40 Assistant Principal interview questions & answers 2020

How have you helped teachers and students improve in the past?

School administrators might also ask you to provide examples of how you influenced teachers and students in the past. Even if this is your first job interview as an assistant principal, you should be able to cite an example in your teaching career when you helped another teacher improve their lesson plans or approach to a certain topic. It would also be helpful to provide an example of a time when you helped a student improve their grades or overcome an emotional problem.

As part of this question, the administrator might also ask you about a time when a student’s complaint warranted a discussion with or for disciplinary action to be taken against a teacher. You might also be asked to describe a time when a teacher asked you for help or advice handling a difficult student. This question is best suited for assistant principals who already have some administrative experience, but all candidates should be prepared with examples.

Example answer: “My second position as a teacher was teaching seventh grade English at a middle school in a rough neighborhood. A lot of the kids were from low-income households and many of the teachers had issues with violence in their classrooms. I noticed a specific student was struggling to focus in all of his classes. I coordinated a meeting with two of his other teachers to discuss his performance.

By working together, we were able to gain some information about his home-life that helped explain his disinterest in academics. I was able to arrange for another student, a friend of his, to tutor him during his lunch hour and his grades improved drastically. I was so grateful to the other teachers, because it never would have happened if they had not been willing to collaborate.”

Assistant principal skills

These conversations can be emotional for both the parents and the student, so it is important to show that you can handle any situation with maturity and tact. Before your interview, consider how you will share your soft skills, including:

Interviewing for any job can be stressful, but preparing by reviewing these questions is a great way to soothe your anxiety. The more familiar you are with the work environment, the job description and the goals of the school, the better you will answer the interviewer’s questions. Remind yourself why you chose this profession and walk into your interview with confidence.

What kind of teaching experience do you have?

This question allows you to share your practical experience interacting with students, parents and other teachers. List your previous teaching positions and any unique responsibilities that you had. Mention all the different grade levels and subjects you taught. Consider sharing your experience in chronological order, highlighting any significant promotions you have received during your career.

If you do not have a lot of practical teaching experience, share details about any other leadership positions you may have held. Discuss any organizational experience you have had managing teams, planning events or working in administration. Mention any experience you may have had interacting with kids in another role. Experience as a camp counselor, school nurse or school librarian would be relevant.

Example answer: “I have been teaching for the last fourteen years. My first job was teaching third grade at New Point Elementary school. I taught there for six years before I was offered the opportunity to teach science at Griffith High School. I have worked there for the last eight years. I served as the sponsor for the school STEM club and volunteered as a part of the school SBGA committee. I became close friends with the school’s assistant principal and realized it was time for me to pursue serving the school district in a different capacity.”

What questions should you expect in your interview?

At the beginning of the interview, they will try to asses your communication skills, and understand your values, opinions, motivation, and career plans. They will use a couple of question to help them with the task:

  • What motivates you to do this job?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your goals in five years time?
  • Why do you think you can be a good assistant principal?
  • Why should we hire you, and not someone else?
  • You should not underestimate these basic questions. First impression matters, and for some interviewers, your motivation and career plans may matter more than your experience or education. What is more, if you do well in this first part, it will help you to calm down and feel more confident during the rest of your interview.

    ap2 post interview questions

    The real challenge starts with behavioral questions. They will ask you about various work related situations from the past, concerning your experience with teaching, administration, and management. You can expect to hear some of the following questions:

  • How did you deal with upset parents whose child complained about you?
  • Can you give us an example of how you have successfully managed a difficult situation at school?
  • How did you cope with stress at school?
  • Did you supervise any school event in the past? What problems did you face? How did you handle them?
  • Describe a conflict you had with one of your colleagues. How did you solve the conflict?
  • How did you motivate the students to do their homework, to prepare for an exam?
  • The logic of behavioral questions can be described in the following way: They believe that once you approached a certain situation in a certain way, you will likely act in a similar manner in the future, should you face the same problem, or similar circumstances. What is more, interviewers try to verify your real experience with behavioral questions.

    Anyone can write anything on their resume. However, if you struggled to recall various work-related situations, people from the hiring committee would doubt your past experience as a teacher, or education administrator. Prepare for the questions in advance and you will avoid that happening to you.

    ap2 post interview questions

    Assistant Principal Post Interview Questions – AP1 and AP2 Post Preparation

    14 pages of sample interview preparation questions and answers for an Assistant Principal 1 or 2 post for an Irish Primary School. These questions include ones I have been asked during my own AP1 and Ap2 post interviews, and questions that I have generated based on “Looking at our School 2016, A Quality Framework for Primary Schools” and the PDST Comhar, middle management training.

    A sample cover letter for both an AP1 and an AP2 post to include with your application is also provided.

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  • FAQ

    What are at least 3 responsibilities of the assistant principal?

    Typical duties:
    • Enforcing attendance rules.
    • Meeting with parents to discuss student behavioral or learning problems.
    • Responding to disciplinary issues.
    • Coordinating use of school facilities for day-to-day activities and special events.
    • Working with teachers to develop curriculum standards.

    What questions should I ask at the end of a principal interview?

    You may ask how the faculty interacts with each other and with the students. Ask about the goals of the school and the challenges it faces. You may also prompt the interviewer to describe a typical day in the school or some special events that are held throughout the year.

    What questions should I ask at the end of my PGCE interview?

    Top 10 PGCE Interview Questions
    • Why Do You Want to Be a Teacher? …
    • What Attracted You to This Particular PGCE Training Course? …
    • What Have You Learnt from Your Work Experience in Schools? …
    • Which of Your Qualities Will Make You a Great Teacher? …
    • What Qualities Do Pupils Look for in a Teacher?

    What are good questions to ask a principal in an interview?

    What motivated you to want to become a school principal? If you could describe an effective school principal in just three words, what would they be? If you get this job, what would be the first thing you would do?

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