17 Best Jobs for Introverts Without a Degree

Being an introvert means you prefer to work alone, but it may also mean that you’ve mastered skills like attention to detail, active listening and focus, which extroverted professionals may not have. You can use your introverted nature and related skills to find a job that involves independent work, even if you don’t have a degree. In this article, we explore some of the best jobs for introverts without a degree, so you can find a career that appeals to your personality and qualifications.

Best jobs for introverts without a degree

Here are 17 positions for introverts that you can pursue without a degree:

Primary duties: An animal trainer works with house pets, service animals and horses on basic obedience and tricks, house training, performance and competition, security or assisting people with disabilities. Depending on the animals they train and in what specialties, animal trainers are typically responsible for teaching pets manners, instructing dogs in security and search techniques, leading training classes, studying animal behavior and caring for animals. These professionals can work in kennels, shelters, human society, entertainment production companies, law enforcement training agencies or their own small businesses.

Primary duties: A janitor cleans and maintains public spaces like schools, hospitals, office buildings and government buildings. They may be responsible for completing routine maintenance tasks, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and rooms, taking out garbage and recycling, washing windows and keeping sidewalks and yards clear. Depending on their responsibilities, they may operate machinery like mowers and polishers and handle hazardous material.

Primary duties: A dog walker, also referred to as a pet sitter, cares for clients pets by feeding, bathing, playing with and walking them while their owners are away. These animal care professionals may also help train pets to learn manners and tricks, provide them any necessary medication and spend longer periods of time with the animals. Dog walkers can work for kennels, shelters and animal care facilities or they may have their own small business.

Primary duties: A bookkeeper maintains a businesss financial records and helps manage its finances to collect money from clients or customers, pay employees and cover expenses. They may work alongside other finance professionals, like an accountant, or they may work alone to run reports on expenses, audit records to ensure there are no errors, handle cash and checks, manage invoices, process payroll and authorize payments to external parties, like vendors or credit organizations. For most of their work, they use bookkeeping or accounting software to organize records, run reports, reduce errors, streamline processes and automate payments.

Primary duties: A transcriptionist reviews live or recorded audio and converts it into a written format by typing out what they hear. These professionals may work in the medical, legal or general transcription fields. Depending on their field, they may transcribe physicians notes, medical examinations, patient visits, private legal proceedings, courtroom proceedings, interviews or speeches. For recorded audio, they typically use pedal equipment at their feet to rewind, pause and play audio, type quickly and with great accuracy and then review what theyve typed to make sure that there are no errors.

Primary duties: A photographer uses camera equipment to take photos of different subjects and settings. They can work independently and sell their photos, complete a commissioned or freelance project for a client, work for a publication or work at a studio taking photos of people. After taking photos, they use editing software to improve the features of the images, such as color correcting, adding in special effects or removing items.

Primary duties: A mechanic assesses, troubleshoots, diagnoses and fixes problems with vehicles, machinery or equipment. Their duties typically involve testing a machines operations, assessing damage or wear, identifying current or potential future issues, cleaning and replacing components and completing routine and preventative maintenance. Many mechanics specialize in fixing certain types of vehicles, such as automobiles, diesel trucks, motorcycles and boats, and certain kinds of machines, like factory machinery and construction equipment.

Primary duties: A freelance writer composes content like copywriting, web copy, blogs, white papers, social media copy and articles for clients. These professionals research the topics they write about, interview sources as necessary, product content per client requirements and style preferences, revise and edit per client suggestions and, occasionally, format and publish pieces on a clients behalf. Freelance writers choose their clients and work hours and must complete assigned work by a deadline. They may work for advertising or marketing companies, companies in need of content marketing and social media or publications like blogs, magazines and newspapers.

Primary duties: A graphic designer creates visual content assets for print and digital platforms, including magazines, newspapers, organizations, websites and social media. Theyre responsible for following client guidelines and specifications to make assets for advertisements, logos, blogs, videos, apps and product packaging. They conduct research for design inspiration, select fonts, colors and complementary assets for designs, use design software to draft assets, revise them per client feedback and present final products to clients or managers. These professionals can work for a companys design team or marketing department, or they may work freelance for a few different clients.

Primary duties: A plumber assesses, fixes, installs and maintains plumbing systems for residential and commercial buildings. For new construction, they review blueprints and current construction, plan out effective plumbing systems, install pipes, connect water, gas and waste management facilities and ensure adequate water pressure throughout the space. For existing construction, their job is to assess any damage or wear on pipes, fixtures, pumps and other elements of the plumbing system, troubleshoot and diagnose issues, replace or repair components and recommend preventative maintenance to keep the system working effectively for longer.

Primary duties: A carpenter is a construction professional who designs, builds, installs and repairs structures and frameworks for new and existing properties. They can work from blueprints to build frameworks in houses or buildings, construct outdoor buildings and fixtures like gazebos and pergolas, install bathroom and kitchen counters, cabinets, showers, tubs and other fixtures, put up molding and create custom pieces and fixtures for a space.

Primary duties: An artist creates artwork using a variety of mediums and sells their pieces to customers or clients. They may complete projects on commission for individuals or businesses, or they might create works on their own, display them in professional galleries, local shops or a personal gallery to sell them to shoppers and art collectors. Artists typically specialize in one or more mediums, including painting, drawing, handicrafts, sculpture, graffiti, interior design and graphic and digital art.

Primary duties: Also referred to as groundskeepers, landscape technicians are responsible for watering, fertilizing, trimming, mowing and planting in the yards and outdoor spaces of a home or building. They may work on properties that have gardens, greenhouses, golf courses, trails and large or small yards. A landscape technician may tend to flowers and trees, prune bushes and hedges, mowing lawns, weeding, applying herbicides, putting down sod and grass, cleaning up litter and shoveling snow to clear paths.

Primary duties: A programmer is a computer and software development professional who writes the code that powers apps, operating systems and device software. They use a variety of programming languages to make programs functional, test programs to identify and fix errors and bugs and use integrated development environments to promote accuracy and efficiency while coding. They may work independently and freelance on different projects with clients, or they may work for a companys development team. Those without a degree typically gain their skills from independent learning, self-guided training or a bootcamp program.

Primary duties: An HVAC installer assesses properties and their heating and cooling needs, makes a plan for installing a new HVAC system or replacing an old one. They may design and build brand new HVAC systems for new construction, or they may update or replace an old system in current construction. These professionals may also assess current systems, identify issues, replace or repair components, clean ducts, replace filters, complete other routine maintenance and recommend preventative measures or future upgrades to improve the propertys HVAC system.

Primary duties: A truck driver operates a large, diesel-powered cabin to haul trailers of goods from a vendor, manufacturer or supplier to another destination, such as a manufacturing plant, warehouse or store. Truck drivers plan delivery routes, communicate with dispatchers to optimize their route, use best commercial driving practices, drive for long hours, maneuver the trailer into delivery position and help with unloading as necessary. These professionals must earn a special vehicle operators license, learn how to drive commercial trucks safely and practice attaching and operating trailers.

Primary duties: A day trader buys and sells securities, stocks, bonds and other assets multiple times throughout the day. They review stock market shifts and trends, sell assets they believe have peaked for the day, buy assets that are at their lowest and sell all options so they carry no positions into the next day. These professionals conduct research, read industry publications, follow top businesses financial statuses and make informed decisions multiple times a day to turn a smaller investment into a much bigger one.

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