18 Jobs for Free Spirts (With Salaries and Job Descriptions)

A free spirit is an independent thinker who enjoys creativity or flexibility. They may be interested in roles that allow them the opportunity to design new things, explore different locations or work in a unique environment. Learning more about job opportunities that allow for remote work, flexible schedules and innovation could help you find an opportunity that’s right for you. In this article, we list 18 jobs that are great for free-spirited individuals.

18 jobs for free spirits

Here are 18 jobs to consider if you are a free spirit looking for a creative or flexible role:

Primary Duties: A hairstylist works in a salon and provides a variety of hair services for customers. They cut, design, color, dry and style hair. They may also discuss the best hair care products and practices with clients, build client relationships and market their services.

Primary Duties: A teacher is an education professional who provides instructions for students. Their daily duties can include writing lesson plans, designing learning activities, creating assessments and teaching students. Free spirits might enjoy the creative process of designing new materials and lessons in certain teaching roles.

Primary Duties: A blogger is a professional who creates content for a blog. They may design their own blog, work freelance for multiple clients or work for an organization. Their duties can include creating a layout for the blog, writing articles, editing content and selecting images for each post.

Primary Duties: A personal trainer is a certified professional who guides individuals through a workout program. They show clients how to perform new exercises, design customized workout plans and ensure clients exercise with proper form. They may also create nutrition plans and track client progress. They can work for a gym or work independently. This job often has flexible hours, and free spirits might enjoy rotating to different locations and creating new routines.

Primary Duties: Producers are professionals who supervise and direct a project. They can work in art, film, music or television. Their duties can vary depending on their role and the size of the project, but common duties include collaborating with a production team, planning projects, creating budgets and managing the editing process. They use creativity when designing new productions, and they may independently choose the projects they want to work on.

Primary Duties: A photographer is an artist who uses a camera to capture pictures of people, food and landscapes. They may work for an organization or they might run their own studio. They can specialize in certain types of photography such as weddings, fine art or commercial advertisements. Their daily duties include taking photos, editing images and marketing their photos or services.

Primary Duties: Chefs are culinary professionals who prepare food for a restaurant, organization or private kitchen. Their daily duties can include managing kitchen staff, designing a menu and creating new meals. They may also train new kitchen staff members and communicate with vendors to purchase fresh ingredients.

Primary Duties: A gardener is a professional who tends plants for a living. They may work independently, in a garden center or as part of a landscaping team. They monitor and care for a variety of plants. Their duties can include planting new seeds, watering garden beds, fertilizing plants and weeding an area. This role can be a great opportunity for free spirits who want to work outside of a traditional office.

Primary Duties: Freelance writers are self-employed professionals who produce written content for clients. They may specialize in a certain area such as food or marketing. Their daily responsibilities can include networking with clients, drafting articles, editing documents and reviewing a clients style guide.

Primary Duties: Website designers create functional and visually appealing websites for various clients. They may meet with clients to discuss their style and goals, write code for a new website and collaborate with a design team of graphic designers and computer programmers.

Primary Duties: A graphic designer is an artist who creates visual content in digital forms. They may work on advertisements, logos, films, websites or other digital media. Their duties can include collaborating with a design team, selecting colors and fonts, using software to produce content and presenting designs to clients or teams.

Primary Duties: A musician is an artist who specializes in singing or playing an instrument. They may perform music independently or as part of a band or orchestra. Their daily duties can include practicing music, writing songs and performing music for an audience. They can use creativity and innovation to design new music and write songs.

Primary Duties: A fitness instructor leads a group exercise activity. They may specialize in a certain type of exercise, such as dance, yoga or spinning. They may plan and design classes, provide group instruction and motivate fitness students. Fitness instructors can work at one or multiple locations, and they may design their own schedules and routines.

Primary Duties: An interior designer works with clients and team members to create new designs for commercial or residential buildings. They meet with clients to discuss a desired style and budget at the start of a new project. They can draw design plans, make color theme selections and collaborate with building professionals. This role allows free spirits the chance to create new designs and projects. They may choose all elements of a project including the paint, lighting, layout and furniture.

Primary Duties: Virtual assistants are administrative professionals who complete tasks remotely. They answer calls, create schedules, proofread documents and organize information databases for their clients. This role allows free spirits to work remotely or travel while working.

Primary Duties: A social media specialist creates and administers a social media account. They can work for an organization or may work independently for a variety of clients. Their duties can include writing new posts, taking photos, analyzing the market and target audience and communicating with followers. In this role, free spirits can design new content, and they may create their own schedules.

Primary Duties: An art director oversees visual elements and designs for a production. They may work on publications, films or products. Their daily duties can include selecting visual layouts, choosing images for a project, creating style guides and collaborating with photographers and designers.

Primary Duties: A travel nurse is a medical professional who works on assignments at different hospitals or healthcare organizations. They rotate to hospitals that need additional nurses. This career requires specific education and training, but once licensed, travel nurses can live in different locations and explore the country. This can be a great choice for free spirits interested in travel and the healthcare industry.

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