25 High Paying Jobs You Can Get With a Child Development Degree

After all, in 2018, America was already home to 73.4 million young people under 18. And by 2050, that number could rise by an additional 4.8 million, according to the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics. Plus, just think of the extra support that kids require in comparison to adults. They are in the earliest stages of their development. So each child relies on a diverse assortment of adult professionals—either directly or indirectly.

Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education Jobs
  • Head Start (Preschool) Teacher. Median Annual for this early childhood education salary: $29,780. …
  • Teacher’s Aid. …
  • Nanny. …
  • Grant Writer. …
  • Early Childhood Special Education Teacher. …
  • Kindergarten Teacher. …
  • Preschool or Child Care Center Director. …
  • Early Childhood Education Professor.

Good-Paying Jobs That Involve Kids : Career Counseling

11 high-paying jobs you can get with a child development degree

Following are 11 high-paying jobs you can get with a degree in child development. Its important to note that some of these positions may require additional credentials, such as a certificate or graduate degree. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit indeed.com/salaries:

Primary duties: A preschool center director oversees the staff members and operations at a preschool. This may involve developing plans for the overall program, offering guidance to teachers, managing budgets and allocating program resources to various classes or educators.

Some preschools operate as part of a national chain or government-funded program. In these situations, principal center directors ensure that theyre complying with the companys internal policies or government regulations related to funding. For preschools that are privately owned and operated, preschool center directors work closely with the building owners. A preschool center directors other responsibilities may include providing training to new or current employees, meeting with parents or teachers to discuss their students progress and facilitating staff meetings.

Primary duties: Social workers help people fix, mitigate or cope with their personal challenges. These challenges may include substance abuse, domestic violence, chronic illnesses, traumatic injuries or mental illness. A social workers duties can vary based on their clients is needs, but may include evaluating their clients conditions, connecting clients to community resources, regularly checking in with their clients and maintaining diligent records.

Many social workers choose to work with people struggling with a particular issue, like addiction or behavioral challenges, or with a certain population, such as the elderly or those with mental health challenges. A social worker with a child development degree may prefer to become either a school social worker or a child and family social worker.

Primary duties: A child life specialist provides supportive services to children and their families experiencing difficult situations, such as terminal illness, a death within the family, disability or addiction. Child life specialists may find employment in places such as hospitals, courtrooms, grief-counseling groups, rehabilitation facilities or hospice programs.

Their primary goal is typically to advocate for and support both children and their families. A child life specialists job responsibilities can vary based on what their client needs and where they work. Their duties may include helping children understand these challenging situations, preparing children for surgery or other complex procedures, collaborating with health care professionals and planning special events designed to help their patients or raise funds.

Primary duties: Family therapists help their clients understand, improve or repair issues related to their interpersonal relationships, such as with their children, parents, partner or friends. Also called a marriage and family therapist, a family therapist might meet with their clients individually or with multiple family members, such as two spouses or a family with children.

Some family therapists may specialize in helping clients with a particular issue within their relationships, such as struggles in communicating effectively, coping with a traumatic event or managing psychological disorders. These licensed therapists also develop treatment plans, help clients set personal goals, provide references to community resources and maintain thorough and confidential records.

Primary duties: An elementary school teacher educates young children typically between the ages of six to 11. They teach these children foundational skills in subjects like language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Elementary school teachers typically develop the curriculum for these subjects while adhering to both internal school policies and any relevant government standard. While most elementary school teachers educate their students in a range of subjects, others may specialize in helping students develop a particular skill set, such as in physical education or music.

An elementary school teacher also helps students foster their behavioral and social abilities, such as by creating a welcoming classroom environment. Specific duties can vary based on the grade they teach, but typically include leading classroom discussion, grading assignments, evaluating each students individual abilities and using different teaching methods to meet each students learning style.

Primary duties: A post-secondary education teacher teaches students at an academic institution about how to become educators themselves. This may involve reading lectures or classroom discussions, creating course curriculum, grading essays or tests and meeting with students individually to discuss their progress. Also called education professors, post-secondary education teachers may conduct innovative research related to educational principles or strategies in addition to their teaching responsibilities. Education professors involved in research might also give academic presentations or publish scholarly books.

Additional responsibilities of post-secondary education teachers may include applying for grants, serving as a member of an academic committee and attending conferences in their field. Post-secondary education teachers with a degree in child development may prefer to specialize in teaching courses related to early childhood education.

Primary duties: A preschool special education teacher teaches children under five years old who have physical, emotional, developmental or learning disabilities. Preschool special education teachers adapt academic lesson plans and learning approaches to make them more accessible to preschool students with disabilities. They also support these students in fostering their emotional, language, behavioral and fine motor skills.

These special education teachers might assist in a preschool class with both neurotypical and special needs students or teach a class that focuses exclusively on the needs of students with disabilities. A preschool special education teachers other job duties might include helping to develop a students individualized education program (IEP), collaborating with other preschool staff members, providing regular progress reports to parents and incorporating adaptive tools or technologies into their classroom environment.

Primary duties: A technical writer plans, composes and edits written materials on complex subjects using an easy-to-understand style. These written materials may include instruction manuals, articles, pages for frequently asked questions and how-to guides. Technical writers may create written documents published in print, online or both. They often conduct research, such as by talking to experts or evaluating product samples, before they begin writing.

Some technical writers specialize in grant writing, which refers to creating grant proposals requesting funding from government agencies or nonprofits. A professional with a child development degree may be most interested in working as a grant writer for an organization that helps children, such as a preschool, childrens hospital or community center.

Primary duties: A curriculum leader develops the overall learning objectives, plans and strategies for an educational institution. Curriculum leaders might create and help implement their curricula within a specific school or on a larger scale, such as for a school district or state. They often help facilitate communications between teachers and administrative staff members, like principals or district superintendents. A curriculum leaders job responsibilities may include conducting research on current student learning outcomes within their school or district, offering teachers individual guidance on their lesson plans, creating developmental opportunities for educators and allocating resources to different students or classes.

Primary duties: Speech-language pathologists help people who have challenges or conditions related to communicating or swallowing. A speech-language pathologist can diagnose and provide treatment for communication issues caused by conditions such as strokes, brain damage, Parkinsons or hearing loss. Depending on their clients needs, speech-language pathologists can help others learn to enunciate more clearly, express their needs, minimize stuttering, exercise better control their throat movements or modulate their vocal pitch.

These professionals may find employment in a range of places, including schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities or rehabilitation centers. A speech-language pathologist with a degree in child development may prefer to work with children who have communication or swallowing issues, such as kids with autism or cleft palates.

Primary duties: Behavioral specialists specialize in treating children or adults with behavioral disorders that affect their learning abilities or social interactions. A behavioral specialists patients may struggle with traumatic events, such as addiction or bereavement, or have a neurological condition or mental health issue.

Behavioral specialists evaluate the effects of an individuals behaviors on their professional or personal lives, implement personalized behavioral treatment plans and help patients learn to cope with everyday situations. They also frequently collaborate with others involved in the patients life, such as educators or social workers. A behavioral specialist may find employment opportunities at schools, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care programs or government agencies.

14 more high-paying jobs you can get with a child development degree

Following are 14 more high-paying jobs you may want to consider pursuing if you have a degree in child development:


What is the highest paying job in child development?

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

As one of the highest paying jobs in early childhood education, special education teachers who work in the field of early childhood education have the potential to make nearly six figures per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

What are 3 different careers you could have in early childhood education?

What Can You Do With an Early Childhood Education Degree?
  • Preschool Teacher.
  • Kindergarten & Elementary School Teacher.
  • Nanny.
  • Childcare Center Director.
  • Childcare Worker.
  • Special Education Teacher.
  • School Counselor or Psychologist.

What is a career in child development?

Careers in child development give professionals the opportunity to work with children from birth through adolescence and understand how they emotionally, mentally, and physically develop over time. Myriad jobs can be found in this growing field, including in clinical care, education, and research settings.

Is early childhood development a good career?

Committing to an early childhood education career means you could help young learners reap long-term benefits, from success in elementary school to potential lifelong earnings. You may even be able to play a part in ensuring those children are less likely to have run-ins with the law as adults.

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