4 Steps for How To Find Brand Ambassador Jobs (Plus Duties)

Brand ambassadors have an important job that involves communicating a company’s brand identity and values to its target customers. These professionals help businesses express their brands to improve their public relations, gain new customers and encourage customer loyalty. Learning about how to find a job as a brand ambassador is a great way to start or advance your career. In this article, we explain what brand ambassador jobs are, what these professionals do, what skills they need and how to find brand ambassador jobs.

What does a brand ambassador do?

A brand ambassador performs a variety of responsibilities related to defining company brands and representing them to the public. Here are some common duties for these professionals:

What are brand ambassador jobs?

Brand ambassador jobs are positions that typically contain duties similar to marketing and public relations roles. Those who work as brand ambassadors represent companies by portraying their brand identities and values positively to the public. This is an important job in many companies because maintaining a positive public reputation helps businesses attract new customers and retain existing ones. By understanding the needs and interests of their target audiences, businesses can plan business models that connect with their key customers. When brand ambassadors advocate effectively for their companies, it can improve company profit and lead to business success.

Skills for brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors need a combination of interpersonal and technical skills to succeed in their roles. Here are some important skills for brand ambassadors:


Brand ambassadors spend a significant amount of their workdays communicating with others and developing effective communication strategies on their companys behalf. For example, they often work with teams from within the company to align their goals and develop new brand strategies. They may meet with executive members of the company to understand the companys brand identity and any changes it may undergo. Additionally, brand ambassadors work with the marketing team to develop effective campaigns. Brand ambassadors also communicate directly with their target customers through social media, or they may communicate with press representatives.


Good problem-solving skills help brand ambassadors improve campaigns and public outreach. By identifying current or potential problems in connecting with their intended market, brand ambassadors can implement plans to overcome those challenges. They may identify problems related to brand reputation and develop strategies to improve how the public perceives the company, or they may work to solve challenges in reaching their target markets. For example, if many of their customers use a new social media platform, expanding onto the platform can increase outreach.

Public speaking

Brand ambassadors often present at public speaking events to advocate for their brand. They may present in business meetings or conduct interviews with press members. Professionals in this role use their presentation skills to speak confidently about their brand. By giving engaging and sincere presentations, they can demonstrate the qualities of the brand they advocate for while building meaningful connections with their audience. When their target market perceives the brand as aligning with their personal values, they may be more likely to engage with and remain loyal to the company.


Showing a high level of professionalism is important in a brand ambassador role. Since these professionals represent their companies, they often need to embody the qualities that express their brands values. Professionalism typically involves showing respect and consideration for others. By meeting a high standard of professionalism, you can demonstrate the values of your company through your actions. For example, a family-friendly brand may encourage its brand ambassador to maintain a positive demeanor when conducting public outreach as a part of their professional identity.

How to find brand ambassador jobs

If youre considering a career as a brand ambassador, here are some steps you can use to break into the profession:

1. Consider what kind of brand ambassador you want to become

Companies in many industries look to hire brand ambassadors. Although the typical duties of brand ambassadors are similar across industries, the specifics of each brands voice can differ. Taking time to think about the industries you feel passionate about can help you find the right ambassador role for you. For example, if youre passionate about connecting people to qualified medical providers, a career as a brand ambassador in the health care industry may be a good fit for you. If youre passionate and motivated about the industry you work in, you may be a stronger brand advocate.

2. Account for your skills and professional experience

Although its possible to secure an entry-level brand ambassador job, some employers may require experience. Considering your skills and current level of industry experience may help you find roles that match your professional background. You can prepare to find jobs that meet your experience level by doing some preliminary research into the field. Look at job listings for brand ambassadors to learn about the typical skill requirements and preferences. Compare your own background to identify gaps in your skills and professional history. You can use this information to work on your professional development or find suitable positions.

3. Reflect on your career goals

In addition to thinking about your current skills and experience level, consider your short-term and long-term career goals. Knowing what you want to get out of a long-term brand ambassador career can help you plan your pathway early. This can help you narrow your options to jobs that best suit your goals. For example, if you want to become the brand ambassador for a large health care company, you may look for entry-level positions at smaller medical companies to start your career. Gaining direct industry experience can help you gain the skills you need to progress into high-level ambassador roles.

4. Know how brand ambassadors find jobs

After taking time to reflect on your interests, skills, experience and goals, start looking for brand ambassador jobs. Its common to find jobs online by looking at job boards, though its also typical for brands to contact those who already have a strong social media presence with a wide network of followers in their target market. Whether youre looking to apply for jobs or attract brands through your online presence, it can be a good idea to build a personal online identity. For example, having a social media platform with many followers can demonstrate your ability to build a brand.

If youre looking for a more traditional or in-person brand ambassador role, its more common to find these jobs through networking and reviewing public job listings. You may find these positions through word-of-mouth within your professional network, or you can find job postings on company websites, job forums or printed publications like newspapers or magazines. The type of ambassador you want to be may determine your job search strategy. Smaller businesses or retail companies may be more likely to contact current social media influencers for these roles, while corporate offices may recruit through job postings or professional networks.

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