20 School Position Titles (With Salaries and Job Descriptions)

Are you thinking about becoming a high school or middle school teacher, either as your first job or as a complete change in your career trajectory? How about a different job working in a school? There are plenty of occupations to choose from within the education industry.

Does Title Matter when Applying for Jobs?

What are school positions?

There are often many different departments within a school, which creates different job opportunities for those interested in working in an educational setting. Many people wishing to work in a school may choose to become teachers and work directly with students, but there are other necessary jobs, too. Schools typically offer administrative and managerial positions, as well as physical and technical work.

20 school position titles

Here are 20 different jobs you can pursue in a school, with salary information and job descriptions:

Primary duties: Custodians ensure that school buildings and facilities are properly cleaned and maintained. They clean classrooms, bathrooms, floors and offices. School custodians also maintain equipment and keep classrooms, bathrooms and gyms properly stocked with necessary equipment.

Primary duties: Teaching assistants help teachers in a classroom by working individually with students, implementing lesson plans and monitoring students progress. Teaching assistants also help with administrative tasks such as taking attendance, grading tests and administering assignment plans.

Primary duties: Food service workers in schools prepare and serve meals to students. They are responsible for maintaining and overseeing the cleanliness of cafeteria and kitchen areas. They may also sell food items to students and process payments.

Primary duties: In elementary and primary schools, teachers generally teach one class of students each day about all subjects. In middle school and above, teachers typically specialize in one subject and teach students in-depth lessons. They plan curricula, assign homework, grade tests and instruct classes.

Primary duties: Crossing guards help students safely board buses and cross streets at the beginning and end of school days. They direct traffic and encourage cars to stop or drive slowly in school zones. Crossing guards work for different types of schools but are most common in schools with younger students who typically require more assistance to safely cross streets.

Primary duties: A coach works within a schools athletic department, holds tryouts for certain teams and selects a team of athletes from a schools student population. School coaches work with these students to develop their skills, and they also schedule matches against other schools throughout a season. A coach may be responsible for coaching one team, but some coaches coach a different team during each season.

Primary duties: School bus drivers drive students to and from school by arriving and departing from designated bus stops. They may also work additional shifts to drive students home from extracurricular activities. Bus drivers are responsible for maintaining a clean and safe environment on their buses and safely transporting students.

Primary duties: An academic coordinator oversees the academic affairs of a school. They work with teachers to implement curricula and ensure that students are learning and performing well. Academic coordinators also implement new technology and resources in classrooms.

Primary duties: An academic adviser typically works at a college but may also work in a high school setting. They advise students about academic decisions, including majors, study programs and classes. Academic advisors oversee a students educational goals and assist them with creating a class schedule.

Primary duties: A groundskeeper maintains a schools outdoor areas by trimming lawns, watering bushes, planting flowers and cleaning sidewalks. Groundskeepers also maintain outdoor sports fields such as football and soccer fields. In the winter, groundskeepers may also be responsible for snow and ice removal from parking lots and walkways.

Primary duties: A maintenance technician performs routine maintenance and emergency repairs within school facilities. They address heating and cooling, lighting, plumbing and other issues that require maintenance. They may also perform general cleaning duties during and after a school day.

Primary duties: A school nurse provides health care to students and staff within a school. They evaluate sick students, administer treatment and provide guidance on whether a students sickness should warrant them leaving school. They also treat injuries that occur due to physical activities or accidents.

Primary duties: A webmaster is responsible for developing and maintaining school websites. Some of their duties include writing programming code and performing system tests on school websites. They also work with website providers and school officials to ensure that websites are running efficiently and update them with new information.

Primary duties: A special education teacher works with students who have disabilities to provide instruction and guidance. They create learning plans, monitor students progress and provide social and emotional support for students.

Primary duties: Registrars typically work in college and university settings. They assist students who want to enroll or withdraw from classes. They also process applications for students regarding study abroad trips or exchange programs. Registrars maintain all student records including grades and transcripts and organize this information.

Primary duties: A guidance counselor provides support for students who have personal or educational concerns. They offer students resources and help students develop solutions. Guidance counselors may also work with two or more students simultaneously to resolve conflicts.

Primary duties: An athletic director oversees the entire athletic department of a school. They manage coaches, team activities and sporting events. An athletic director works with a schools budget to allocate funds to different teams and activities. They also implement policies and regulations and ensure that all sports programs are functioning properly.

Primary duties: A vice principal works closely with a principal to oversee a schools operations. They help a principal implement school policies, and they meet with a school board and other community leaders to discuss educational practices and budgetary matters.

Primary duties: A school superintendent oversees the operations of an entire school district. They coordinate with members of each school in their district to create long-term plans. Superintendents work closely with school board members to make decisions about schools, such as creating new policies and building new school facilities.

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What is the hierarchy of a school?

The hierarchy begins with the principal, then the teaching staff, school secretary, teachers’ aides, cafeteria workers and ends with custodians.

What is the top position in a school?

  1. Superintendents. Superintendents are the Chief Executive Officers of schools. …
  2. School Principals. …
  3. Chief Academic Officers. …
  4. Academic Deans or Postsecondary Education Administrators. …
  5. Assistant Principal. …
  6. Instructional Coordinators. …
  7. Librarians. …
  8. Secondary School Teachers and College Professors.

What are some fancy job titles?

A job title is a specific designation of a post within an organization, normally associated with a job description that details the tasks and responsibilities that go with it.

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