10 common social media manager interview questions & answers

Interview Questions for Social Media Coordinators:
  • Which social media platforms would be the most appropriate for our business? …
  • How have you engaged consumers and influencers on social media at other jobs? …
  • Has your content ever received negative attention? …
  • What do you think of our current social media activities?

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Interview Questions & Answers! (PASS your Social Media Management Interview!)

10 Common Social Media Manager Interview Questions & Answers

In this section, we’ll be going over some common social media manager interview questions and answers and how you can use them to find the perfect candidate for the job. The questions can be changed up as needed and for the most part, the order doesn’t matter.Common social media manager questions

13. How Did You Get into Social Media?

The interviewer is assessing just how passionate you are about social media. Remember, you have to be more than a casual social media user to succeed in social media coordination. Always think about how brands can benefit from the use of social media. Remember to highlight what you enjoy most about it.

Sample Answer

This is my tenth year as a social media user. However, I decided to be more serious about it four years ago after seeing all the creative and innovative things brands were doing to increase their visibility. I knew that I’d succeed as a social media influencer, manager or coordinator, given that I am a creative person. I managed to add strategic thinking to my artistic abilities, and here we are.

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social media coordinator interview questions

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    How do you prepare for a social media interview?

    Prepping for Your Social Media Marketing Interview
    1. Do Your Due Diligence. …
    2. Know Which Social Media Channels are Right for the Business. …
    3. Showcase Your Maturity in Crisis Management. …
    4. Get Your Storytelling Skills Down Pat. …
    5. Know Your Priorities. …
    6. It’s Time to Rock Your Social Media Marketing Interview!

    What questions are asked in a social media interview?

    Social media coordinators help businesses increase their online presence, building buzz for new products, and convert that buzz into revenue. To do such, they will post daily on the brand’s behalf across all social networks. The content that they create must be exciting, fun, relevant, engaging, and/or meaningful.

    What skills does a social media coordinator need?

    25 social media interview questions
    • What online communities have you managed in the past? …
    • Which social media channels do you recommend for our business and why? …
    • What goals should we set for each of our social media accounts, and what does success look like? …
    • What strategies would you use to generate leads?

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