20 Campus Jobs You Can Pursue

On-campus jobs are a great way to gain skills and experience to support your career development.

To be eligible for on-campus employment, you must be an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral student who is:

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Top 20 campus jobs for college students

While the following salaries are the national average for each role, pay rate and benefits may depend on your school, the office you work for, the hours you work and your previous experience. Some roles may even be eligible for work-study, which is a federal student employment program where you are awarded a certain amount of money toward tuition and fees each semester in return for working in a campus job. Other roles may pay you through a scholarship or stipend rather than a regular paycheck.

Take a look at the top 20 campus jobs that you can find at your school:

Primary Duties: An usher greets audience members, collects tickets and sees people to their seats for a variety of live performances, like concerts, sporting events and theater. These student workers may serve as an usher at a stadium or gymnasium where they host student sporting events, concerts and comedy shows or at a campus theater for concerts, plays and other live performances. Ushers may also be responsible for cleaning the theater or stadium after events and preparing the stadium before events, too.

Primary Duties: A student ambassador represents their school or organization to prospective students, campus personnel and visitors to the school at various events. They may also be responsible for planning, setting up and managing events, recruiting peers and represent students in meetings with university staff and administration. This student worker typically works for an admissions office, alumni relations department or a club or organization.

Primary Duties: A barista is foodservice and customer service professional who creates coffee, tea and juice drinks for customers. They take customer orders, recommend products, prepare drinks and food, run the cash register and keep the prep and dining areas clean. These student employees may work in an on-campus coffee shop, cafe or restaurant serving other students, campus personnel and visitors.

Primary Duties: A lifeguard monitors guests in swimming pool areas, ensuring swimmers follow rules regarding running, diving, jumping and other activities. They are trained and prepared to save any guest in potential danger, including preventing drowning, performing CPR and providing first-aid for minor injuries. In some roles, a lifeguard may also lead swimming lessons and water safety courses, too. These student workers typically serve in a schools swimming facility or fitness center.

Primary Duties: A resident assistant is a student worker who lives in a dormitory and oversees a group of on-campus students. They enforce dorm and school rules, plan engaging events for their group, provide guidance on navigating college life and offering emotional support to students. Typically, these student workers have lived on campus for at least one semester and have completed their first year of college.

Primary Duties: A teaching assistant helps professors and lecturers prepare for lessons, set up classroom equipment and monitor student attendance. Many teaching assistant positions require the student to be a top performer in the subject the professor or lecturer teaches, that way the student teaching assistant is prepared to answer questions from students in class, hold breakout sessions with small groups and grade homework, papers, exams and projects.

Primary Duties: A student research assistant helps a professor or doctoral fellow with their research project, taking on responsibilities like organizing documents and reports, proofreading drafts of a study, collecting and analyzing samples, cataloging samples and providing any other assistance as necessary. These student workers typically must be proficient in the field or topic the professor or fellow is researching to provide the most relevant and effective support.

Primary Duties: In a college or university setting, a social media assistant—or social media intern—may be responsible for writing social media copy, planning and executing social media campaigns, reviewing analytics, engaging with online audiences and moderating comments. There are many opportunities for a social media assistant or intern role on campus, including for university admissions, student sports teams, academic colleges and departments, student organizations, alumni relations and student events and entertainment.

Primary Duties: An IT assistant may be responsible for installing, updating, troubleshooting and maintaining computer networks or digital technology at the university. They may respond to IT tickets across the campus, fixing computers, classroom technology and mobile devices. Under the supervision of more senior IT professionals, such as the IT help desk associates and IT specialists, these student workers can apply the skills and knowledge they learn in their computer engineering, programming and information systems classes in a practical setting.

Primary Duties: A library assistant helps librarians to catalog books, periodicals, research publications and other materials and resources and locate and provide resources to students and faculty. In some roles, this student worker may work at the circulation desk, checking out books and resources for patrons and collecting materials that have been returned.

Primary Duties: This student position involves setting up, managing and cleaning up after an on-campus event, such as a student performance, a dance, concert or other live performance. These roles typically require technical and lighting experience for operating lights and sound equipment. This role work for a student engagement services office, student organizations, admissions or alumni relations, among others.

Primary Duties: This foodservice role is responsible for setting up catered food, keeping the food fresh, serving portions to guests, taking meal and drink orders, bringing food to tables and bussing tables. A catering server role typically works for the universitys foodservice vendor and can work at a variety of campus events or even in the campus dining halls.

Primary Duties: In a college or university setting, an administrative assistant manages the front desk, greeting visitors, answering phone calls and emails, filing paperwork and completing any other administrative support tasks for the office. These student workers often work under the supervision of senior administrative support staff or the staff and faculty who run the office. With so many offices and departments in a college or university, there are many options for this student worker role.

Primary Duties: A mailroom clerk sorts incoming and outgoing mail for an office, building or dormitory. In some roles, this student worker may be responsible for delivering mail and packages to various staff and faculty members across the campus, monitoring student package pickups and collecting mail from various offices and departments. Some of the most common places to find this campus job include the dorms, admissions, academic colleges or departments and administration.

Primary Duties: A campus tour guide walks prospective students and their families around the campus, providing information about each building and location, giving their perspective on campus life and answering questions about programs, activities and opportunities. These student workers help the admissions department highlight the schools best features from a students point of view, which helps incoming students become acquainted with the school and excited to attend.

Primary Duties: A graduate assistant is a student worker who is pursuing a masters or doctoral degree. They can work in nearly any office or department on campus, and their responsibilities can vary depending on where they work. Some graduate assistants help professors teach classes or conduct research, run special programs and events, provide office support or serve in a role unique to the department they work for.

Primary Duties: A student security escort works with the college police department to provide additional surveillance of campus locations and walk students to and from various areas to promote a safe environment. These student workers may also assist campus police officers in enforcing safety rules, such as jaywalking and proper bicycle etiquette.

Primary Duties: In a college or university setting, a fitness instructor may work at the campus gym and fitness center, hosting classes in one or a few types of guided exercise. Depending on the student workers experience, training and relevant certification, they might teach yoga, Pilates, cycling, boxing or Zumba.

Primary Duties: A peer tutor is a student worker who works one-on-one and in small groups with fellow students, guiding them through challenging principles and concepts in a specific subject, like math, science or writing. Typically, this student worker is employed in the schools tutoring center, academic success office or library, or they may choose to work independently.

Primary Duties: A student editor works for the campus newspaper or magazine, leading a group of staff writers, pitching story ideas, conducting research and interviews and proofreading articles. They may also design and organize the paper or magazines layout for publishing and coordinate printing and delivery.

Tips for finding and getting a campus job

With so many options for campus jobs, here are some key steps when searching, applying and interviewing for these roles:


What jobs can you do on campus?

Top On-Campus Jobs for College Students
  • The Benefits of Working On Campus. Tom Merton / Getty Images. …
  • Barista. If you’re up for the hustle-and-bustle of a college café, consider working as a barista. …
  • Mail Room Attendant. …
  • Library Attendant. …
  • Teaching Assistant. …
  • Administrative Assistant. …
  • Research Assistant. …
  • Campus Ambassador.

What campus jobs pay the best?

The Top 10 Highest Paying On-Campus Jobs
  • Tutoring. $20-40/hour. …
  • Computer Technician. $25/hour. …
  • Fitness Trainer. $20/hour. …
  • Bank Teller. $18/hour. …
  • Professor’s or Administrative Assistant.

What does it mean to work on campus?

“On-campus” means you can work at all the buildings on your school campus. If your school has more than one campus, you may only work at the campus where you’re studying in most cases. You can work at other locations if. you’re working as a teaching or research assistant and.

How do I apply for a college campus job?

The best way to find on-campus jobs are to start looking everywhere you can think of. You can contact your school’s Human Resources department to see which other departments are hiring. Many schools have dedicated part of their website to student work study programs, where they list jobs that are available.

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