101 of the Highest-Paying Jobs in Wyoming (With Salaries)

Ever wonder who gets paid the most? Or how much your dentist makes for all the pain they put you through?

We had that same burning desire to know more about the highest paid professions in Wyoming. And if you can’t tell by that sentence, we’re a bit of what you’d call data nerds.

After the data science team did a thorough analysis of the data, we discovered that Anesthesiologist, Pain Management Specialist are the highest paid people in Wyoming.

14 of the highest-paying jobs in Wyoming
  • Dentist. …
  • Endocrinologist. …
  • Internal medicine physician. …
  • Neurologist. …
  • Family practice physician. Average salary: $313,344 per year. …
  • Surgeon. Average salary: $334,261 per year. …
  • Owner-operator. Average salary: $353,888 per year. …
  • Anesthesiologist. Average salary: $466,500 per year.

How are trade jobs in Wyoming?

14 of the highest-paying jobs in Wyoming

Heres some information about 14 of the highest paying jobs in Wyoming. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

Primary duties: Pharmacists are medical professionals who prepare prescriptions for customers. They interpret doctors orders for medicines, select the amount and answer patients questions about their medications. They also typically enforce safety guidelines and promote a sanitary work environment.

Primary duties: Executive vice presidents are business professionals who lead an organization in its pursuit of achieving financial and performance goals. Their responsibilities might include collaborating with other executives, making budgetary decisions and promoting a positive workplace culture. They typically also evaluate revenue and seek opportunities to reduce spending.

Primary duties: A chief executive officer (CEO) is usually functions as the primary executive personnel of an organization. They define their companys goals, approve business decisions and oversee marketing and business policies to remain competitive in their industry. They usually also guide other executives on decision-making strategies, represent the company publicly and communicate with stakeholders regarding internal progress.

Primary duties: Real estate agents work with clients to sell, buy or rent homes or commercial properties. Their duties typically include advising clients, evaluating clients financial situations, negotiating contracts, suggesting properties that may fit client needs and guiding clients through transactional paperwork. They typically collaborate with attorneys, lenders, decorators and appraisers to oversee a purchasing process.

Primary duties: Medical sales representatives partner with hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other care providers to sell them medicines and medical devices. They might perform tasks such as hosting meetings with sales leads, suggesting medical products that meet provider needs, negotiating prices and contracts and documenting sales. A medical sales rep usually follows up with clients to evaluate which products have worked well for them and ensures that clients remain updated on technological advances.

Primary duties: A pediatrician is a doctor who interacts with children and adolescents, offering comprehensive and preventive care. A pediatricians responsibilities typically include conducting physical exams, diagnosing common illnesses, administering immunizations and prescribing medications. They also typically facilitate communication with patients and their families, educating them about best practices for nutrition, sleep and other lifestyle habits.

Primary duties: Dentists are medical professionals who specialize in teeth, mouth, gum and jaw irregularities. They typically clean patients teeth, advise them about proper hygiene and care, diagnose mouth and gum conditions and input crowns, fillings and other devices to repair teeth. Dentists might also refer patients to orthodontists or oral surgeons for advanced concerns.

Primary duties: Endocrinologists are doctors who specialize in hormones. They treat patients with hormonal imbalances and are responsible for diagnosing imbalances and disorders, advising patients about managing their health conditions, making diet and lifestyle recommendations, conducting ultrasound biopsies and prescribing medicine. These professionals might also educate patients on issues such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypertension and infertility.

Primary duties: An internal medicine physician is a medical professional who provides comprehensive care, typically to adult patients. They might screen patients for diseases, evaluate lab testing results, prescribe treatments, administer immunizations and educate patients about their health. They might also offer preventive care, advising patients about healthy lifestyle choices and implementing strategies to strengthen their overall health, such as providing guidance on proper nutrition and lower stress levels.

Primary duties: Neurologists are medical professionals who specialize in conditions that impact the brain, spinal chord and nerves. They might perform tasks such as developing long-term care plans, prescribing medications, performing examinations and analyzing test results. Many neurologists also often research developments in their field and study upcoming technology that could improve their processes.

Primary duties: Family practice physicians are medical professionals who treat patients of all ages. They offer comprehensive care and treat illnesses, administer immunizations, perform evaluations and prescribe medications. Theyre also usually responsible for building and maintaining long-term relationships with patients by offering recommendations about healthy lifestyle choices and supporting patients in managing any ongoing conditions.

Primary duties: A surgeon is responsible for planning and leading surgical operations for patients. Their tasks might include collaborating with anesthesiologists, nurses and technicians, educating patients about their surgeries, evaluating patients health before surgery and treating patients in recovery. They often perform surgeries in an operating room, adhering to safety and hygiene regulations to execute proper procedures.

Primary duties: An owner-operator is a transportation professional who owns a vehicle or fleet of vehicles they use for shipping purposes. They coordinate deliveries with clients, load cargo into vehicles, deliver goods and monitor shipments for damages. They also might create efficient delivery routes.

Primary duties: Anesthesiologists are medical professionals in charge of administering anesthesia and IV sedation to patients to numb certain areas of the body or ensure that patients remain unconscious during operations. Theyre typically responsible for answering patient questions before and after surgery, evaluating their health profile to ensure they meet criteria for particular procedures and overseeing recovery processes. They might also meet regularly with patients who experience chronic pain conditions and develop a pain management plan for them.

87 additional high-paying jobs in Wyoming

Heres a list of 87 more high-paying roles you could pursue in Wyoming. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:


What are some good jobs in Wyoming?

$100,000 jobs in Wyoming
  • Pet Flight Nanny / Butler. Blue Collar Pet Transport. …
  • Police Officer-University Police. …
  • Quality Assurance Automation Engineer III- Social Impact. …
  • Cementing Operators & Supervisors – 2&2 or 2&1 Schedule. …
  • Operations Manager. …
  • Flowback Operator. …
  • Corporate BSA Assistant Manager. …
  • Owner-operator.

What is the most popular job in Wyoming?

The 10 Hottest Job Markets In Wyoming
  • Green River.
  • Jackson.
  • Cody.
  • Riverton.
  • Gillette.
  • Casper.
  • Sheridan.
  • Cheyenne.

Where are most jobs in Wyoming?

A person working in Wyoming typically earns around 82,400 USD per year. Salaries range from 20,800 USD (lowest average) to 368,000 USD (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average yearly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

How much do jobs pay in Wyoming?

A person working in Wyoming typically earns around 82,400 USD per year. Salaries range from 20,800 USD (lowest average) to 368,000 USD (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average yearly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

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