30 Effective Value Proposition Examples

Not quite a slogan, not quite a mission statement; a value proposition is your chance to tell your target market what makes you better than everyone else.

Your value proposition brings together your customers’ wants, needs, and fears with your product’s benefits and features. But your value prop shouldn’t just be a list of features… It needs to be excellent copywriting that captures your audience’s attention, using their language and tells them in a few short, simple phrases why they should buy from you rather than your competitors.

A great or poor value proposition can be the key decider in whether a customer will dive deeper into your website or hit the “back” button, so it’s vital you get this right.

7 of the Best Value Proposition Examples We’ve Ever Seen
  • Uber – The Smartest Way to Get Around. …
  • Apple iPhone – The Experience IS the Product. …
  • Unbounce – A/B Testing Without Tech Headaches. …
  • Slack – Be More Productive at Work with Less Effort. …
  • Digit – Save Money Without Thinking About It.

5 Value Proposition Examples Copy & Use That Engage Prospects and Close Deals

Value proposition examples

A value proposition is important to a brands overall marketing message and customer acquisition goals. Here are a few shortened versions of the best value proposition examples:


Mailchimp promises to solve one of the biggest pain points of business owners: to send better emails. Their proposition also caters to the smaller business, providing them with the tools they need to achieve big goals or ideas.

Value proposition: Marketing smarts for big ideas


Unbounces value proposition is making it easy for customers to build landing pages and pop-ups. They recognized that many small business owners do not have the design skills to create high-converting, beautiful landing pages.

Value proposition: Convert more customers


Pagely addresses two pain points for larger businesses—the difficulty of scaling and the importance of security. They also have a secondary value proposition to reassure potential customers that they are a trustworthy partner. This brand uses social proof to convince its potential customers of their capabilities.

Value proposition: We help big brands scale and secure WordPress
Secondary value proposition: Your peace of mind starts here


Vimeo proposes that it gives consumers the ability to easily design and share high-quality videos. With Vimeos simple tools, they offer the assurance that they can help both aspiring and experienced videographers make quality content.

Value proposition: The power of video at your fingertips


EveryPlates message is simple: they deliver pre-measured ingredients for simple recipes to make meal preparation easy and affordable for everyone. Their value proposition is that they give their customers options for delicious and affordable meals, which are then delivered directly to their customers doors. Moreover, they assure customers that they will save time by avoiding trips to the grocery store and time in the kitchen, as the home-cooked meals are intended to be ready to eat in 30 minutes.

Value proposition: Make affordable crowd-pleasing meals at home


Ubers value proposition is focused on offering unbeatable convenience to consumers who are unhappy with a typical taxicab experience. With Uber, users can schedule rides conveniently through an app and the payment is entirely cashless.

Value proposition: Offering unbeatable convenience


Lyft differentiates itself from Uber by focusing its value proposition on its different options. Users select from the ride that best meets their mood. They also emphasize the time savings that users can enjoy with the service, promising to match users with a ride that gets them where they need to go on time.

Value proposition: Select the ride to suit your mood


Simplicity is a primary theme within Slacks value proposition. The tool is easy to use and with its many integrations, is almost guaranteed to fit into a companys communication workflow.

Value proposition: Making working lives pleasant, simple and productive


DuckDuckGo is an internet search company that allows users to avoid personalized search engine results and protect their privacy online. What makes DuckDuckGos value proposition particularly strong is that it tells you what it doesnt do: track and share your personal information.

Value proposition: A search engine that doesnt track you


Vanguards message combines a sense of togetherness and an updated process of investing. By catering to investors who have not previously traded in the market or funded their own retirement accounts, they created a culture based on serving investors first and helping them reach their goals.

Value proposition: Together we are changing the way the world invests

Capital One 360

Capital One 360 shares a value proposition that is focused on simplifying banking services and offering products and services that fit the lives of consumers, ultimately offering an entirely new way of banking.

Value proposition: This is banking reimagined


Coursera speaks to the consumers who may consider education as one of their steps toward success, making it easy to achieve success with online classes. They make it easy to learn new skills, earn a degree, prepare for a high-demand field or provide an on-demand training program for your entire team.

Value proposition: Your course to success


Evernote makes it easy for users to capture their ideas and find them fast, accessing them from any location. Its value proposition is that users can synch their notes to all of their devices and express themselves with formatting tools that help them write how they think.

Value proposition: Accomplish more with better notes


Intuit aims to help people manage their financial lives in an organized way. Their proposition clearly gets this point across by ensuring confidence when it comes to finances. They also support these claims with guarantees, giving customers the feeling that there is no risk to trying out their brand.

Value proposition: Have complete financial confidence


WordPresss value proposition is focused on the idea that building a website doesnt have to be complicated. With its professionally designed themes, users can easily create a great website of any kind with no manuals, no complex coding, and, ultimately, no limits.

Value proposition: Build simply


TikTok offers the value of improving their consumers day by making them laugh, cry and interact with strangers from all over the world. Additional claims “Real people, real videos” remind users that they can interact with people just like them.

Value proposition: Make your day


Bitlys value is in providing branded links that inspire trust, increase the number of clicks and provide data to help you grow your brand. As the company notes, they are more than just a link shortener.

Value proposition: Short links, big results


HotelsByDays value proposition is that users can book a day stay in just minutes, regardless of whether they need a last-minute hotel, early check-in, late check-out or whatever else their schedule demands. They create a layer of flexibility for guests who want to use hotel rooms during the day and at a cheaper rate than a night stay.

Value proposition: Flexible stays


Deltas value proposition is that they maintain a higher standard in an industry thats known for high added fees and ever-decreasing legroom. They became the first airline to offer all in-flight entertainment for free and even when theyre conveying a generic message, like “were big,” they use evidence to convey an impactful value proposition.

Value proposition: A higher standard


Realtor.com shares a value proposition that recognizes the perfect home varies from one individual to the next. Their message instills a sense of confidence that their team will be able to find their clients dream homes. They continue to claim that users can search confidently using their database.

Value proposition: Lets find a home thats perfect for you


Skillshare uses a proposition to encourage its users to get creative and explore their interests. When users join Skillshare they can learn more about their existing passions, explore new interests and discover what inspires them.

Value proposition: Explore your creativity


Classpasss value proposition is that users can save money and enjoy added convenience by signing up for fitness classes or scheduling beauty appointments from its app, as opposed to accepting the cost of multiple memberships.

Value proposition: One membership, for fitness, wellness and beauty


Spotify actually has several different value propositions, including accessibility, customization, pricing and performance. On its convenient app, you can access millions of new and classic songs and podcast episodes, create and share playlists and, with the premium version, even download and listen to music offline.

Value proposition: Accessibility and customization


Grubhub promises to help users save time and energy by ordering food online quickly and easily from a wide range of different restaurants. Users can also conveniently track their delivery right to their door.

Value proposition: Conveniently order food from wherever you are


Canvas value proposition is focused on the concept that anyone can create professional-looking designs. The graphic design platform makes it easy to use to create social media graphics, posters, presentations and other visual content.

Value proposition: Design anything


Patagonia has a value proposition that focuses on making lasting products so that its customers can live in more environmentally responsible ways.

Value proposition: Making lasting products


Puma has developed a reputation for clothing the worlds fastest athletes. Their value proposition reminds customers of this fact while simultaneously playing on customer aspirations of improving their own workout goals.

Value proposition: Forever faster


Mirrors value proposition is that customers can enjoy a home gym with a small physical footprint. When turned off, the product is simply a full-length mirror. When powered on, users can enjoy yoga, cardio, strength training classes, Pilates and more—with new workouts added weekly.

Value proposition: The nearly invisible home gym


Simple and to the point, VRBO has become one of the leaders in the vacation rental industry. Their value proposition lets travelers know that there is a property waiting for them to book and that they can find and book one at the click of a button.

Value proposition: Find the perfect vacation rental


Mints value proposition is to help make different budgeting tools come together for a comprehensive financial plan that will help its users get a grasp on their bills.

Value proposition: Its all coming together

What is a value proposition?

A value proposition is a service or feature that is used to attract customers to a brand. It is usually in the form of an offer or incentive that encourages customers to buy a product. It tells customers what a brand has to offer. This might include information on how a product works, how the customer can benefit and why the brands value is better than other options that might be available currently. A good value proposition is clear, speaks to the intended target audience, is relevant to the brand and provides value.

Example of a full value proposition

Here is an example of a full value proposition:


Value proposition: Anyone, anywhere, can start a business

If you continue scrolling on Shopifys page, you can also find a deeper explanation of what this value consists of and why it is important to customers. They also use these secondary value propositions that support their initial claim of anyone being able to start a business:

Shopify uses this set of propositions to confirm that they can help any consumer, regardless of their experience level, start their own business. Their proposition also highlights the point that they will be with business owners every step of the way, instilling a sense of confidence in entrepreneurs. This proposition is concise, encourages aspiring business owners to start a business, while also encouraging small business owners to find their presence online.

This proposition is unique and sets them apart from their competitors, both important features of a value proposition. Customers know what to expect and why they should consider Shopify for their online business needs. Looking further at this value proposition, it also appears that Shopify understands its customers. By using phrases like empowering business owners, they tap into the fear and confusion that a lot of new business owners may feel. Their value proposition communicates that they provide business owners with the tools they need and the confidence and knowledge that is needed for a successful business.


What are three value propositions?

A value proposition is a simple statement that summarizes why a customer would choose your product or service. It communicates the clearest benefit that customers receive by giving you their business.

What are the four value propositions?

For each type, you can compose different value proposition statements. The value that you deliver can typically impact your clients on three different levels – technical, business, and personal. At the lowest level, you offer technical value.

What is Nike’s value proposition?

There are four distinct types of value propositions you should know about when optimizing your store.
  • Your company value proposition. …
  • Your homepage value proposition. …
  • Your category value propositions. …
  • Your product value propositions.

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