31 High-Paying Jobs in Atlanta (With Duties and Salaries)

Find a Job You Really Want In Editor’s Note: Article updated for 2022. This is our sixth time ranking the highest paying jobs in Atlanta

Ever wonder who gets paid the most? Or how much your dentist makes for all the pain they put you through?

We had that same burning desire to know more about the highest paid professions in the Atlanta area. And if you can’t tell by that sentence, we’re a bit of what you’d call data nerds.

After scrounging through the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we discovered that Radiologists are the highest paid people in Atlanta.

Everyone’s favorite, dentists, place number 10 on the list of highest paid professions in Atlanta. So the next time you sit there while they drill you can dwell on the fact that they are getting extremely well paid for it.

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16 high-paying jobs in Atlanta

Here are 16 high-paying jobs in Atalanta that you may be interested in exploring. Each of these jobs has an average salary greater than $70,000 per year. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links associated with each job title below:

Primary duties: A prosthetist designs and creates medical support devices for patients. They may specialize in crafting artificial limbs, surgical devices, braces or other medical products. Also known as orthotists, they work with patients to develop customized devices that fit their measurements. These devices may improve the patients mobility or aesthetic appearance. For example, a prosthetist may design prosthetic legs, ears or other body parts. Prosthetists may also work for manufacturing companies that mass produce medical support devices.

Primary duties: A sales manager hires, trains and oversees a team of sales associates. They establish sales goals, track key performance indicators and strive to increase revenue. Sales managers also evaluate customer feedback and implement strategies to improve the customer experience. Often, they collaborate with the marketing department to develop campaigns that improve sales. They also generate monthly, quarterly and annual reports to share with other leaders in the company.

Primary duties: An electronics engineer designs electrical systems, components, equipment and other electronic products. They use 3D software programs to develop blueprints, create prototypes and test their designs. Electronics engineers also maintain existing electrical systems and products, troubleshoot issues and perform upgrades. They collaborate with project managers to supervise production and installations. Depending on the industry they work in, electronics engineers may develop components and systems for smart phones, navigation systems, computers or vehicles.

Primary duties: Physical therapists work with patients to improve their mobility. They meet with patients to assess their conditions, discuss their goals and develop customized treatment plans that help them regain control of their motor functions and decrease pain. Physical therapists often work with patients after theyve experienced an injury or while theyre recovering from surgery. They may also work with patients who have chronic illnesses or who are more susceptible to certain diseases to prevent future mobility challenges.

Primary duties: An air traffic controller monitors the movement of airplanes and communicates with pilots to ensure they maintain a safe distance from each other. They work for airports where they oversee aircraft when they take off and when they land. Air traffic controllers ensure runways are clear and let pilots know when they have permission to land or depart. Theyre also trained to respond to emergencies quickly to ensure pilots and passengers are safe.

Primary duties: Database administrators maintain software databases for businesses. Depending on where they work, they may be in charge of managing client records, user accounts, statistical surveys, library catalogs or census information. Database administrators are responsible for keeping these databases secure, ensuring the correct people have access and creating backup solutions to protect the data from being lost. They also create new user accounts, grant other team members specific permissions, troubleshoot performance issues and install regular updates.

Primary duties: Mechanical engineers design, implement and troubleshoot mechanical and thermal devices. They use computer design software to develop prototypes. Then they oversee the manufacturing process and test the final product to ensure it functions properly. Mechanical engineers can use these mechanical and thermal devices to create solutions for a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing and construction.

Primary duties: A chief technology officer is a member of a companys senior executive team. They oversee all the technological programs, software, hardware and equipment an organization uses. Chief technology officers also manage the IT department, hire new staff members and create standard operating procedures to help employees use technology effectively. They may collaborate with other departments, such as marketing and operations, to identify opportunities to improve processes by implementing new technology. The chief technology officer of a company may also have an annual budget they use to purchase new technology, perform routine maintenance and update existing platforms.

Primary duties: A software engineer develops software programs and systems that range from mobile applications and games to operating systems and network controls for businesses. Theyre involved in each phase of software development, including the initial design, tests and final product launch. Software engineers create the diagrams, models and instructions that developers use to guide them through the coding process. They also maintain the program, troubleshoot issues and perform necessary upgrades to make sure it operates effectively.

Primary duties: Psychologists work with patients to diagnose, prevent and treat mental health conditions. They meet with patients to discuss their needs and use diagnostic evaluation tools to assess their overall mental health. Then they develop customized psychotherapy plans and establish goals for their patients to help them improve their well-being. Psychologists may also offer group consultations for families, couples or individuals who belong to the same support group.

Primary duties: Pediatricians are physicians who work with children. Often, they work with the same patients from the time theyre born until they turn 18. Pediatricians monitor their patients health through each of their developmental milestones and educate parents on important topics like nutrition and fitness to help keep their children healthy. They perform regular check-ups and diagnose illnesses and injuries. Pediatricians can write prescriptions for medications and order tests as needed. They may also refer patients to specialists.

Primary duties: A urologist is a health care professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating medical conditions related to the urinary tract, male reproductive organs and adrenal glands. They meet with patients to discuss their medical histories and collaborate with other medical professionals to assess their conditions. Urologists interpret test results from blood work, ultrasounds, urine samples and X-rays to develop their diagnosis. Depending on the issue, they may place catheters, perform surgery or prescribe medications to help patients recover. Some urologists specialize in niche areas, such as pediatric urology or urologic oncology.

Primary duties: Dentists examine, clean and repair patients teeth and gums. They conduct routine check-ups where they educate patients on how to properly care for their oral health. Dentists also fill cavities, remove decay, interpret X-rays and diagnose oral diseases. They prescribe antibiotics, administer anesthetics and apply sealants to protect teeth. Some dentists also perform oral surgery to extract teeth that need to be removed.

Primary duties: An endocrinologist is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats hormone-related diseases. They focus on the endocrine system, which includes the pancreas, ovaries and testicles. The endocrine system also comprises glands that regulate different bodily functions, such as sensory perception, growth, respiration and metabolism. Endocrinologists often work alongside other health care specialists to develop well-rounded treatment programs. They may also suggest preventative lifestyle changes for patients who are at a higher risk of developing a hormone-related disease to ensure they remain healthy.

Primary duties: Surgeons are health care professionals who operate on patients to repair injuries, improve bodily functions or prevent certain diseases. They usually specialize in a specific area of the body, such as oral or neurological surgery. Surgeons collaborate with other medical professionals, such as physicians, anesthesiologists and nurses, to perform safe and effective operations. They also prescribe medications and develop after-care instructions to make sure patients heal properly.

Primary duties: An orthodontist is a dental professional that specializes in repairing misaligned teeth and jaws. They meet with patients to discuss their dental concerns, take X-rays, examine bite impressions and develop customized treatment options. Some of the most common dental issues orthodontists work with include overcrowding, underbites and aesthetic issues. They use tools like headgear, braces and retainers to straighten and realign teeth. Orthodontists also schedule follow-up consultations with their patients to monitor their progress, maintain their oral equipment and make adjustments as needed.

15 additional high-paying jobs in Atlanta

Here are 15 additional high-paying jobs in Atlanta that you can explore during your job search. Each of these jobs has an average salary greater than $60,000 per year :


What job pays the most in Atlanta?

Top 100 jobs in Georgia by salary
  • Anesthesiologist: $362,175.
  • Surgeon: $264,901.
  • Psychiatrist: $223,894.
  • Dentist: $217,945.
  • Orthodontist: $214,007.
  • Physician: $196,567.
  • Pediatrician: $191,632.
  • Family medicine physician: $190,766.

What is the highest paid job in Georgia?

How much does a Highest make in Atlanta, Georgia? As of May 26, 2022, the average annual pay for the Highest jobs category in Atlanta is $111,843 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $53.77 an hour. This is the equivalent of $2,151/week or $9,320/month.

What is the best salary for Atlanta?

High Demand Occupations
  • Advertising Sales Agent.
  • Audio and Video Equipment Technician.
  • Bill and Account Collector.
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerk.
  • Claims Adjuster, Examiner, and Investigator.
  • Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerk.
  • Insurance Sales Agent.
  • Office Manager.

What jobs are in demand in Atlanta Georgia?

High Demand Occupations
  • Advertising Sales Agent.
  • Audio and Video Equipment Technician.
  • Bill and Account Collector.
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerk.
  • Claims Adjuster, Examiner, and Investigator.
  • Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerk.
  • Insurance Sales Agent.
  • Office Manager.

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