your number.

If you want to give an even more geeky answer, you can ask Bob to write down the sum of all the digits that make up your phone number. This is known as a check-sum.

If Bob doesn’t have your correct number, his answer will not be equal to the sum of all the digits of your number. In addition, since Bob will only write down the sum, it will be impossible for Eve to find out your number.

10) Tell me what happened when a man pushed his car to the hotel and lost his fortune?

This question was actually asked by google employers to check the thought process of the employee. It is to see how well employee can do “guestimate” that is what is referred for such question. It is a little tricky but if you good at numbers and height width calculation, you will surely come up with some answer. Anyway the answer to this question was something 750,000 tons or 1.5 billion pound of weight, after considering all the parameters like single floor widthXheight, weight, etc.

i.e 12X2 = 24. Which means when Tom will be 24 year old his brother age will be 12.

19) There are six drinking glasses standing in a row, with first three full of juice and the next three empty? How can you arrange those glasses so empty and full glasses alternate by moving only one glass?

21) A red house is made of red bricks; a blue house is made up of blue bricks than what does the green house is made up of?


What is the hardest Google interview question?

Here are some of the toughest interview questions asked at Google:
  • Question for a Software Engineer : Implement a binary tree and explain it’s function.
  • Question for an Associate Product Manager : What is the marginal cost of a gigabyte in Gmail?

Is Google interview very tough?

Google coding interviews are really challenging. The questions are difficult, specific to Google, and cover a wide range of topics. The good news is that the right preparation can make a big difference.

What questions do they ask in a Google interview?

Top Google Interview Questions and Answers
  • What is your favorite Google product, and how would you improve it?
  • Briefly explain the difference between coding and programming.
  • How do you stay accountable?
  • Tell me about a time when you set and achieved a goal?

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