11 Types of Jobs in Organics

Organic Work

What are jobs in organics?

Jobs in organics are roles or positions that work with organic goods and produce. Many of these jobs can be found in agricultural environments, such as farms and ranches, where organic produce is grown or harvested and sold to consumers. However, there are other areas of organics that can offer different careers, including some office positions that help successfully run organic companies. These jobs can often be found in certain departments, such as marketing, sales and customer service, that provide companies and businesses with impressive tactics to help sell and advertise organic goods.

Types of jobs in organics

Here is a list of different jobs you can find in organics:

Primary duties: Farmers provide manual labor for different agricultural facilities, such as farms, greenhouses, ranches, nurseries and more. Throughout their workday they often cultivate, plant and harvest crops, and oversee the development of plants. They also help oversee livestock and their agricultural products. As they work, farmers might also have to use heavy equipment and machinery to help them fulfill their responsibilities.

Primary duties: Dietary supervisors often work in hospitals and other care facilities overseeing the creation and serving of food to staff, patients and guests. They also collaborate with nutritionists and other medical professionals to ensure that patients receive food according to their dietary needs. Sometimes, this can require the use of organic goods and products free of pesticides and other chemicals.

Primary duties: Customer service managers work to develop customer outreach campaigns for companies and businesses. Throughout their career, they often ensure that the companys brand and marketing strategies are efficient and informative, and work to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customer service managers can work for a variety of companies, including organic farms, organic produce stores and more.

Primary duties: Restaurant managers are in charge of the daily, and sometimes long-term operations of diners, cafes and other eateries. Their responsibilities can include hiring and training staff, overseeing food production, greeting customers and marketing the restaurant. The owners of the restaurant might hire managers to ensure the eatery runs smoothly, or the manager might own the restaurant themselves.

Primary duties: Ranch managers oversee the care and production of livestock animals in a farm or ranch facility. They often help to train farm and ranch hands, plan crop activities, such as planting or harvesting, and maintain accurate financial and operational ranch records for owners and senior-managers.

Primary duties: Food safety specialists work to ensure that food products are safe to consume for the general public. They work in different facilities observing the creation, packaging and distribution of food products being given to consumers. Food safety specialists might work for safety inspection companies or farms, ensuring that agricultural products meet quality standards.

Primary duties: Executive chefs often work in restaurant kitchens overseeing the production of food for customers. They often create or adjust the restaurant menu, hire and train kitchen staff and maintain the budget by estimating food and production costs. Executive chefs might work for organic restaurants, creating unique meals, or they might own the restaurant themselves.

Primary duties: Marketing managers work for a marketing department or company overseeing a team of marketers and advertisers. Throughout their workday, they often help to create impressive marketing campaigns, establish customer outreach goals and establish a strict advertising budget. Marketing managers can work for companies that produce or sell organic foods and specialty goods, helping them develop their brand and public awareness.

Primary duties: An agricultural specialist works with farmers to develop key practices that can stimulate agricultural growth and development. During their workday, they often consult with farmers and ranchers to help them decide on crop choices, harvesting, soil choices and more. Agricultural specialists can also work in colleges or universities studying different areas of agriculture and helping institutions secure funding for agricultural departments.

Primary duties: Landscape architects use their skills and knowledge of composition and the environment to create helpful designs for a variety of outdoor structures, such as parks, golf courses, gardens and farms. They often meet with clients to help them determine their vision for the project and then create models and drawings to help clients fulfill their goals. Landscape architects can work for organic farms, helping them create impressive agricultural designs to establish a productive business and environment.

Primary duties: Sales managers oversee a team of sales representatives and help them develop powerful selling strategies to boost a companys revenue. They often work to ensure businesses meet their sales goals by motivating the sales team with powerful initiatives, communicating with customers to understand their needs and developing sales reports for senior managers and executives. Sales managers can work for companies that create organic products, helping them establish a powerful sales approach to grow and succeed.

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