12 Best States for IT Jobs (With Salaries)

12 best states for IT jobs

Heres information on 12 top states for IT jobs, including major metropolitan regions, key industries and sample jobs. These states have earned their position on this list because they have several metropolitan technology hubs, a growing number of IT jobs and competitive pay for technology positions. The pay for IT positions in these states might depend on the cost of living in that area and the job level. For the most up-to-date salary information, click on the Indeed salaries page linked for each role below.

1. California

California is home to many IT, technological research and programming companies, making it one of the best states for IT professionals. While Silicon Valley might be the most well-known area for IT jobs, other major employment hubs include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Davis. In California, you might work in a range of technological fields, including computer programming, technological equipment manufacturing, telecommunications, professional services and artificial intelligence research. Heres information about some IT positions in California:

2. New York

There are many tech companies with locations in New York and the international trade and research development in New York City provides IT professionals throughout the state with high pay and competitive benefits. While New York City is the largest city in the state and the biggest tech hub, other cities like Rochester, Albany and Poughkeepsie also have a variety of IT firms. Tech companies in this state provide technological support for a wide range of industries including fintech, health care and manufacturing. Here are some IT jobs you might find in New York:

3. Virginia

Virginias tech hubs include the cities of Richmond, Alexandria, Falls Church and Reston. Because it borders the nations capital, northern Virginia is home to defense contractors, security firms and other organizations that provide IT support for government agencies. This region is called the Dulles Technology Corridor for its high number of technology jobs, competitive pay and advancement opportunities. Besides defense, key tech fields include health care, professional services and software programming. Here are some IT jobs in Virginia plus salary information:

4. Texas

The lower cost of living in Texas has caused many large IT firms to start branch locations in the state. In Texas, top cities for IT jobs include Austin, Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Some tech firms in Texas support the energy industry by providing logistics software and technical support for oil and natural gas extraction firms. Other companies focus on health care technology, telecommunications, software development, marketing services and other industries. Here are some IT jobs in Texas plus salary information:

5. Florida

Florida is a top state for IT jobs because of its wide range of related industries, global company headquarters and multiple tech hubs. Cities in Florida with thriving tech sectors include Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville. In Florida, tech companies might support a variety of industries, such as defense, aerospace, health care and manufacturing. Companies in the Orlando area might also provide tech support for resorts and entertainment companies. Here are some IT jobs in Florida plus salary information:

6. Washington

7. New Jersey

New Jerseys closeness to New York City has made it a hub for fintech and IT services that support the stock market and other international institutions in the city. The states lower cost of living compared to New York has made it an attractive location for many IT companies, which has increased the number of IT jobs. In New Jersey, popular cities for IT and technology companies include Newark, Jersey City and New Brunswick. The state is also home to branches of several international software development firms. Here are some IT jobs you might find in New Jersey:

8. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a top state for IT jobs because of its growing tech sector fueled by startup companies and branches of international corporations. There are a wide range of IT companies in Pennsylvania, including fintech companies, medical technology manufacturers, software development firms and supply chain logistics service providers. The states many universities also provide IT positions for entry-level, associate and senior technology professionals. Cities with thriving tech sectors include Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Erie and Harrisburg. Heres information about some in-demand IT positions in Pennsylvania:

9. Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, IT companies serve clients in many industries, including robotics, manufacturing, health care, software development and communications. The state is a top location for IT jobs because of the many research and development opportunities with universities, state agencies and international research firms. Many Massachusetts-based IT firms were founded by graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Boston is the states largest IT hub, but others include Lowell, Cambridge and Burlington. Heres information about some IT positions you might get with a Massachusetts-based company:

10. Illinois

The IT sector in Illinois, which started in Chicago, has expanded to include cities and suburbs surrounding the metroplex which offer a lower cost of living. You might get an IT position with companies in a wide range of industries including health care, manufacturing, software development and logistics. While Chicago is the largest center of IT companies in the state, other hubs include Naperville and DeKalb. The Illinois Technology and Research Corridor, a region that includes the Chicago metropolitan area, is home to many international technological and industrial corporations. Here are some IT jobs in Illinois:

11. North Carolina

North Carolina has a growing IT sector with companies that provide technological solutions for health care, manufacturing, agriculture and other industries, making it a top state for IT jobs. Many IT companies in the state operate from the Research Triangle, a region that includes Raleigh, Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill. These companies benefit from research opportunities with several large universities in the area. Other technology hubs include Charlotte, which is the states financial technology center, and Greensboro. Here are some IT jobs you might find in North Carolina:

12. Michigan

Michigan is a top state for IT jobs because this manufacturing center has begun to expand into advanced computer engineering and IT, attracting startups and large corporations. The states IT sector specializes in technological manufacturing support and cybersecurity programs. Other areas include health care technology, telecommunications and professional services. Detroit is the citys largest IT hub but others include Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids. Here are some IT jobs you might get at a Michigan-based company:

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