10 Promotional Item Ideas To Use in Marketing

Increasing organic reach is getting harder every other week. As social media and other platforms tighten up their algorithms to try to get businesses to pay for visibility, companies have to become even more creative with their advertising spend.

However, finding creative marketing solutions doesn’t necessarily mean throwing wads of money at a problem. The best advertising snowballs; one impression turns into a conversation and your brand awareness spreads from there. Fortunately, nothing starts a conversation quite like promo products and company swag.

Of course, it can seem like a daunting task trying to evaluate what the most effective items for promotion will be. That’s why our team curated a list of the 67 best promotional item, product, and gift ideas for any business!

Top 2020 trends in promotional products

Why do marketers use promotional items?

Marketers use promotional items to provide a physical way for potential customers to interact with their brand. Additionally, they may use them to:

What are promotional items?

Promotional items are branded products that a company gives to consumers. Typically, companies offer potential customers promotional items for free since their goal is to promote a product or increase brand awareness. Using promotional items is a cost-effective way for companies to reach a large audience because many consumers are interested in receiving free products, and they may use those products throughout the day. This might increase exposure to your brand.

Giving customers a promotional item that they can use for a long time can be an effective way to improve brand awareness. For example, rather than distributing plastic water bottles with the company logo on the label, your company might provide potential customers with reusable water bottles. This can create a sustainable marketing strategy that reminds potential customers of your brand every time they take a drink.

10 promotional item ideas

To determine which promotional item is right for marketing your brand, its helpful to consider how much it costs the company to produce, how useful it is to potential customers and how memorable it is. Effective promotional items also typically have space on which you can print your logo or company name. This can help consumers remember your brand more easily.

Heres a list of 10 promotional item ideas your company can use for marketing:

1. Tote bags

Marketers often choose tote bags as promotional items because they have plenty of space on which to print a brand logo or company name. Depending on your companys marketing budget, you can choose bags made from many different materials, such as canvas or recycled plastic. Since tote bags are reusable, its also likely that potential customers use them often.

2. Accessories

Offering potential customers accessories, such as sunglasses, can be a simple way to increase brand exposure. When potential customers wear your brand, they may show those around them they support or endorse your business. You can also provide consumers with high-quality accessories, which may encourage them to wear them longer, increasing brand exposure.

3. Pens and notebooks

Using pens and notebooks as promotional items can encourage potential customers to interact with your brand frequently as they write notes. Since many people use pens and notebooks at work, they may use your promotional item often, which may help them remember your brand. Additionally, you can offer high-quality pens and notebooks to reflect the quality of your brand.

4. Apparel

Marketers often use apparel, such as branded T-shirts, hats or jackets, to give customers the opportunity to wear their brand. It can also promote your brand and increase brand awareness, which may increase sales. In some instances, companies may also sell apparel to appeal to loyal customers who want to represent the brand.

5. Water bottles and coffee mugs

If youre interested in offering potential customers a long-lasting promotional item, consider sharing water bottles or coffee mugs. You can customize these products by choosing materials, colors and designs that suit your budget and company values. For example, if your company values sustainability, you might choose a portable coffee mug that consumers could use at their favorite coffee shop.

6. Stickers

Stickers give potential customers the ability to put your brand on the item of their choice. For example, one person might put a sticker on their laptop, while another may choose to put it on their car. Stickers can display short-term or long-term information, such as a single promotion or a general brand logo.

7. Keychain

A keychain is a small, portable item that potential customers can attach to their keys, so it becomes something they look at frequently. Since theyre small, keychains are usually affordable promotional items. They also typically last for a long time, which can increase brand exposure long term.

8. Lanyard

A lanyard is a cloth cord that people often wear around their necks in the workplace to carry their employee identification cards or office keys. Lanyards might display a companys name or brand logo. Since people may wear a lanyard frequently, it can increase overall brand recognition. Consider choosing lanyards as a promotional item if you work for an athletic brand, sports team or company with an easily recognizable logo.

9. Drink sleeve or insulator

Adding your brand to a drink sleeve or insulator can be a low-cost and effective option for a promotional item. Since this product is useful for both cold and hot drinks, consumers may use it often, improving your brand exposure. Additionally, this promotional item is less common than others, so it can help potential customers remember that your company is innovative and unique.

10. Work necessities

Whether your target audience works from home or in an office, you can use work necessities as promotional items for your company. For example, you might design a mouse pad with your company logo on it for peoples home offices. You could also choose to print your brand name on a cord organizer, which may help people remember your company as they prevent their charging cables from tangling.


What are examples of promotional products?

Most effective promotional products
  • Face masks.
  • USB drives.
  • Writing instruments.
  • Bags.
  • T-shirts.
  • Hats.
  • Calendars.
  • Desk accessories.

What is a good giveaway item?

Promotional Product Examples
  • Promotional Pens.
  • Drink Bottles.
  • Tote Bags.
  • Coffee Cups/Mugs.
  • T-Shirts and Apparel.
  • Caps and Hats.
  • Confectionery.
  • Notepads and Notebooks.

What’s hot in promotional products?

  • Promotional Food and Drink. The great thing about offering food and drink as your promotional giveaway prize is it’s so versatile. …
  • Branded Stationery Sets. …
  • Promotional Desk Toys. …
  • Branded Plushies and Mascots. …
  • Promotional Drinks Bottles. …
  • Branded Tech Merchandise. …
  • Promotional Audio Products. …
  • Branded Clothing.

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